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DXRACER wheel stand

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So my stand just came in today and I just wanted to do a quick review of everything.

This is the stand I picked up.

Hmmmm.... looks familiar?.... It's basically a GT Omega stand.

I was able to pick it for $150 USD and free shipping from their store off ebay (search DXRACER)

I was looking for a stand that was around $150 w/ shipping that didn't have a bar that sits between your legs and just happened to cross this one. I really wanted a GT Omega to replace the hacked up Walmart laptop stand I was using but I didn't want to shell out 150 pounds (EU) then have to front for overseas shipping and waiting (well over $200 USD when all said and done)

So yah it's basically a GT Omega design with a few less frills (I'm not quite sure what all it's drilled for but hey if you need more holes drill them... right?)

So I'll leave the review part out since Shaun and Darin did one (I'm not even gonna try and compete these guys are great) and it's basically the same. I'm wiling to bet a fiver all accessories are cross compatible. Here's their review.

Now onto a few of my own observations.

The Good:

Design is solid. and the unit is weighty (30 lbs)

VERY VERY LITTLE wobble side to side.

Feet are adjustable for leveling everything out and have rubber on them for no slip on harder floors.

A bunch of velcro cable ties.

A FREE ALLEN WRENCH!!! I like it when mfg.'s do this for those without a hefty toolbox.

It's $150 with free shipping in the US.

The Mediocre:

The fit and finish are a little disappointing. Everything is tight and solid but you can see where they cut corners (like using bolts to lock the arms and not bolts with plastic twist tops.)

Takes an allen wrench to be able to fold the stand up.

The paint job looks just meh... half assed. It's totally covered but you can see drips in the powder coat here and there. Feels uneven in some areas.

The plastic inserts in the arms seem ruff and unfinished.

The shifter stand can only be mounted on the right side ( the wrong side for those of you elsewhere in the world :eek: )

English is definitely a second language for whomever wrote the instructions but easily followed.

Final thoughts:

If your looking for a GT Omega stand here in the US these guys have you covered. I don't think you'll find anything like this at this price in the US anywhere else. This stand is super solid and I think will stand up to a good beating of the twisties for a loooongg time. Don't expect a Porche or Ferrari paint job... hell not even Ford... maybe like late 80's Chrysler :-P, but hey for $150 you can get some rattle cans and sand paper and do it up whatever color you want cheaper than having a GT Omega shipped to the US.

Now for some pics:

Shipping box









Uh oh.... Random bolts floating in the box. (They went to the wheel plate and I guess came loose during shipping.)



The holes that hold up the arms are threaded and finally lock with a nut.





Very cool. I appreciate little things like this.


Out with the old... Cutting off cable management tape... Aka electrical tape.


You have served me well laptop stand.


The rig


Another view


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Nice stand, Linux! I always wanted a GTOmega stand but the shipping was always a killer. This is a great alternative to a Fanatec or WheelStand Pro for guys who want to avoid a center post. Looks like they sell some seat bases too to expand it into a full rig if you wanted.

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I got one of these exact stands just before Christmas last year, I really like it, I just have a decent office chair up to it right now, but plan on getting the add-on seat/base next spring or so. 


$150 and free shipping in the US, its a good value. I agree the finishing work isn't the best with bubbles in some of the paint.

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Nice review, I've recently discovered this wheel stand.  I use Fanatec gear and this looks like it might work for my needs.  You cannot beat the price.  You may have helped to make the case for buying this stand.

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