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Hard time trail braking g27 nixim mod in iRacing.

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Hi everyone,


Anyone else having this kind of trouble? I have a very hard time trail-braking in iRacing with the g27 pedals. Currently running these pedals with the nixim mod and loabodnar cable. I have been trying to perfect this kind of input for some time now and always end up spinning. Or brake like some poeple in videos on youtube doing track tutorials, harder and later in some corners but, always end up overshooting the apex by a mile and/or overcooking/locking the tires.

Took a look at the iSpeed data, compared some of my lap with faster guys, most of the time I start braking as hard, entering corner at similar speed, starting to release the brake at the same spot but, still overshooting the corner or spinning, where they are able to take a perfect apex....


I do plan on getting a set of HPP eventually in hope that it would fixe this problem. An exemple of the time difference, current week at Sebring night, in grand am, top Rileys drivers runs 1.52-53 in race trim.  I run 1.54 to 55 :(. When looking at there point of view, they always seams to still be on the brakes a little as they are entering the corner wich makes them able to brake later. Where I have to brake fully in a straight line then release brake and do my turn in.


Anyhow, looking to get some feedback on this.


Thank you.



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