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Video: Fast Laps In F1 2013

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I've been enjoying F1 2013 for the past couple of weeks. Here's a few videos of some "okay" laps in the classic cars. They are a blast to drive, especially because they don't have engine mapping or other torque-control features of the current cars.


I say these are "okay" because as I watch them, I see turns and sections that could be improved, and in some cases (on the Time Attacks with no tuning) the cars get too loose, and I'm surprised the lap isn't flagged or penalized (watch the last turns at Estoril). Overall, I could probably shave a few hundredths or even a tenth or two (on Monaco) off these laps.


In all laps, all assists are OFF

The sensitivity (degrees of rotation) of the wheel is set to 280.

These videos are available in resolutions up to 1080p.


Gear: Fanatec CSR Elite, Formula Rim (for CSR Elite), Clubsport Pedals v2, Porsche sequential shifter, Logitech G27 gated shifter (with Basherboards FL2 adapter), and a 37" TV. This is mounted on a prototype of the ApexVStand. The shoes are Puma Redon Move (I use them for "casual" kart racing as well). This is the Xbox 360 version of Codemasters' F1 2013.
Direct-feed game footage captured with a Hauppauge HDPVR2 Gaming Edition.
Stand Movement: In the Monaco split-screen video, you may notice some slight lateral movement of the stand. This is exaggerated by the 37" flat screen and its' wobbly, single pedestal base. The newer design of the stand features more lateral support (L-beam side braces) and there are accessories for screen VESA mounting options.
Monaco, Ferrari F399 1:16:644
Split-screen with wheel, pedal operation, and direct-feed replay, followed by full-screen replays
I like to run virtual laps at Monaco for an hour before I head to the (real) kart track. It actually helps, and I get better times.
Notice how my previous Personal Best actually gets ahead of me in the 2nd and 3rd sectors. If I can tighten up my lines, smooth out my acceleration, and "combine" the best of the previous and this lap, I could probably cut another tenth or so off the time.
Estoril Time Attack (direct-feed)
Imola Time Attack (direct-feed)
[Apparently I can't embed more than two videos in a post]

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Circuit of the Americas Time Attack

Here's a Time Attack lap on the Circuit of the Americas in 1:37:965. Still needs some work. Some wheelspin and getting loose on the exit of the final turn cost me a tenth or two.

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Please make more videos with the foot cam!!! :)



>Cheers!< Jrv01


Okay, as long as this isn't a foot-fetish thing. ;-)


Recording those does take a little more work (setting up lights and cameras, then syncing and editing), but I'll see what I can do.


Maybe I'll record some V8 Supercar practice as well--getting ready for a race on Saturday.

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