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Forza5 & TM 458 wheel

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:mad: I have come to the conclusion that Turn10 has once again screwed up a Good game with a Bad update! Before the update it was Much Better... FM5 has been out Over a month Now!

:-P They Cant Patch and fix the Bugs or bad Steering but they already have up $$$ Dwnld content to Pay for!  I wish i could get my $$$ back because this is Not what i Paid for! Update this update that the game was supposed to be ready to play! :shock: Since when is it Legal to Charge people full price to be a beta tester when you have advertised the whole finished completed product?

:???:  It would be only right that every 1 using the wheel that can Not enjoy what they paid for because it is Not Complete should either (a) get a refund then we can choose to buy it if they ever complete it or ( B) at least be entitled to free VIP membership and get all Car Packs for Free!

:arrow: Waiting on patches is Not a finished work and should be considerd false advertising...And with all the $$$ people are spending buying New Wheels and pedals just for Forza5 at this point It just doesnt make sense that Turn10 was Not Prepared and we have to Wait and Hope that they Finish what they started and most of all get it Right!

:-| If this is how Racing Sims/Games are going to be on the Next Gen Consoles I Am Not Impressed!

:ugeek: The Tx 458 is a Good Wheel!!! you can feel the Potential Ooozing out of it Waiting Wanting to be used to the Fullest! I just dont think it will be with Forza5!!! Turn10 Has let us wheel users Down too Many Times with Poor Wheel Physics Programming and Bad Krappy Updates that just destroy a good game.  I gave it a Good month and its just not happening.

:cool: In my opinion F1 2013 for the XB360 Steers and Drives much better than FM5!!! Not to mention that the Drivatars make Forza5 Not even raceable in single player! If i wanted to race with the Idiots that just slam you Off the Road i can Find that in Most multiplayer lobbys!

:mrgreen: The A.I in F1 2013 can be agressive but they dont just smash you around you actually have to Race them and have a Stratagy  to win.

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I do not think that the Codemasters games are any better or worse. They all have there good and bad points.

Coming out with a unfinished product is pretty much the norm these days. This is the way it is in just about everything whether it be consoles - computers - anything that has electronics onboard.

This also includes cars - motorcycles - trucks - boats etc. etc.

Did you know that in order to design and build - then put into production a new car model that will run well and trouble free would take about five years if a company would be willing to spend on research and development.

But we live in a fast paced world an now we buy a new vehicle only to realize that we are the ones that do the research and development - we drive it and encounter a problem - we report this to the dealer - the dealer reports it to the manufacturer - redesigned parts are then built and put into the system - the dealer installs the updated parts etc. etc.

These days a new car model is done in six months and this is why we encounter problems after we purchase it.

Whether it be software - firmware - mechanical - or electrical updates we all have to live with it.

The only way to get around it is to not by the product when it first comes out but to wait for the first bugs to be resolved. But since we are all in a hurry and unwilling to wait we deal with it and the manufacturers know this and will continue on this route until we show that we will not accept a unfinished product.

So for the moment don`t worry - the problems with the game and console will get worked out.

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