DSD Hydraulic Handbrake DIY Project
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like i thought its possible to make it near play free!!! the solution are suitable discs DIN 988 with 10mm inside and 16mm outer diameter^^ i bought a couple of 0.5mm, 0,25mm and 0.1mm... 1 discs cost in my hardware shop 12 cent but its not easy to find it. a regular hardware store wont have them...

just unscrew a side plate und remove the alu bushing that you have access to the plastic bushing and put a couple of discs on the pin and screw it back together, test it and repeat antill it fits ;-)
dont add to much or your handle will be hard to pull or dont snap back to the starting point... its just try and error. and you can grase the joint!!!

i ended with:
1 x 0.5mm

1 x 0.25mm

3 x 0.1mm

it feels so much better when the handle not wiggle like a cow tail :-D it would be possible to replace the pin with an screw from the handle to master cylinder joint but i think this will be not that importent and you cant lock the joint. you need a little of play that it works propper!

now i would say my brake is finish on the mechanical side... im glad that all workes so good!!! still to do is to finish the case. but it must arrive a couple of cables and the audio jacks...

please give me feedback how it works for you diablo

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