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GSC2012 Aussie V8 Supercar C-Ship. Round 1 report.

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Hello all,


Today we are detailing a little report for our little foray into GSC2012 using the excellent V8 Supercars mod. We hope you find the report interesting, and it may entice you over to our site to come and have a bit of a race naturally.


So without further or do,


Round 1 GSC2012 V8SC's @ Hidden Valley.




Round 1 saw the 1/2hr practice session very busy with the lead time swapping throughout the session across multiple drivers. In the end the top five cars were lapping all within three tenths of a second. Very close times indeed.




As practice completed we all braced ourselves for the superpole qaulifying session, 3 laps, one single timed lap. Outlap, Hotlap, In lap.


Qualifying proved difficult as many drivers opted to play it safe, One lone driver opting to attack the course - BJSRacer, securing pole by around .6 of a second. The remaining drivers playing it safe and looking after car and tyres.


Race one proceeded with a blinding start, all cars getting off line safely without incident. Yours truly taking turn one in P1 from a 2nd place grid slot. What ensued was 7 alps of some of the most extrreme sprint racing I have ever had the pleasure to be involved in. 7 laps of pure speed and adrenaline, and then... Tyres meet cliff.


So with server tyre wear settings at 4x our soft tyres were running on rags by mid lap 7 - Whoah! that was a surprise, I was expecting at least around 10 - 12 laps.


What ensued was a volley of pit stops for replacement tyres, some opting to go with intermediate compounds, hoping they would last the remainder. After many spins and sideways step outs i amange to get the car into pitlane, Somewhat deflated at having lost my lead,  but also a further 90 odd seconds fighting to get the car to service, New tyres on and we fire the big Falcon up, Eventually I settle for 6th place, having learnt a few lesson's on looking after my rubber more.




Race two begins with a new Superpole qualifying session, and unbelievably, the grid qualifies exactly the same as it did for race 1! Nothing like being consistent I guess.


Again from second on the grid, I spool my clutch up just right and grab P1 into turn one from second on the grid, Narrowly beating out BJSRacer once again. What follows is very, very similar to race 1 in that we put the head down and reel out around 10 laps of sprint racing, this time the pace a little slower as we all opt to start on Intermediate compounds this time round. The pressure is relentless from behind, the top 3 cars covered by no less than 4 tenths of a second, lap in lap out!


In the end an evening of some of the best sim racing I have ever participated in!








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