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Episode 74 - Lamborghini Wheel, Steadiplay, Iracing Night

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Another great episode, guys! I'm SO looking forward to seeing Richmond at night on iRacing! The lighting effect as the cars were making their way around the track was even more impressive than I had imagined.

I also noticed during the Top Simcars segment that you had the ISR Dallara IndyCar mounted on the wall! I freaked when I saw it, lol. How did you guys get that mural done? I wouldn't mind doing something like that for one of my Digital Apex cars. :D

I'll have to check out the NAGP site. From the race report, it looks like it has some pretty competitive racing there.

As always, looking forward to the next episode!

Hey Julio !! Glad you saw that :-)

Go to and tell them we sent ya .. They are the coolest thing ever !

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Another great episode - well done!

It was interesting to see the gulf between US and European motor sport - i was surprised you han't heard of Tyrrell.

It was great to see a GTR2 car/mod being reviewed. Sorry for being pedantic but right after reviewing an rFactor conversion you say "We are going back old-school now with GTR2 which was out around 2004-2005". You are confusing GTR with GTR2. GTR2 is getting on but its newer than rFactor - even GT Legeends is slightly newer.

Maybe a time line will help

November 2004 - GTR released in Germany

March 2005 - GTR released in the rest of Europe

May 2005 - GTR released in the US

August 2005 - rFactor released

October 2005 - GT Legends released in Europe

January 2006 - GT Legends released in the US

September 2006 - GTR2 released worldwide

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