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Thrustmaster T500 F1 Wheel Integral - Setup for F1 2013

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I have this product but i can't figure it out how am i gonna setup this configuration for Formula 1 2013.Please somebody help me,what's the real settings?

I look so many sites and i found nothing.I finally found this site and i believe somebody help me :)

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I'll help you as I'm running this title right now.


First in the Windows T500 driver settings, put the wheel to 270 degrees of rotation on the "test Input" tab.

On the Gain Settings tab I have the following


Overall Strength = 80% 

Constant = 100%

Periodic = 100%

Spring = 0%

Damper = 2%


Auto Center Spring By Game is Checked


In game my settings are as follows. 


First and most important - Go to "Driving Controls" and the bottom choice is "Override Input Device" Change this to "Steering Wheel"


Then map all of your controls in the View/Customize Config" Selection


Then go to "Advanced Wheel Settings" I have everything set to 0%


Force Feedback Options



Environmental Effects 70%

Feedback Strength 70%

Wheel Weight 0%


Hope that helps.. You can try this as a base and then tweak to how you like. This feels best to me. 

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270 degrees sounds very low. Real F1 cars have more than 360 degrees, something around 450 degrees. iRacing locks open wheelers at 540 AFAIK.


That may be the case, but have you tried F1 2013 ? Feels too sloppy at anything above 300 for me. In iRacing, I have my wheel set to 1080 degrees and let the sim do the rest. Game Stock Car, I'm around 360. 

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It feels sloppy indeed. The under-steery-ness of this game has me driving like a maniac. Clipping more of a corner than I typically would, starting my turn in long before it seems appropriate, anything to try to counteract it's understeer. It actually feels like understeer and lag, it simply has a slowed response feel to it. I love the graphics and ability to do an easy offline race for fun but it has some characteristics I find difficult to overcome and find it absolutely necessary to try to improve things as best I can, that means 280 rotation for me. :-|

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