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Practice: all days prior to event
Qualifying 1: 1900GMT
Warmup 1: 1910GMT
Race 1: 1915GMT (16 laps, plus formation lap)
Interval: 1945GMT (circa)
Qualifying 2: 1950GMT (circa)
Warmup 2: 2000GMT (circa)
Race 2: 2005GMT (circa, 16 laps, plus formation lap)

All times are approximate and, especially for the second stage of the event, may fluctuate by 5-10 minutes. Sessions will never start early.


UK is GMT+1 throughout the season, while Central Europe is GMT+2, meaning qualifying starts at 2015UK / 2115CET.


Server Settings

Direct IP:

Password: tps123

Fuel Usage: Normal
Tyre Usage: Normal
Mechanical Failures: Normal
Parc Fermé : No
Type of Start: Formation lap plus standing start
Damage: 100%
Time Scale: Normal
Flag Rules: Black Only
Weather: Dry

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Notes for the drivers
  • This race is in darkness. So if you are practicing offline, make sure to be doing so in the dark. Remember, headlights are mandatory to be on at all times, so make sure the key is mapped, otherwise the game will disqualify you and it will be your own fault.
  • Headlights also impact a computer's performance. You are advised to open your name.PLR file with Notepad (found in UserData/YourName) and edit the line "Max Headlights" to read "3", and even "Headlights on Cars" to "0".
  • Running through the esses (T5/6) side-by-side is not advisable! Use a common sense approach when racing through these sections, missing the corner if you must. However, should you miss a corner while being overtaken and keep the position, you will be penalised.
  • The track is narrow around the back of the circuit especially, bear this in mind. Learn all the braking points off by heart, and use your brain!
  • Outbraking a driver into T5, or T8 might seem a tempting idea, but this rarely works. Turns 13 and 14 are better bets.
  • Remember the safety and enjoyment of over 30 other drivers is worth more than just your own.
  • Preparing fully for this event is part of showing respect to your fellow competitors.
  • You are not expected to wait for another driver should you be at fault in an incident. However, should you choose to wait (to avoid being reported post-race and/or escape endorsements) then do so in a safe position and within a lap of the incident. Accidents caused by drivers waiting in dangerous areas will be penalized severely.
  • The staff will investigate all lap one incidents and any observed on the live broadcast - but aside from that, any incident needs to be reported within 48 hours for the staff to be able to review it - it is also fair to say that lap one incidents will be dealt harsher penalties then those during other parts of the race due to the potential for damage involved.
  • May I remind you of the TPS Rules & Regulations.
Formation Lap Details:
  • Weaving, hard braking, hard acceleration and general tyre warming behaviour is allowed, but be careful while doing so. There is nothing so frustratingly stupid than ruining yours and other's races on the formation lap.
  • Game Stock Car will notify you this is a formation lap. Pay attention and stay in order, in single file, otherwise drivers getting to their grid slot can be problematic.
  • Anybody who spins out during the formation lap will be able to resume their position but must be extremely cautious while moving back through the field, flashing their lights if necessary. This is the only time excessive flashing of lights may be used.
  • The leader's speed may not exceed 100kph/62mph during the formation lap, and must not dip below 80kph(50mph) for a significant amount of time.
  • The formation lap is not part of the race distance, so factor this into your fuel requirements
  • As you come round to the grid at the end of your formation lap, your grid slot will be marked by a red square.
  • Holding your brake will help the game position you if you are not positioned exactly.
  • The race will not start until all cars are lined up correctly.
  • For those waiting, there is no message to inform that the race is beginning, so keep your attention firmly on the start lights.
Track Boundaries:
  • Track boundaries at Zolder are the default TouringProSeries rules, which can be read via the link above, article 6.3.
  • Kerbing, which may be used, is indicated by the red and white or grey kerbing textures, and the green runoff.

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Round 1 Entry List
If your name appears in the allocation below, you are expected to show up for the race. If you cannot race you must sign-out in the Absence Report thread here at least by 23:59GMT of the day before the race. You run the risk of being expelled from the league if this is not carried out.

  1. Åcerclinth J
  2. Angwyn K
  3. Bäck D
  4. Butcher C
  5. Campfield A
  6. de Carvalho X
  7. Demolin L
  8. Demolin T
  9. Eley T
  10. Emmens M
  11. Erzen T
  12. Hack C
  13. Hackeson B
  14. Hardwick O
  15. Hughes J
  16. Hughes N
  17. Kaloudis K
  18. Lauritzen A
  19. Nannen D
  20. Orbán M
  21. Patrick P
  22. Pepper J
  23. Powell R
  24. Richards M
  25. Salo R
  26. Shepherd C
  27. Shorter C
  28. Shorter M
  29. Simmons D
  30. Søvik S
  31. Vandevelde A
  32. Walker R
  33. Waring A

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  • Round One results are now official. Rank updated.
  • Drivers removed for failure to report absence: Ike Ramos, Marcel Teichmann.
  • Drivers with one late absence report from a possible three: Chris Shorter, Matthew Shorter, Matt Emmens, Kostas Kaloudis.

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Round 2 report



I made a last minute change on the setup which worked well on qualy laps, but not for race distance.

Unfortunately I couldn't put together a good lap, so I got the 11th spot.



I had a great start and managed to gain 3 or 4 positions in the first lap.

I was at the back of my teammate, Ryan. Tried to pass him but a few laps later my tires started to loose grip.

I made a lot of mistakes and lost a few places. The modified setup made me fast for only a few laps.

I stuck on 10th place and finished the race without any major battle.



I made a good lap with a 1:42.4, it was enough for 7th place.


This time I switched back to the team's setup for the race. With lower minus cambers.



Andrew passed me in the first lap, but than he made a mistake and spun.

I was running on the 7th place, tried to catch Jimi and Tomaz, but they were much faster than me.

So I tried to do clean laps without any mistake and tried to not kill the tires.

It worked well until the last few laps. I had no grip in the last 5 or 6 laps.

There was a 5 sec. gap between Andy and me, which was went down to 1.5 sec. in the last lap.

it was enough for me to keep my position and finish 7th at the end.


This race was a bit boring for me, but I gained a lot of valuable points, so I satified with the result.


Well done to the podium finishers and well done to my teammate Ryan for his first race finish.

Thank you TPS crew for the organization.


I hope I will be a bit faster on the next round.


See you guys at Oran Park.

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My race raport.

It was another mixed evening with TPS. Considering effort I put in practicing and my pace it was a disaster. But racing especially with Anrew in R1 and Jonatan in R2 was a clear FUN I haven't got from a while :smile:.

Q1-No comments! I just couldnt do a decent lap and I ended in the last row.

R1-In daylight....hmmm...DO NOT MARK BREAKING POINTSACCORDING TO FLASHING BY HEADLIGHTS SINGS/LANTERNS/OTHER-EVER!!! Except first sector and second chicane I outbraked each and every corner again and again for at least 3 first laps.... :sad:.
 When I used to it I close the gap to the pack and overtook some guys and when I was just behind Dave I was caught by his early breaking in the second chicane and I paniced and locked the rear turn the wheel just to not hit the OSR car and lost the car and massivly hit the tires almost rolling over... My bad:-(. I was surprised that the engine was ok and I could drive, so again I started to chasing the guys in front. But pushing harder & agressive setup , because off the night temps & damage in the front made the butter from my tires, from the middle of the race I was almost on the rims.....I have never seen such tire ussage....Luckly I met somwhere Andrew, who had similar problems and we have our special funny dice. It was fun untill I outbraked myself and lost contact with him and ended peacly in 17th. First points..... :smile:

Q2-another terrible one with lot of mistakes runing off etc....but in the end I did one clear lap with middle 43'-still far from PB, but it was aceptable.

R2-That Clutch , again lost 4-5 places at thge start, but managed to catch guys very quickly, ovretook few in the first lap and on the 2nd or 3rd lap in the first chicane Tobias had problems and went across the track and I almost avoid him-jes almost make a difference :smile:. Sorry couldn't make more to avoid You. I got massive front damage including flat tire. Going to the pits and reparing the car cost me exactly 2 lap gap, but when I saw that Im +2laps but still in points (1point), cause others DNF's I decided to race further. I was gainng distance quickly to the guys ahead unlapped myself in two cases, going faster and faster and made by my own a mistake in the 2nd chicane and massivly hit the barier by the rear of my clio. Damage was huge, but it was drivable. And this time I met Jonatan, who had also some BIG problems with the car and we have our own special oliimpics games :smile:. It wads a lot of FUN, I had few scary moments, cause the car didn't want to accept that I want to brake and turn, every braking zone was hard to my wirst, cause FF wanted to pull out the wheel from my hands and the car was making snakes moves. Going head to head before chicanes with two such perfectly disabled cars was really Funny and sometimes scary. BIG THANK You to Jonatan for this one. At some point we had third musketeer in our pack-Łukasz, but he was 1 lap ahead of us, but it didn't disturb us in our swaping positions and have more fun from the race :smile:. In the end We battled hard for the position with Jonatan and luckly to me I won a place on tha last corner...Yuppi!!!

After two rounds I must say that in my personal view in GSC this mode lost something compering to RF...mabye I need more time to use to it? Neverthanless it was Really GREAT TIME last night and I want it more :smile:.
THX to RYO and TPS for the event , cya next time.

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Near perfect for me! ended up turning far too many laps here getting used to my new wheel (t500) but it paid off in the end! FINALLLLLY.


Wasn't feeling that confident coming in to it, felt a podium would be possible but thought the lighter cars may be more effective here.


Q1 - not bad! P2. Can't remember many details, lost a few tenths on my fastest lap with a mistake in S2 which would have put me very near the pole time but it wasn't to be.


R1 - Mad panic when it was light! we were worried the tyres were going to go off a lot earlier. Me and Alex got away in the early stages keeping it sensible. He led a bit. I led a bit. Just swapped when one made a mistake really...I thought I had it planned out right as I'd been sat in behind saving my tyres and with 4 laps or so to go Alex looked to be struggling a bit. He made a mistake which meant I could have a look but I wasn't able to get completely clear coming to the fast chicane so I backed out of it. Think I tipped my tyres over the edge with that though and Alex was able to escape by a second and I just settled for P2.


Q2 - Again no perfect laps but did enough for P2. Was up again on my last lap but that pesky middle sector! 


R2 - Back to darkness. Didn't get the best launch so had to slightly cover Tom towards T1 before slotting in behind Alex. We edged away slowly from Tom who was always right there waiting. Managed to follow Alex a lot closer this time and was feeling quite strong. Alex let me through on around lap 6 in the hope of saving his tyres a bit I think but made a small mistake on the brakes at the hairpin which gave me the few tenths gap I needed to drive my own race. Managed to edge the gap out to about 1.5 seconds and kept it there until the last few laps where I backed off a bit to bring home my first ever win here! Only took 60 attempts...oooft. Chuffed! 


Had some good close but very sensible stuff with Alex which was good fun. Shame Rasmus got some bad luck but I think we sorted his tyre difficulties and improved our wear a lot in general from round 1 so positives there!


Maybe the broadcast difficulties bring me luck...Cheers for the organisation efforts as always! 'Grats to Alex for his win and the puppy guys bringing home their podium places.

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Had fun last night. Starting to get the hang of these damn brakes now! made a few scruffy mistakes mainly at the T1-3 area.


Must apologise to Lukasz for the tap at T1 race 2. i was trying to move towards the right to get more of the racing line, caught a bit by your braking and just clipped your rear bumper, both had a half slide/spin i think i still remained behind you, if i hadnt of done i would have given the place back. Pulled a nice move on Scott on the right hander heading towards the first chicane where i nearly outbraked myself and brushed the tires, think scott did the same but clattered them and rolled :( would have been a nice duel im sure if that didn't happen.


Also nearly ended up in the rear of one of the puppies after it hastily rejoined at the 2nd chicane! no harm done though.


Cheers Ryan and TPS and other drivers 

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Probably one of the best rounds for me but also frustrating at the same time.

Qualifying 1: Qualified in P8 

Race 1: Got off to a good start but had to drive carefully as I didn't want to destroy my front tyres and was up to P7 behind a couple of the Puppy guys and just decided to keep out of trouble and finish.

One of the Puppy guys made a mistake and I went by to pick up P6 and was just driving my own race and my own pace then I seen Tom Eley was catching me so I decided when he caught up to me I wouldn't fight him to much as I was in the top 10 and wanted to finish there and score points. 

Tom went by me and I checked my front tyres and seen they were yellow and Jimi Hughes wasn't far behind me so I decided just to get the car to the finish. Jimi caught up to me and we had a epic battle and loved every minute of it and in the end I finished P6 which I was over the moon with.

Then for some reason my connection decided to drop before the start of qualifying 2 and came back up just as qualifying 2 finished so jumped back on the server in the warm up but my ping was at 700 for some reason so I decided to give race 2 a miss incase I was laggy and took someone out by accident.

Frustrating but at the same time I was happy with P6 and good to see the pace is there in the Clios. Also a big thanks to Jonatan and everyone in the OSR team for the awesome set up.

See on track at Oran Park  :)

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Round 2: Zolder



Qualifying 1

Drivers penalised 4 points for exceeding track boundaries on fastest lap: Tobias Olsson, Robert Powell, Scott Sovik


Qualifying 2

Drivers penalised 4 points for exceeding track boundaries on fastest lap: None


(While running wide may not gain time, it certainly prevents more time lost by slowing up enough to stay on track, much like keeping a position by running off track that you would have otherwise lost, during a race, and is therefore still penalisable.)



Race 1


No penalties applied



Race 2


Dave Simmons, 8 points 1 endorse

Lap 1, contact L Demolin

Simmons contacts L Demolin heading into T1, costing Demolin several positions.

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