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Found 20 results

  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of yall have installed rumble motors onto your peddles? And if so do yall know if I could get this to work on an xbox one? Been wanting to do this for quite some time but. Not sure if I can get it to work on xbox. If any of yall have done this, could you give me some info on how to go about this. Thanks in advance guys.
  2. Hi there, my brother got a Thrustmaster TX 458 before this wheel he got the Formula T2 which he never got around to using since he never got the gameport to usb adapter for it. Now I would like to know if it's possible to DIY ourselves a handbrake and/or clutch using the T2's pedals, and how if it's possible. My DIY modding experience so far is, taking the TX pedals apart and adding springs they don't look much different from the T2's on the inside. So pretty much my plan so far was to get a gameport to USB, cut the T2's in half, mount 1 pedal next to or on the TX's and 1 near the steering wheel to use for a handbrake. I play my driving games on PC so I though it's as easy as it sounds but my brother likes to play Forza on the xbox so I was also wondering about if its the same for him? or I've just got it all completely wrong and need to be educated. plzhalp
  3. bgame2

    FS: Xbox One X

    Hi All: To date I have only ever purchased from people on here and the iracing forums. I'm currently selling an Xbox One X locally, but I thought I would post the info on here as well to see if there was any interest. I have it listed for $400 OBO. I only took one pic (but I can always take more). I believe the shipping weight would be about 11 pounds. I'm located in the US (NJ specifically). If anyone has any interest, please let me know. I want to be upfront about this though, I have no interest in selling for $250-$300 and having to ship the system. (Hopefully that is understandable given that I could sell it quickly, locally for that and not have to worry about shipping or paypal fees. On other thing, I buy/sell a lot of console video games (as opposed to pc which I realize is the main focus on here). If anyone needs PSN or Xbox (or Nintendo) currency for 20% off, let me know. Thanks guys!
  4. Fanatec CSL Steering Wheel P1 Like new. Used for approx 3 months. Adult owned. non smoker home.
  5. PLGuerra

    Xbox One Head Tracking!

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum but I've been following inside sim racing for a while now on YouTube. I have recently come up with an idea for head tracking on Xbox (maybe PS4). I have attached a video of a prototype. There is still a lot of work to do and this is not the final idea but this test seems promising. I plan to release an open source version using this servo method for the community to work with and also a production version using an alternative wireless method without using a servo. Would you all be interested in something like this? What do you all think of the idea? Head Tracking For Xbox one YouTube
  6. puppies

    Fanatec Compatability Xbox and PS4

    I have the V2.5 base and Forza edition wheel and universal hub. The website for Fanatec shows the wheel is comparable with Xbox, PC, and PS4. The website says can not be upgraded to support PS4, however Fanatec only has one V2.5 base. Can you use the same base on both consoles if you change the wheel? I had read this works but not advertised in the US. Any opinions? thanks Found the answer by searching on here . Sorry
  7. Salvador Felip

    Motorbike simulator for home

    Hi! I'm Salva Felip, Founder of LeanGP. I have started a project and I need an opinion to see what you think, I am new here and I do not know how this is going. Have a little compassion with me although I know that it's going to rain down on me like bread. The idea came to me from seeing that fans of car simracing had plenty of peripherals to play with (steering wheel, pedals, seats ...) but for those of us who like motorcycles there was nothing. - What you see in the photos is the functional prototype (a cut and coupled tzr), I am finalizing the details of the final product with a design of my own that I will update with photos and videos. - It is compatible with all consoles, games and virtual reality. - It will be foldable to put it at home, to occupy as little as possible, save it and that the relative does not kill us in the attempt. - The material is aluminum to weigh as little as possible, about 25 kg and the fairing of fiber or ABS plastic. - The price depends a lot on the amount to be manufactured but I have estimated costs of € 650. - The controls are the same as with a motorbike, to turn graves, change gears in the left foot. brake combined in handle and foot, gas in the fist ... - The product will go on sale in kickstarter soon. I would appreciate very much if you would give me a hand, since nobody better than fans of motorcycles like me to see if they like it. Thank you very much in advance.
  8. FISTtheVERB


    SOLD LOCALLY Thanks for all interested
  9. Hi everyone i am starting a vintage endurance racing championship on Project Cars 2. This championship will be run on civic. For the first season we will be racing Group C prototypes and Group 5 sports cars. We will normally run two hour long races. For tracks such as Le Mans and Daytona the races will be longer. For more information on how to sign up and the rules of the series there is another post here on, the link to that thread is below.
  10. Hey, I'm new here and had a "great" idea awhile back and was wondering if it was possible. Instead of buying a $50 adapter to be able to use a real wheel and do whole bunch of weird wiring and having to drill hole for an e-brake (this is for an e-brake mod/paddle shifter delete/rally car wheel whatever on console) could you re-route the plug for the steering wheel out the back of the base and make a button box instead of having all of the buttons on the steering wheel?
  11. Hello everyone, I just recently purchased a Thrustmaster tx 458 wheel for the Xbox one. I was wondering is it necessary for me to do some sort of update right away? Maybe it has old software on it? thanks, Sam
  12. Ptg baby cow

    FS Thrustmaster TX

    For Sale Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia - Stock Pedals and Stock Rim $210 Shipped Pedal base needs a slight bit of cleaning, their is some tape residue as I used this as a travel rig and just taped it to the floor. Can post pictures later.
  13. I'm starting a new racing league in Project Cars for Xbox One. We already have a community of 20 members and 6 to 8 that race on Project Cars. We already have done leagues in Forza 6 and Formula 1 2016 everyone in the league are ready for a Project Cars league. The racing will be across all the different racing types in Project Cars but the real type will race on a track that the real series races at. For instance we will race the DTM cars at Hockinheim and NASCAR stock cars at Watkins Glen. There will be a champion crown for the different divisions. One for open wheel, stock cars, Prototypes, touring cars and GT3. Of course a overall champ will be crowned also. Any questions at all message my gamertag on Xbox Live (RazMaTaz87) or the FUDs Racing club. Thanks for your interest in our league. Xbox Live Gamertag: RazMaTaz87 Xbox Club: FUDs Racing
  14. Master Pilkington

    TMX Not Connecting To Xbox One

    My Thrustmaster TMX has recently stopped working on my xbox, i will plug it in and start up my xbox, it will work for about 20-40 seconds then it will just die and refuse to work. Any suggestions? im using the T3PA-Pro pedals and TMX, neither have been modified.
  15. I just bought the Thrustmaster TX Leather edition yesterday. It was working fine until all of a sudden it stopped working completely. None of the lights are turning on and no movement at all. I have tried replacing the breakaway USB cable and tried booting it into Bootstrap mode but it doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas please? Thanks
  16. Niki Lauda DK

    Xbox One sim-peasant showing off

    Hi everyone. I'm a Youtube beginner and this is what i have accomplished so far: I hope you enjoyed it - please leave a comment
  17. WTB: Still Looking - Fanatec XBOX Original Wheel Speedster 3 Still looking guys - I know I'm flogging a dead horse potentially as there aren't that many around, but if you have one for sale give me a shout
  18. Hi For sale is our static triple screen set-up running Forza 4 (can also be hooked up to a PC) Trakracer RS8 Frame + Single TV Mount Mirco RS2 FIA Approved Race Seat (Adjustable Sear Slider) Fanatec CSR Racing Wheel (PC / Xbox 360) Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals Fanatec Shifter (H-Pattern & Sequential) 3 x Xbox 360's 3 x Forza 4 Game All cables and LAN connections included 3 x Panasonic 32" LED TV's Rseat Triple TV Stand Few other Xbox 360 games included. Can also be set-up for triple screen PC racing. UK buyers only. It's up for sale on Ebay for £1695.00, but if sold through ISRTV we would happily sell it for £1500.00 (and give 10% of the fee to ISRTV to help continue their excellent work to our community!) Collection only. Thanks.
  19. Hi. Looking to buy Forceshock Speedster 3 Fanatec Original Xbox Wherl. May make an arcade cabinet for xbox specific driving games such as Project Gotham 2, Rallysport Challenge 2, Forza 1 fabourite games - great with a controller, but never tried them with thos wheel. Drop a response here or a PM if your interested in selling. Cheers, Mark.