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NFS Underground series, quality mods wanted

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Hi folks,


Just over a decade has passed since the release of the NFS Underground series. I remember playing these games on my parents' laptop late at night. Little did they know anything about that haha! 800x600, lowest graphics preset, fell in love with the series.


Now a few years into the present time, I've built myself a fairly modest computer. Not long after, built my own DIY PVC rig (will be posting pictures in Simul8r's thread soon). Been very active in sim-racing, especially iRacing and rFactor.


As of late, I've been experiencing nostalgic moments... dying to get back to the Underground series. However, I'm looking for some quality modifications to make the game feel more modern.


Currently only support for 4:3 resolutions with a maximum of 1280x960... I'd like to make it 16:9 and 1080p if possible... I don't know what other mods are out there? I am not much of a mod-liking person... unless ofcourse they are quality ones (think Niels Heusinkveld / Siim Annuk / Historic GT etc).


Help appreciated,


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Thanks Ricky!

I've done a little research myself. Anyone else who happens to be reading this thread, here's what I've gathered:


1) Universal Widescreen (UniWS) Patcher


Support for Underground 1 and 2, allows you to run the games at 1920x1080.


2) Dragozool's texture mod V2.0 for Underground 2.


Quality texture upgrade, reminds me of Siim Annuk haha!


That does it for me. The cars packed with the games are great and I don't see the need for any more... downloadable cars use the pre-packed cars as a baseline, therefore requiring you to replace the particular car chosen for the work.

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