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Upcoming sale on Forza 3 DLC

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This fits in pretty well with the latest episode of SRT. There is very likely going to be a sale on some of the Forza 3 DLC coming up in the first week of August. Most of the older car packs and the Nurburgring GT track pack will be on sale for 240 points apiece. This would be a great opportunity for players to get the Audi R15 TDI which was on the most recent "Greatest Sim Cars of All Time" (it's in the Holiday Car Pack).

I picked up a couple of the car packs in the past but sometimes found it difficult to choke down the full 400 points for a car pack when I was only really interested in 2 or 3 of the 10 cars. But for 240 points it makes it a lot easier to handle. I will for sure be picking up some of the DLC when it goes on sale!

Some details are visible here: ... p?t=264333


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