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GT3 RS and Clubsport Review

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Hey Darin,

Thanks for the advice on the wheel settings.

I have actually been running the default setup in Prologue--900 degree steering lock.

But I have tinkered around with both 360 and 540.

To be honest, I've only driven about 5 different cars since getting the Fanatec,

and I tried 360, 540 and 900 on all of them, and 900 seems to be a little better

for me right now. Although 540 seems pretty good on the Ferrari F40. But I was running pretty much the same lap times as with 900 so I just switched back to 900 for it.

I'm slowly starting to come around to the Fanatec. I've had it just over a week now, and it really is an awesome wheel and pedal set. I think I had just gotten so used to the G25 that it's just taking me a little while to get accustomed to the new wheel. It just feels totally different than the G25 in terms of smoothness--the GT3RS is like butter, it's so smooth. :mrgreen: And it really does make the cars easier to drive. I'm very rarely having to over-correct with the Fanatec--not nearly as much as with the G25, and that's a very new feeling.

And I'll bet it's even better on the PC. I have rFactor, Race 07, GTR Evo and I just recently let my iRacing subscription expire. Those are really great games, but I guess my first love has always been the Gran Turismo series. I've just put so much time and effort into that series of games--especially GT5P--that I just keep coming back to it time after time. I know I'm missing out by not playing my PC sims as much, but the fact of the matter is, to be as "good" at those games as I am at Prologue would take me quite a bit of time and effort--more than I would want to spare at the moment. And I am hopeful *fingers crossed* that Gran Turismo 5 will be one of the best racing games ever, regardless of platform, so I keep practicing in Prologue in the hopes that all that practice will pay off once GT5 is released--hopefully sometime this year, and with damage!

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