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Need the last hardware

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hi im new to sim racing and want some tips for my setup.


I live alone in a department and im going to build my office place in the livingroom into a sim racer, with the office features.


i already got:

2 * 24 phillips white screen (need 1 more, but i think i can get one esxtra for free on my work)

Fanatac GT3 RS wheel.

Motherboard(B85), Ram(DDR3 1600mhz 8gb), SSD Disc(240GB), 2*HD6870 1GB, Crosair PSU(550W)


What i need:

Clubsport Pedals

Clubsport shifter

I5 Processor Haswell

Racing seat


Handbrake(later upgrade)


My plan is to make a 3screen setup on my desk, there are already a 2 screen setup.

Make a Racing seat with wheels with brakes. Then i can use the seat for office and sim racing.

Make an adapter for the shifter to the desk.

The wheel is just adaptered directly to the desk, so i easy can move it when i will use it like a office.


I have some questions/problems.

1. My desk is not very stable because it have some cheap legs. Which tablelegs will you prefer to sim racing? (will not build a real cockpit in my living room)

2. Have you tried to put some wheels with brakes under a racing seat before, are it a good solution? I want the seat is used to office, sim racing and normally chiar for guestes.

3. Which seat can you recommed, budget is max 200$

4. Are the clubsport pedals best placed on a flat/plan floor, or should i build some kind of fame to the pedals for a other angle?





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I have a similar setup like the one you want right now. I Mede this setup just to test the hardware since I'll be building a rig for it soon. I don't know about other pedals, but If you plan to use the clubsport v2 pedals you will need to hard mount them. I tried to use them without screw them to a gas and it just won't work since you will need to apply force to the break.

For the seat I'm using a regular office chair and honestly I feel comfortable using it without the breaks on the wheels. If you want a racing seat office chair you could get one from amazon within that budget (shipping not included) ( there is one at $150 but look kind of cheap. I was able to get a racing seat for the rig that will be making later on though.

Also, don't forget to get an active display port adapter for the triple screen setup if your monitors don't have DP or mini-DP input.

Hopefully that help you get started. Good luck!

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