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Driving Force Pro 360 degrees lock to lock successful

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Well in my last discussion about quicker steering for GT5,I talked about faster steering for a G25, I am still waiting for my 180 hole code wheel, but while waiting, I bought a ffb motor from a g25 off of Ebay and installed it in a DFP. The hardest part was to improvise a stop at 180 degrees. I did this by making an offset stop. I will eventually make a video and post on YouTube. The offset stop is needed to insure that the wheel orients at 180 rt. and 180 left. It was done by using a pivot arm so that the bolt head center stops at 180, so half of the bolt goes past 180 than stops, the same is true when turning 360 in the opposite direction. The old code wheel was driven by its motor by a reduction gear also having 60 holes. With no reduction with the g25 ffb motor and code wheel, the difference is 40 percent resulting in a 360 degree stop to stop. The problem I am having now is that when firing it up, it homes 3 times, stops with two blinking lights. Well I know that the original wheel homes to 180 degrees than stop slide moves to the 900 setting. Well after messing with it a little, I moved the slide manually to the 180 side and than quickly moved to 900 and I had two green lights, so I consider this a success. I will have to do a little more investigation as how to solve that problem, at least I can drive with it after messing with it a little. The other problem, a small one was the steering was backwards, so I reversed the power wires, so that is solved. If there is anyone out there that has any input, I am more than happy to listen. The homing performs perfectly. I also feel quite of resistance from the wheel, buy I haven't played with that much, so I will keep anyone who is interested up to date, I am anxiously waiting for the 180 hole code wheel for the g25 so I can attempt to have 300 degrees and 900 degrees, I think that will be easier than this venture, that 180 degree stop was a bitch.

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