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controller set up help

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I posted this on the NTG forums, Needless to say no one responded... I'll try here before I consider my $35.00 to be a total loss.


I have a question...
I’m running a Thrustmaster T500 RS Wheel
Fanatec Clubsport V2 Pedals
Thrustmaster T8 HR shifter
and a Derek Spear Design Button Box...

Is there any way to program all these devises to work in the game at the same time?
The game recognizes all the devices, but will only let me use one.
I’ve tried everything, but It seems I can only program one to work at a time.
I’ll set up the steering and save the settings, then go to the pedals and save that, but when I do it erases my steering settings. Extremely frustrating...

Am I doing something wrong???

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