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Hot Rod sim chassi.

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Hi fellow racers.

After much adue on the subject of my home built XRod. My friends keep hammering me to build these for sale to the public.

I'd love to do it. But what price point would people buy at???

Mine is hand crafted all wood for the most part and could be individualized / decorated differently

Like a hood scoop or 8 drag pipes pointing skyward like a dragster. Or none at all.

Getting a fiberglass mold made is possible but initially expensive. So I either take the loss or charge outrageous prices for the first year.

what to do.

I love the wood because of its resonance for sim vibe. My lil Dayton's work great. I'm actually astonished at how much I'm getting thru my feet with just 12w of power

Why good speakers are made of wood.

I'm not sure about the fiberglass but that gives me the ability to quickly reproduce the same pattern.

I guess with enough investment I could make several different car options. I'm in love with the old hot rods. Not for performance just looks.

However a f1 styled or other dream ride could be shrunk. Just a matter of money.

Is it worth it at all ?

Am I the only one who thinks this type of design idea is cool enough to have in their home/ race room?

I really don't know. My friends are pushing me saying it would sell. What do my racing friends think. ??? Yes or no???

Wood with paint or upholstery

or fiberglass hull. Painted like a real car?

Just hoping here where sim things get sold good idea of what the chassi could or would be worth.

My is built around an xbox but any platform could be used. Ps4 Xbox one or PC.


Thanks MM

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Don't take this to heart but those are terrible pics, at first glance I thought it was a photoshop.


The rig looks awesome, I can see potential for customers but I don't see it as being a stand alone business. I have no doubt that there are people with enough money who would love to have something like that in their house, I think that is one of the coolest rigs I've ever seen and although I personally couldn't justify the cost I'd love to have something like that and I'm sure others would too including guys who can justify the cost.


I can't imagine it being cheap so it has limited appeal. The options in the price bracket I imagine this to fall in offer a completely different experience so I don't see most PC sim racers jumping on this and they are usually the guys who spend this kind of money. I see it as the coolest console rig you could have in your house but finding those customers will be hard.


I think this might be a build to order deal, if you enjoy building them and have the time to build them go for it and offer them for sale at a price that makes it worth your while.

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I would have to agree with El Caco.

The rig is fantastic, but the price would be reserved for those who are looking for something just like this and can afford it. Shipping alone would have to be crated and expense alone would be worth the cost of many commercial rigs.

I'm sure there would be some people that would want this, those who can afford it, but it would be way too expensive for the masses.

Hate to bear bad news. :(

Take care


Regards:  >>>> Jack <<<<

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Thanks guys. I have thought about this a long time. Shipping would be near impossible cost. Like shipping a motorcycle. Probably just gonna offer to build on a 1-1 basis "create custom rides. " For those with the desire n money to have a rig like this. They can worry about shipping. In AZ or close surrounding states I could deliver but not driving one to FL. Unless they wanna pay for me to.

Thanks all for the advice my friends.

I just wanna build them

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Mike, that rig of yours is amazing - wow. You're very good with your hands. 

However, as much as I admire and appreciate the the built of your rig I believe too it won't be easy to sell them. It's certainly not the typical simracer who would want to spend some seroius $$ on a rig like that and apart from that there are a few other things which possibly stand in it's way - lack of space, missus, shipping...

You really seem to have the skills, but I would agree with Mayaman and rather consider building a formula cockpit. There's nothing available on the market as far as I know.

A well thought out and smart product of high quality would attract me and I'm prepared to spend money on it. As we all know there's lots of shi** being sold so quality doesn't necessarily mean the business is successful. It's all very difficult and complex. I've got connections to China (missus) and I'd definitely consider using that if I had something like that in mind.

Here's a picture unkle posted on another thread here on ISR:


That popped into my mind when I read your post. If you combine that with a matching triple screen setup it might not be just me being really keen:-)

I wouldn't really bother replicating the bodywork, just make it look cool and functional.

Good luck :)

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Thanks friends. Yeah I built this in an evolution of ideas over months it started on paper to look more like a Ricmotec then as I was looking at the oak plywood it struck me to build an old car with a woody side. I googled hot rods and found the shape of a 33 ford very pleasing to the eye and lending functionality from its shape. I Love the old rods open wheeled with no fenders or skirts. So I looked at the plywood again and said well if I cut out this shape I can do this that and the other thing.

SO this one that started as "super cheap" got more and more elaborate wrapped around the 360 platform. I had no PC so the build favors consoles

In future builds I will keep in mind attachment points for transducers as well as keyboard/button box, hell a whole dash with gauges and all. Shifter and E-brake mounts for whatever brand they want

I can and will custom build to order.

Got a pic of what dash and car you like? I could design and build it from wood and correctly set it up for any equipment you might have.

In my XRod you can only see a few wires. It has 20-30 running everything from fans to tv all hidden. This is an artist interpretation over a sim ride. But as a builder I can assemble anything. Give me a list of parts/equipment you want to use and what you want to see in a finished chassi and off we go to the lab.

Been thinking of making a F1 chassi this spring. After February anyway.

The wife's gonna flip so I'll have to throw it up for sale immiadiatly. One or the other anyway. No space for two.

So .... Ideas. I want it to look like a real F1 car at lease part of one. So what car?

I've seen other F1 builds in here so I have some great ideas already but your input will greatly help my decision process. It needs to be Iconic <-- gotta look at it and say oh that's the "????" Even if your not the biggest follower your gonna know that's an F1 car or I won't build. I'm an artist too.

As for functional all can be accomplished just a matter of what you want installed and where.

Thanks again friends.

Have a great race day

MM out

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Nice MM, I would say to stay away from the Hyperstimulator look, its been done.  focus on a true F1 driving position, have the snorkel in the rear which you could place speakers in for rear surround and engine noise, try to make it as pretty as possible but able to be in budget.  Big demands.  lol

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