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My new DIY rig - WIP

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Hi guys,

i am looking into making a new rig, the one i have at the moment its made of wood and not sturdy at all.

Yesterday i installed google sketchup, and started fiddleling with it, and today this is where i am at:




The measurements are in meters, and aren't round numbers because, from what i have searched, google sketchup isn't that great when it comes to change dimensions of objects already created. :S


Aside from the obvious parts of the rig, i am planing to put the wheel that i have ( DFGT ), and fix it in the lowest support, and make a steering column, that will have a bearing in the top support ( NOT IN THE DESIGN YET ).


Well i just wanted to show you my ideas and ask for your opinions.


Thanks! :D

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I have a very-very similar DIY cockpit. I don't know, how tall U R, I'm 187 cm, and my rig is 1,5 meters long. For my height it is just tightly enough. I have reverse mounted pedals, it needs more space, and I really recommend to reverse mount them. But it depends on your real car, try to make everething as similar as possible (angles of pedals, distances, etc.). Width 58cm is absolutely ok, the height of the table is almost the same my wheel is appr. 60cm from the ground. In case of the seat height, eye level should be at the midpoint of your TV/screen/canvas, so if your screen is at a fixed furniture, you should pay attention to this!


If you have further questions, don't be shy:)



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i am 170cm tall, a little short :) , i just measured my current rig and it's 120cm long, so i made the change in my design as i feel confortable with the position.

here is the changes i have made today, added the wheel and steering column to give an idea of what i am going for:




no one is giving feedback, is that a good or a bad thing? :S


Thanks. :)

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That means no one is interested in it :D

Kidding - imo it's quite a bit of an effort assessing a diy rig. There are so many ways to do things and you have to provide lots of information so others can understand what ideas are behind it. It's just pretty complex.

Without getting too much into detail there a a few things which pop up when I see this:

- As far as I know these reclining seats are usually mounted on an angle in a real car - so I'd do the same

- It might not be a bad idea to position that brace at the bottom differently to make it easier to get in and out

- I'd allow for adjustability of wheel support plate and pedal plate


May the down force be with you...always

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Thirsty is absolutely right in all of his points. I recommend these two articles about seating position:


First, build a modell, a prototype with existing furnitures, pieces of wood, or whatever you can find, to see, how it feels, how comfortable it is, and based on these articles, try to find the best driving position. Measure, and then you can start to build the real rig. Adjustability is still important, for finetuning. For example, in the last 3 days I was rebuilding the pedal section of my rig, I took apart the factory G27 pedals, measured in my real car everthing, reinstalled them, tried it for a day, fineadjusted again, and so on, and at the end the difference was like climbing a mountain in slippers compared to a professional  boot. 


Have fun with the planning/building:)

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Hi again guys!


Thirsty: in regard to the seat in the 3d, its just to fill the space, and see how it would look with my seat, as i resized the model to my seat's dimensions.


Brigetiol: as prototype, i have my old rig, below:





It doesn't look nice, it suffered quite a few changes, from when i first made it.


Well, as the weekend came, i decided to go ahead i buy the metal.

I bought 12 meters of 25mm square tube, and started to cut and weld everything:

The measurements:




The progress:












As i am not the greatest welder in the planet, this was the most welding i did in one project and i'm just 20 years old, well things happen :D








The steering column is the just the front part of a scooter




In place:









I am having a little problem with the connection of the steering column and the wheel base,

if someone as an idea of a design, i would love to hear your ideas/opinions.




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You were not lazy on the weekend:) What exactly is the matter with the connection? You have the adatpter plate on the wheel base, and on the column too... This is what I can see from the pictures. You want to use a joint to make an angle between the two axis? I think, it's more simple, if you just bolt them together and let them have the same axis, at this point you can place the support for the wheel base anywhere, so that should't be a problem. Like on your old rig.


Best regards!

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my problem is, as things don't always line up perfectly, and in this case they don't, the wheel base moves a little too much as i turn the wheel and i don't think thats good for the bearings.

My idea at the moment is to fabricate some u-joints, like drive shafts have, as thats allows a bit of movement a enables me to mount the wheel base with a little angle.


I was looking in the forum to see if someone has a steering column setup, but i have found nothing.

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Well guys, after some diy u-joint prototyping, i decided to just scrap the idea of making a steering column, as i don't have the machinery you guys have to make things with precision. Decided to just add some of the square tubing i used in the frame as a spacer between the adapter and the wheel.

Here some pics:


My Custom PC and my Plantronics headphones



The rig in place to see if things are good




My modded DFGT, removed the right side where the shifter was, and moved the power and pedals connectors to the front.

The colored wires you see coming out are the wires of the connector that goes to the stock wheel, i have the face of the stock wheel

with the buttons atached or the wheel would just go crazy and unplayable, and was using it as a button box.




The spacer




The drivers view





As of now i don't have a shifter, i plan to do a plate for the wheel, and make shifter paddles, but will probably make a sequential first.

The rig as is is very sturdy, from what i have tested i don't feel the need for more side bracings as planed in the design and sugested by some of you.


Hope you like it! :D


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