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Found 9 results

  1. Hi you all! I decided to do something stupid and started a 100% distance HC-season with Microprose F1 GP from 1991 (by Geoff Grammond). I'm using wheel and pedals (Thrustmaster T500 RS) with no driving assists, steering help, traction control and all that. And of course no restarts if (when) I crash! And I'm streaming the races in YouTube. So if you feel nostalgic and interested to see me make an idiot of myself: Channel: The first race of the season in Phoenix: I have no schedule for the streams, but if you subscribe you'll get notified in advance. If you can't catch the stream, the videos will be available in YT afterwards. After I'm done with GP1, I'll move to Grand Prix 2 and eventually go trough the entire game series. EDIT: CHANNEL UPDATE ALREADY! Just decided to re-brand the channel because I wasn't very happy with the old nickname and stuff. So from now on I'm TED MEAT! Updated the URL:s but the old ones should work as well.
  2. Anyone know what's up with the Youtube channel? No videos by John since Jan 15th. Did he leave like Billy? John hasn't posted to the website since Jan 15th either. Whoever this new owner is, he seems to be letting the channel die. People are going to move on to other Youtubers and give up on ISRTV if they haven't already. Speaking of moving on, I saw Darin in the chat on Shaun Cole's daily stream of his news show, The Pit Stop. He was chatting up people and said he's been watching Shaun's show for a while now and would participate in chat more. I don't think it was an imposter and Shaun never banned him although he didn't seem to interact with him either.
  3. Hello, my name is Kevin Shepherd I am a stand up comedian and sim racer. I am also a massive Motorsport fan and have an ambition to become a racing driver and wonder if it is possible for a 44 year old comedian to do so. Old Dog New trick is a series where I am trying to do just that, my hope is that it is something that you'll enjoy watching. You can watch the first episode here;
  4. Hello SIM racers, I'de like to leave a Basic/mid-range racing rig setup under $1500. Cockpit: Playseat Revolution, Logitech G29, PS4 1TB, 42" TV 1080p, 5.1 Channel Speakers, PVC mat... yes, we can lower the price tag under the $1000 mark on refurbished/second-hand SIM racing equipment. (for those who interested in looking for). So, let me know your likes or dislikes. All the best! Greetings.
  5. Hi All, I hope I don't break the rules with posting this here. I just made an interview with YouTube vlogger / Mixed Reality expert / racing driver Marcel Pfister, who uploads really cool videos. I think it's a relevant and very unique article. Enjoy: Thanks!
  6. Welcome to Professional Simulation’s YouTube channel “ProSim T&T”, here you can see Driving Simulation and PC related videos, Product Unboxings, Product Reviews, How To Videos, Repair Guides and so on.We also make Game Play videos for iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, rFactor 2, and much more coming soon.Professional Simulation would love to have you join our YouTube family, just click on the link to subscribe......'t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe to be notified whenever we upload a new video.Please share this video with your friends or someone who you think might be entertained or benefit from it in some way, this would be a great help to us growing the channel and sharing with others just how great sim racing / driving simulation really is, thanks for watching.Help out ProSimTT by purchasing products at:Amazon - - - When you purchase with one of our links we’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like these. Thank you for your support!Check out our Website : http://www.prosimtt.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Google Plus: us on Instagram:
  7. Hey Guys, wanted to show off my Youtube Channel. I always wanted to share my races on Youtube and Twitch and now im finally able to do it cause of a great connection. Please keep in mind that im fairly new to the Youtube / Twitch Scene. Any Feedback is highly appreciated!! Just let me know what you like / dont like. What I want to add in the Future: - Intro / Outro - Video Editing (software is already here) - Live Commentary - Webcam - Best of Videos - stable and somewhat professional Twitch Channel Please subscribe, like and comment to my videos Thank you so much!
  8. OBigO

    My youtube channel Project cars league racing/hotlaps and now some iracing too! Feel free to subscribe!
  9. Hello everyone, my name is Tanner. I am new to sim racing, and I am looking for a pretty cool racing setup to get started on. Looking for a setup that has all 3 pedals (gas, brake, clutch). I also am looking to add on a shifter as well. Anyone selling anything for a newbie like me? I am not new to racing games at all. Been playing them since I was 5. Been around racing all my life.