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Quieter Pedal Mod For G25/g27

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Hello all!

My name is David Scott and I have been into simracing for about a year and a half. This is my first post on this forum and I thought that I would make it a constructive one.


If you have reverse mounted pedals or already know how to disassemble your pedals, skip to step 4


Objective: Reduce the noise made when releasing the pedals.


Tools and Materials: Allen key, #1 and #2 Philips head screwdrivers, Some adhesive backed velcro (or some sort of soft but fairly thin material)




Step 1: Remove the 6 screws (green) holding the pedal faces using your allen key as shown below, and store them in a safe place.




Step 2: Remove the 14 screws (red) holding the plastic base together using your #1 Philips screwdriver as well as the 6 screws (blue) holding the pedals themselves to the plastic base, and store them in a safe place.




Step 3: Carefully remove the pedals from the top cover. There are 2 screws (purple) securing the cable to the top cover. Remove them and set the top cover aside.




Step 4: Cut 3 pieces of velcro that are as wide as the pedal rails. Remove the backing from the velcro, depress the pedal fully. Slide it in until it is as shown below.




And Voila! The mod is complete! All that is left is to put it all back together!







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