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Sim Pro Racing - New Drivers win up to $600 Cash!

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Sim Pro Racing - New Drivers Opportunity to Win up to $600!

Listen to our commercial @

Sim Pro Racing ( is happy to announce some exciting programs coming in the 2010B Season, two of which give SPR Newcomers an opportunity to win up to $600 in cash! So, if you for some reason haven't yet signed up at Sim-Pro Racing...NOW is the time to increase your chances!!!

The 2010B season starts in just one week -- at Daytona. A lot of new things happening at Sim Pro Racing, with the addition of the new Late Model Series, the switch to the new Cup Mod from, and the return of the original weekly qualifying format which is unique to Sim Pro Racing. The Weekly Qualifying format -- allows drivers to race against drivers of comparable skill and ability, ensuring the best racing on the net!

Also, returning in 2010B, is the Triple Crown Challenge presented by This program, sponsored by, the leading online retailer of cell phones, wireless devices, and service the opportunity for drivers to win $250, by winning 3 selected races in the upcoming SPR Cup Series races. If a driver wins 2 of the 3 races (double crown), that driver will win $50. If a driver wins the first two races, and another driver wins the third race, the driver who wins the third race will also win $50 (Crown Spoiler). In 2010B, there will be two rounds of the Triple Crown Challenge -- so there is an opportunity for someone to win two $250 cash prizes!

Round One:

7/1/2010 - Daytona International Speedway

7/22/2010 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

8/5/2010 - at the Glen

Round Two:

9/9/2010 - Richmond International Raceway

10/7/2010 - Auto Club Speedway

10/28/2010 - Talladega Superspeedway

Second, an opportunity for Newcomers! The Rookie of the Year award - goes to the highest Cup Series points finishing position - by a driver who has signed up at Sim-Pro Racing following the 2009B season. IT ONLY APPLIES TO THE 2010B SEASON, 2010A RESULTS DO NOT APPLY, which means by signing up at Sim Pro as a new driver today, you have an equal chance to win the $100 prize as someone who signed up 6 months ago. The 2010B Season starts at Daytona next week, so get signed up as soon as possible!!!

This gives new Sim Pro drivers a chance to win up to $600, just by competing in a sport they love!

Now what does Sim-Pro require from you? A small monthly subscription of $5 per month for the 2010B season to help us pay the bills/pay for occasional broadcasts. You are required to start the subscription within 2 weeks of starting at Sim Pro -- and with that you also get a month of free racing -- which gives you access to the Late Model Series, Truck Series, and Progressive Series (Grand National and Cup) events. In the end, 6 weeks of subscription-free racing. So what do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing -- so get signed up today and be a part of the best Sim Racing Organization on the web!

We highly recommend getting started immediately on signing up -- to ensure you have everything up and running before Daytona Qualifying, which starts SUNDAY!

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Download YSlow, you have a lot of HTTP Requests your site is extremely slow to load. Nice site btw. :)

I attached a picture of the score out of 100 using YSlow. It's a plugin for Firebug(for FireFox) the http requests at the top is the most important in terms of page performance, and the gzip comppress helps a lot, but not always supported depending on the server.

Just thought it would help since you are charging for the league, it would help if people didn't fall asleep waiting for the page to load, and yes it's that bad for me! I got a pretty decent connection also, so I don't want to even imagine what it's like for others with slower ones. Just some friendly advice. :)



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Sounds fishy to me, I don't think I'm clicking any links. When a first post looks like a basic cut/paste with nothing that resembles a real discussion, has to do with going to a different site to win money, but also sending money to join, and you've never heard of it before, it sets off an alarm. If it's legit, then take that as advice---and perhaps get with administrators of the forum you spam to verify you're legit. If no one proves that it IS legit, then I wouldn't go clicking on those links.

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