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Getting Started in sim racing

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Hello All,


Im new to this community an simracing, and I have a few quick questions (oh maybe not quick)

firstly after experiencing Rfactor at a motorsport event, I want to make the leap into simracing, I was instantly quick, top 15 at the competition. ok so Q1. What is the best value for money software going around? iracing looks good but seems really expensive

Q2 At this display they had a Ferrari f1 wheel attached to a playseat f1 rig, what is that wheel and where can I buy it cheap

Q3 I have a cheap laptop (intel i3, intel graphics card, 4gb of ram) will this be powerful enough for simracing?


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iRacing can get expensive and may not be the place to start. GSC2013 is probably the best value for the

money. It's based on rfactor1, but has been tweaked to perfection. 

Not sure about the Intel graphics, you would more than likely have to turn down the graphics high end

features a lot just to get playable FPS.

If the wheel was the Thrustmaster T500 with the F1 wheel rim, they aren't cheap. around $600 and up.

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