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Need help Logitech encoders DFP DFGT

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Well, I have reduced the 900 degrees of the DFP to 360 degrees, and it drives very nice, reduced my times at Monaco F1 by 2 seconds.  The DFP has a sensor, that when I have a decalibration, it rights itself a few turns later.  I like that feature, but I don't want it to decalibrate at all.  If I plan my turns properly, it doesn' decalibrate.  I had to mount the sensor upside down to get the  right and left direction correct without having to use a gear driven sensor.  So, I am now driving directly off of the FF motor.  What I am trying to do now is transfer this setup to the DFGT, but I am having some difficulty. In order to get 360 degrees out of the DFGT, I have to use the gear train from a DFP, since the resulting gear ratio of the DFGT is 400 degrees, not good when you want to mount stops for the 400 degrees, hard to do.  The 360 degree stop is easy to do, because you have one bolt on the wheel and one stop at 180 degrees on the case, but if you have to go beyond 360 it becomes complicated, besides I have decided that anything quicker than 360 degrees in a sim is too much.  180 on a real F1 is possible because one has other senses involved, but in a sim, all we have is hand eye coordination.  So, here is what I am trying to do.  I want to use the motherboard in a DFGT with 360 degrees but I have a mounting problem with gt sensor, it is not compatible with turning it upside down, the plug is in the way, but the DFP sensor can be manipulated to work.  So, my final question, will the DFP sensor work with the DFGT motherboard, I am asking this question, because I am having difficulties making it work.  There is a difference with the sensors in that the DFP sensor has 5 wires and the DFGT has 4 wires, I think the extra wire has something to do with corrective center circuit on the DFP.  If there are no answers to this, I think I will machine a coupler for the encoder wheel to raise it so there will be room for the GT encoder, this might solve my problem, The advantage of using a GT wheel for  the 360 conversion is that it already has an 11 inch wheel and hopefully a faster motherboard so that decalibration is not a factor.  The reason that decalibration occurs, I believe, is that to go to a 360 degree setup, you must turn the code wheel 2.5 times the stock speed, so that for any given rate of movement of the wheel the code wheel is turning 2.5 times faster, so I am thinking that the mother board is a factor in receiving the faster square wave signals..  I am thinking that maybe the DFGT mother board is capable of a faster signal,  It is impossible to get spec. sheets on the motherboards of the wheels, at least I haven't been able to find any, forget Logitech, anything more than a broken code wheel, they are in the dark according to the techs at Logitech that I have talked to, so that is where I am except I am still waiting for the 150 hole code wheel from CM laser in Thailand for my G25 for a 360 G25, so there you are, that is what I have been doing, How are you coming on your projects? Robert Brown. 

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