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Forza Motorsport 5 Final Review

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Darin, I watched both this review, as well as the GT6 review.  Nicely done.  I still think you should do a Forza 5 v. GT6 showdown, even though you do discuss comparisons in both reviews.  For example, which FFB do you like better, the TX with Forza 5, or the T500 with GT6.  I think I know the answer, but it would be great to hear you discuss.  


GT5 is my favorite game of all time, it was head and shoulders above everything else, including Forza 1-4.  GT6 is better than GT5, but I am not sure I can call it my favorite.  iRacing is right up there and its my #1 sim/game these days.  But, I really like Forza 5, particularly with the TX wheel and pedals.

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