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My Turbo S setting with NFS Shift Xbox360

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After 6 mounth I finnaly found a good setting for my Fanatec Turbo S with Need For Speed Shift Xbox360.

First you need have the last Title Update from Xbox live, and the new firmware from fanatec (660 or 669)

My setting for the Wheel :

SEN :360

FFB : 100

Sho :100

Dri : 002

ABS : your choice

Dea and liN : 000

And in the Game : Options, Gameplay, Adjust control

Everetrhing at default (reset control), except :

Steering Dead Zone : 2% (for the "GT5 effect")

Steering Sensitivity : 60 %

Speed steering sensitivity : 20%

Turning lock : 360

Tell me what your think if you try this, or find something better.


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