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Thanks Jason. I've tested this 'passively' by running a few laps in Assetto Corsa and watching a replay while sat in the seat. Effects are (or were, they're now disabled it since the latest Simvibe update) output during the replays so I was able to experience the effects. Apparently the fidelity of the output isn't that good on the replays but it felt fantastic to me nonetheless. I'm really pleased with the way it has worked out. The good thing is that with this setup, you can barely notice there's a plate or Buttkickers attached to the seat at all so it's turned out to be a very neat solution too. Can't wait to get this rig built but will be taking my time and not rushing things.

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I cut some seat risers (to proved clearance for the Buttkickers) from MDF. These will be bevelled at the front and back to give it a more interesting and aesthetic shape.




The base of this will be attached to the main frame by isolators to keep the vibration localised.




The whole of the base will be covered by decent quality automotive carpet (ordered).


The silver bolts attaching the aluminium plate will be covered by some convoluted sheathing (ordered) to tidy it up a bit.




The Buttkicker cables will be fed into a small project box (purchase required) to keep things tidy. The speaker cable (attaching to the amp) will be covered in thin, non-split, convoluted sheathing (ordered).

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First side of the base/risers has been bevelled:




The middle layer has routed recesses for square bolts (so they won't rotate) to enable the seat to be bolted down. There's a bit of wiggle room to ensure that things will line up correctly.




Now to do the next side.

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Thanks again Jason. This is my 6th major project and I'm getting more adventurous each time. Woodworking skills are improving and I'm able to obtain the look I'm after most of the time. Sometimes as I'm building, I realise that something isn't going to work too well or look particularly good so I modify my approach as I'm going. I start out with a set of basic ideas and move on from there though that's not to say that I don't think about the design and function a lot beforehand.


The basic style I'm looking for is similar to my DIY arcade cabinet and desk; lots of deep bevels and angles. Can't resist posting a few pictures, sorry! :






These shaped panels will go on the sides but will be marginally more rounded though. I'm planning some mesh inlays like I did with some doors for a console cabinet I built:




I'll also inlay some acrylic with artwork (R-Pod MkII logo) behind it.


You're hopefully getting an idea of the design I'm after.


Anyway, enough of my self-indulgent blathering, back on topic. both sides have now been completed:




And the isolators attached to the base:




These are nice and easy to attach due to the recessed holes for the wood screws:



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I'm in the UK and sourced them from here:




I've not conducted a before and after test but I can say that when I trialled Simvibe in my new seat resting on the isolators, there was very little noticable sound - only a minimal amount from the Buttkickers themselves. Sorry I'm not able to advise further.

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So a few bits and bobs arrived namely the black car carpet, speaker cable and convoluted sheathing.


I've cut come of the sheathing to cover the bolts connecting the Buttkicker plate to the bottom of the seat:




I'll also use it as the main umbilical to connect all further cables into the Pod.


I also have some thinner sheathing for the speaker cable attached to the Buttkickers. I'm a bit of a stickler for a tidy finish.




Also purchased is a second seat runner for the pedals. I hope that will arrive soon as the pedal position / mount is what I need to work on next ideally.


Not much of an update. More to keep me focusing on the project than anything else. Still, I have taken a couple of days vacation for a long weekend so I can make some progress with this.

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The runners for the pedals arrived today ... but they weren't the ones I ordered so I'll need to return them. I spent a few hours fitting the base out with carpet and cutting some inside edging pieces for the raisers.


Inside edging with slot cut for T Molding:




Rounded batton on the base to assist with wrapping the carpet and making stapling of the carpet easier:




2m x 1m length of carpet:




Carpet glued down and stapled to the batton:




Carpet cut along the raiser edges. The centre piece of the carpet had to be trimmed in the middle to allow it to sit flat:




A few bits to complete but nearly there with the base. I knew this was going to be fiddly.

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Progress has been a little slower than I'd hoped today due to other commitments but I should be able to get back on-track tomorrow. I've cut most of the pieces for the base/frame:




The lower sub-frame has now been completed:




The internal width of the R-Pod will be 52cm with an approximate overall length of around 160cm. I'll need to adjust the front of the sub-frame once I start on the main side panels due to the angles I'll be looking to include.


I'll plug away for the next hour or so to see if I can get the whole base assembled.

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All the pieces of wood cut today have been assembled. I will be adding additional support underneath the seat base. The fit looks to be good and I made everything about 1/2 cm wider than the seat base so the isolators are left to their own devices and will remain clear of the side panels which will be applied.


Seat base internals:




Front view:


I've included a shallow foot well as I've found it important for comfort when not racing. I'll also be adding some kick plates to the sides;  I'm still debating whether to buy or fabricate.




The sides only extend less than half way as the remainder will be where the nose of the pod will fit.



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Thanks for the feedback and encouragement :) 


I'll be starting on the sides next including a console for the shifter. I'm also factoring in cable management and will need to start ordering various bits and pieces for that. I've realised that it may not take as long to complete the basic structure as I was anticipating.


I'll need to tear down my existing R-Pod soon to make room. A very sad day that will be.

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A whole load of furniture arrived for me to assemble today so I haven't been able to fully focus on the build. I still have almost a whole room of the stuff left to complete.


However, I've spent a bit of time figuring out where I want to mount the shifter. Boxes and books are always useful.




I've also been drawing and redrawing the outline for the side pod for the shifter. This is what I've settled on. The pencil is where the shifter will go:





The CSS angles upwards from back to front, which I rather like.

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Double sided sticky tape is my second favorite modern invention after kitchen roll :smile:


I've cut the first piece:




I'll be cutting 4 of these pieces. This one is made out of 12mm MDF and will be used on the side nearest the seat. A piece of 18mm will be cut at 1.4cm wider at the perimeter. This piece will sit on the inside to act as a ledge for the surface pieces to attach to. Hope that made some sort of sense. It will become clear as I complete the pieces.


I will be cutting an access slot to allow me to change the shifter from H Pattern to Sequential.

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Two more side pieces cut, 3 in total, 1 more left:




View from the side. The shifter position is visible (if you look carefully :wink:  ):




View from the other side:




View from behind the seat:




There is still an awful lot of work remaining on this. The inside of the shifter pod will be cutout around the seat base so I can inlay some carpet or ribbed rubber sheet (I haven't decided yet). The sharp angles have to be smoothed slightly.


The external face will be deeply bevelled and also have some cutouts for some wire mesh / acrylic with graphics behind it. The assembly of this to include these features has taken some planning and will take a while to complete.


That's it for today, I have a bed to assemble after dinner.


Edit: I'll probably mount a fire extinguisher on the sharply sloping side.

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I've just put together the logo for the r-pod. This will sit in a cut out behind acrylic set into both sides of the seat base:




I had vinyl lettering cut for my existing rig:




Absolutely knackered today but need to crack on with the build.

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The cut-outs for the Shifter Pod have been marked out. There will be various stuff going on with this. I haven't decided whether to use the rubber sheeting instead of the grill mesh yet:




The rubber sheet (originally bought for mounting underneath the pedals):




I have some mesh I originally used on some cabinet doors I made for a console cabinet:




I think all these things together may look to busy. The mesh isn't wide enough to use in the top cut-out instead of the rubber sheet though so that's not an option.




The Project Box for the butkicker cables / convoluted sheathing has also arrived. I'll be able to hard mount the seat to the base once that's been drilled:



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Thanks 16plus4v, I'm keen to see it too as it's just a bunch of ideas in my head at the moment.


I'm glad there's only one of these panels as they take some cutting. There's still a bit to do on it yet though


Guide holes drilled:




Rough cut with a jigsaw:




Routered cut-outs:



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