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Mods for rFactor2

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Based on information disseminated in interviews and details released by ISI, is seems to me that not much is going to change fundamentally between the two as far as modeling cars/tracks will go. What WILL change are things like installation requirements and other improved details that, on the surface, do not seem too complicated or tine consuming for modders to implement once an official Devkit is released. Obviously, I'm sure that modders have contacted ISI directly, so I would expect that they wouldn't get involved in such a huge undertaking if huge differences were in store for them. The guys responsible for the WSGT 2 mod look like they've been outdoing themselves!

Gjon Camaj referred to the engine once as being more like "gMotor 2.5", so I expect that modders will quickly get up to speed once mod details are released. In the meantime, it must be nice for them to know that they can use rFactor as a test bed. :)

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