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Don't bring yourself down Andy. I had problems too on this event.

Your qualy pace was fantastic and it was not just you who hit me from the back. :-I


I made the same mistake with my own teammate in a more dramatic way. :-/


So just keep on practicing and competing.


Btw, how you managed to blow your engine in the 2nd race? I saw, that you went off at T1 and than the car stopped.


Well Maté if i can remember it good enough, the blown up engine was in R1 


And very simple to do tbh lol , i went off because i din't had any feeling in car anymore and on frustation i banged on my steering wheel witch he happily downshifted 2 gears  and goth the revs up high and surprise ..... a firework  :mrgreen:

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I will not be racing at Thruxton. I'm sorry, but it's not enjoyable to race with the Clio on that track anymore and I can't motivate myself to do more practice now.

EDIT: It's also because I feel the car drives so bad around the track that I feel I will be dangerous as well.

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sorry for the late Absence , been away for holiday the whole wknd . exspected to be home earlier butt traffick changed it. can't practice enough to ghet a save race going on. really sorry for the late absence


Ty for the whole season and fun and hopefully will see you in the next season.

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Practice: all days prior to event
Qualifying 1: 1900GMT
Warmup 1: 1910GMT
Race 1: 1915GMT (16 laps, plus formation lap)
Interval: 1945GMT (circa)
Qualifying 2: 1950GMT (circa)
Warmup 2: 2000GMT (circa)
Race 2: 2005GMT (circa, 16 laps, plus formation lap)

All times are approximate and, especially for the second stage of the event, may fluctuate by 5-10 minutes. Sessions will never start early.


UK is GMT+1 throughout the season, while Central Europe is GMT+2, meaning qualifying starts at 2015UK / 2115CET.


Server Settings

Direct IP:

Password: tps123

Fuel Usage: Normal
Tyre Usage: Normal
Mechanical Failures: Normal
Parc Fermé : No
Type of Start: Formation lap plus standing start
Damage: 100%
Time Scale: Normal
Flag Rules: Black Only
Weather: Dry

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Notes for the drivers

  • This track is obviously very fast, so even small pieces of contact can be disastrous.
  • It is also slippery off line, so when actioning a pass, make sure to bear this in mind.
  • T3 is a particular hotspot on the opening lap, do not go diving down the inside like a maniac.
  • The final chicane is also very treacherous, treat it with respect, especially around others.
  • The racing in Minis is close, as I'm sure many of you will have noticed, so even a small knock can cost a driver many positions, which results in a larger penalty, so be more careful and try to remain detached.
  • Remember the safety and enjoyment of over 30 other drivers is worth more than just your own.
  • Preparing fully for this event is part of showing respect to your fellow competitors.
  • You are not expected to wait for another driver should you be at fault in an incident. However, should you choose to wait (to avoid being reported post-race and/or escape endorsements) then do so in a safe position and within a lap of the incident. Accidents caused by drivers waiting in dangerous areas will be penalized severely.
  • The staff will investigate all lap one incidents and any observed on the live broadcast - but aside from that, any incident needs to be reported within 48 hours for the staff to be able to review it - it is also fair to say that lap one incidents will be dealt harsher penalties then those during other parts of the race due to the potential for damage involved.
  • May I remind you of the TPS Rules & Regulations.


Formation Lap Details:

  • Weaving, hard braking, hard acceleration and general tyre warming behaviour is allowed, but be careful while doing so. There is nothing so frustratingly stupid than ruining yours and other's races on the formation lap.
  • Game Stock Car will notify you this is a formation lap. Pay attention and stay in order, not necessarily two by two, otherwise drivers getting to their grid slot can be problematic.
  • Anybody who spins out during the formation lap will be able to resume their position but must be extremely cautious while moving back through the field, flashing their lights if necessary. This is the only time excessive flashing of lights may be used.
  • Your speed may not exceed 100kph/62mph during the formation lap.
  • The formation lap is not part of the race distance, so factor this into your fuel requirements
  • As you come round to the grid at the end of your formation lap, your grid slot will be marked by a red square.
  • Holding your brake will help the game position you if you are not positioned exactly.
  • The race will not start until all cars are lined up correctly.
  • For those waiting, there is no message to inform that the race is beginning, so keep your attention firmly on the start lights.


Track Boundaries:

  • Track boundaries at Thruxton are the default TouringProSeries rules, which can be read via the link above, article 6.3.
  • Kerbing, which may be used, is indicated by the red, grey and blue kerbing textures, and the yellow sausage kerbs.
  • Do not run wide out of the final chicane, all driver's fastest qualifying laps are checked!

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Round Entry List
If your name appears in the allocation below, you are expected to show up for the race. If you cannot race you must sign-out in the Absence Report thread here at least by 23:59GMT of the day before the race. You run the risk of being expelled from the league if this is not carried out.

  • Åcerclinth J
  • Angwyn K
  • Bäck D
  • Brayshaw C
  • Butcher C
  • Callan R
  • de Carvalho X
  • Demolin L
  • Demolin T
  • Eley T
  • Erzen T
  • Hack C
  • Hackeson B
  • Holm A
  • Hughes J
  • Lauritzen A
  • Olsson T
  • Orbán M
  • Powell R
  • Shepherd C
  • Simmons D
  • Søvik S
  • Travis L
  • Vandevelde A
  • Walker R
  • Wiesenmüller R

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Ugh, to top the lack of time for practice (that Rally Poland, taking up the entire weekend and then some!) I've got a work errand to run late, so I won't be able to be there. But good luck to everyone and see many of you on Suzuka next Wednesday :)

Same here. We were together on the rally :-P , and have to be late hours at work because of that. Sorry for late raport. And Have fun to all.

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Big congrats to my main man Chris Hack, it was only a matter of time before he won a championship here, and he did it in dominant fashion. (Even skiving off to Vegas for a week mid-season) This won't be his last title... (No pressure)

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First of all, congrats to Chris Hack! Well deserved championship win. And also congrats to THR Red.


It looks like, I finished 3rd in the overall standings (not yet official).

Many things helped me to get a podium place.

Alexander finished his season at half way.

Robert and Adrian joined at half way.

Butchie and the Puppy guys quitted too....etc.


So this result not shows the real picture, but on the other side, they had the same chance as me.

I used it, they didn't.

So I'm quite happy with this 3rd place. :mrgreen: Also good to see, that Optimum Alpha took the 2nd place in the overall team standings.

We share this place with the Core guys, well done to them too!


Many thanks to Jonatan and Ryan! I was new in this era but they helped me a lot.

We also had great battles. Cascavel was a different story, but it happened only once and hope I won't do it again. :oops:

Well done to Ryan for his top10 overall finish. Great work mate.

Jonatan and Dave just missed the top10, nice result also.


Thruxton R1:

There were some action in lap1 at the last chicane. I went around from the outside, passed Adrian and Jimi.

Than the inside kerb dropped off my car into Adrian's Clio. I checked the replay....I think it was not my fault, just a race accident.

Not really understand the punctures, the crash pshysic of the game is a bit strange. :???:

Nothing special happened in the following laps. Finished 4th.



I had an awesome battle with Jimi...door banging, side by side action....great stuff! :mrgreen:

Many thanks for that Jimi!

Finished 4th again.


Finally I like to say thank you to Ryo for organizing this great event! It was loaded with fun and action. :cool:

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First off thanks to everyone that stuck with the season despite the smaller grids in the end. Was a shame we lost so many people as after the first round or 2 it really looked like this could be a really close season between plenty of people. Thanks to Ryan for keeping it going also. Still had plenty of fun racing myself and that's what it's all about.


Secondly, WOOO. Came in to this without a win or pole yet. Sorted the pole out at the first opportunity. A Race win at the 2nd round in a tense race with Alex and then backed it up at Oran Park so I was chuffed with that. Probably the tamest champion in TPS history (unless i was a really bad boy but I don't think I was..) but I'm still chuffed. It was very close between me and Alex initially and he was one of if not the strongest people come the end of the TOCCS series in similar cars so that's something. I think we would have been close to the end if his schedule hadn't been too full, these real racers and their priorities!!!!. Seeing it out with a fantastic race with Adrian was great fun also.


As for Thruxton.


Didn't get around to much practice but saw I was looking good pace wise.


Q1. Wasn't going well! RW and Tomaz both put in great times and I really hadn't hooked it up. I can't remember my lap at all but it felt decent and was enough to sneak pole. Was a tenth and a half up on the final lap I had but asked too much on the brakes and had to bail.


R1. I was a complete and utter tool off the line. AGH CAN'T SEE THE LIGHTS I say. Miss the start by a second or so and then made a mental note to slap myself as I drove past the lights clearly in view on the left hand side...sigh. Rob managed to sneak past and Tomaz looked like he wanted to run away. The heavier car with POWAAH meant I could sneak past Rob at the end of lap 1 in the chicane and try to catch Tomaz. Bit of a mess behind us at that corner it seemed which was unfortunate! Finally found a rhythm and started to get closer to Tomaz who then made a mistake in the fast section and touched the grass. Managed to sneak through whilst he regained momentum but had a compromised line to church and was a bit concerned I'd have to defend but it seemed RW was taking Tomazs attention and I was able to cruise away to bring it home. Last laps were looooong. Knew if I didn't mess up I was pretty close to being there points wise.


Q2. Had an amazing opening lap but made a small error and knew I'd run wide at Church so backed out to let Adrian tackle the chicane clearly and he set a great time. Annoyingly I'd pulled away a fair bit in the first 2 sectors so my lap must have had potential to be a pb! owel. Finally managed to get a .6 in so line up 2nd.


R2. This time I knew where the lights were and got a really good launch. Could have attempted braving it round the outside of turn 1 with adrian but tried to settle in behind to ease away from the pack early on. That was pretty much how it went. We pulled out a gap fairly quickly and I was tucked in to Adrians slipstream. I was obviously able to save tyres because of this and come the lat 6 laps or so he had a chunky lead and decided to have some fun. Had some great close racing but without taking any risks it was hard to make a move stick. Over the last few laps when it was clear we'd have the points we needed regardless it got closer and closer and come the last lap I finally went for the outside at the chicane and we survived side by side through there. Both giving the other nice space and after both scrabbling for traction out of the final part I heard Adrian shout NOOOO as I nosed ahead. Epic was to end the season. Cheers for that man!


Grats to the Core guys for a great season and OSR also. Cheers to everyone I had great racing with throughout! Adrian and Alex especially but there were plenty more.

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Congratulations Chris, well deserved Champ!

Thanks TPS & Ryan for running the league, Xavier and MadCape for the drive and to the guys who made it to the end.

Also thanks to the guys who dropped out for making the last round so dull and spread out, although I did have a good fight in race 2 with Mate. Race 1 was just an unfortunate racing incident, I was caught on the wrong side of an accident but no one was really at fault.

Had some good fights through the season and some good results, getting closer to my first TPS podium; the day will come.

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Thanks Ryan for Organising this league and any Admins involved, Appreciate your time.


Probably my best TPS result and a few top 10 finishes in races. Shame i don't really feel it was just as so few people turned up later in the season. None the less good results all round for Optimum Sim-Racing. Our highest finishes to date, Mate and Ryan did a top job for the Alpha team, likewise for Jonatan in the Beta team, must thank him for his excellent guidance during races and setups etc. Aswell as My Team mate Mr Beck, Great Job.


Also we managed to fit the obligatory Inter-team collisions this season that seem to blight OSR! But it wouldnt be right without them somewhat haha :P


Not sure where i will be going next from here but see you all again somewhere, sometime.


Cheers all!

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