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Sim Racing On Pc - Software

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This was originally posted by forum member "Golanv" and thought it would make for a good start. I took out some of his opinion on the titles to keep it unbiased to an extent.  I will update and tweak this more soon. Thanks Golanv !




iRacing  -  Best place to online race against human opponents. All 70+ tracks are laser scanned. There's a monthly membership fee and extra content needs to be purchased to compete in certain series.  

rFactor  - For ($27.99), and it has some of the best mods ever made for sim racing. Can be little fiddly cause of the mods, but I'd say worth it. Feel depends alot of the mod itself you are using and how you dial it in , but overall its definitely a good sim. Once dialed in, can be a very fulfilling experience. 

rFactor2  - Like its predecessor, with a biggest difference atm. is the physics. It has much harder learning curve and will require dedication and skill to be able to drive fast. Probably the most complex physics on the market right now and potential is endless. Its still not a finished game so it will improve constantly and I'm sure that there will be a day when everyone has it. Highly moddable like rF1, and already has few good mods. Price is standard edition $43,99 (1 year free online services, $12 a year.) or lifetime $84,99.

Game Stock Car 2013  - Made from heavily modified rF1 engine, so for someone who is familiar with rF1, it feels very natural transition. Better physics, looks and AI than rF1. Also has mods, some made for 2013 and alot of 2012 version mods works. Has really good feel to it and is definitely worth its price ~25$.

Sim Bin  - Race07, GTR Evolution, etc... they have tons of "titles" or expansions more like it, that are mostly the same stuff with different cars. Check out from steam, they often have a good package deal for the lot. I'd try it if there's anything you fancy particularly, they have good mods as well, but other wise I would just get rFactor and mods.

Richard Burns Rally - Sets the bar for physics in a rally environment. Some of the best force feedback and road feel on the market, but you need to mod it as the original is almost 10 years old. Go here to find out about current mods and updates. 


Upcoming games would be Assetto Corsa, which has released a tech demo and it seems to have the looks and physics to be the next big thing. Should start the preorder period soon, so totally worth checking that one out. Another one thats somewhere on the horizon is pCars, it looks amazing, dont know from personal experience how it feels, so potentially something to look forward. Raceroom and or DTM by Sim Bin also may be worth looking at, but aren't as hardcore as the above titles. 

Some titles that I'll add to this for now that aren't as hardcore but provide a fun racing experience. 


Codemasters Formula One Series - (Now on 2013)

Codemasters Dirt Series - (Now on version 3)

Milestone - WRC Series - (Now on version 4)

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Here also, I'd like to add at the bottom of the above post under the not as hardcore but fun.....


Codemasters - Racedriver Grid and Grid 2


Take care


Regards:  >>>> Jack <<<<

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