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PS3 2013 Classic Edition first impressions

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First impressions

Quite impressed

Just been in the1988 FW12 around silverstone.(2013 circuit as there isno classic silverstone as yet)

A few setup tweaks and I managed a 1.41

I know there is another second in me though.

All assists OFF

Feels fine with my Elite wheel with standard rim.

I'm not sure it the wheel needs newer FE because both paddle shifters areset to X

Had to change the default settings to compensate for this..

The car seems to handle quite well but can easily spin if the power is too early or too harsh.but is easlily caught if quick.

Also gear changes need the throttle tobe released for smoother gear changes.

The new loop section and the final 2 corners coming upto the start finnish are especially tricky if tou get the power down too soon.

The 90's DLC content is not available yet as the game isnt officially released until tomorrow in the UK.

Will try and geta video up on youtube if i can find a way tomount my phone

You tube name sirlisterofsmeg1

Anyway back to the game.

There also seems tobe noVIP Pass in the case which leads me to beleive that multiplayer online willl be free.

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My GMG key arrived 2 days ago and immediately at that time my steam preload completed.  Store page says the game unlocks in approximately 1 hour (maybe around 4pm PT... Midnight in UK).

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