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Sli-M On A Srw-S1 On A G25

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I know that's a lot of product letters/numbers, but I was wondering if anyone in this forum has tried this?

I had previously mad a DIY wooden button box for cheap and it worked okay. Still the idea of having all the buttons I need on the steering wheel appealed to me. So, I ordered the SLI-M from Leo Bodnar.  I got some mdf, glued some sheets together and filed it down to a steering wheel profile. The momentary buttons I got of ebay where sticking to far out and I was having issues soldering the wires. I decided to order an SRW-S1 wheel last night as it is the cheapest of the f1 style wheels that I can fit the SLI-M unto. I know Simulaje makes a quick release system that lets the SRW-S1 work on the G25, but I don't think I necessarily need that. My conversion would be more permanent, like the one here .

I was just wondering if anyone on this forum has attempted this before (trying to cut down on the number of forums I belong to). I am more interested in using the SLI-M than the SRW-S1s system. All I need the SRW-S1 for is the casing and the buttons/dials, so I don't really need the quick release system and the added cost :shock:  . The SLI-M will support the three dials and 10 buttons. Any thoughts?

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