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Found 13 results

  1. Simple question! Can I use a Fanatec CSL Elite wheel with Thrustmaster TP3A Pro pedals on Xbox one X ? Any advise welcome!
  2. Hi All, I have been under the radar now for months busy beavering away on a Motion simulator that works with Next Gen consoles and PC. Well I am over the moon to be able to say I have done it! I am now putting myself out there for the world to see and answer as many questions as I can with a view to making these available as soon as possible. I'm not interested in being the next bill gates, rather I want to build and sell these as my day job and make it possible for everyone to enjoy one. This is my ( in progress ) website: And my all important Indygogo for funding setup: Thanks again Jason
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of yall have installed rumble motors onto your peddles? And if so do yall know if I could get this to work on an xbox one? Been wanting to do this for quite some time but. Not sure if I can get it to work on xbox. If any of yall have done this, could you give me some info on how to go about this. Thanks in advance guys.
  4. I am struggling to decide whether Fanatec is the right choice for F1 2017 on Xbox One? I have read alot of reviews and it seems that on Xbox one I will not enjoy the full potential of the wheel especially on F1 2017. I also plan to get Assetto Corsa but would you like to get your thoughts for Fanatec on Xbox One?
  5. NEW. OPEN BOX. Will be packed very well. Must Include ISRTV in your offer! This allows me to know that you used this link, which equates to me having lower fees from eBay, which translates to me being able to be more "Negotiable" on your offer. Thank you. Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Rim GT Forza Motorsport Model: UH RGTF NEW
  6. Hey guys, I have a complete plug and play setup for xbox one. its a thrustmaster tx base, the 599xxevo alcantara wheel, t3pa pro pedals and the thrustmaster shifter. located in Georgia. looking to sell it all together but willing to separate. open to offers! buyer pays shipping
  7. Hello everyone, Now that Project Cars 2 has come out it seems to be great for doing an endurance racing series. Specifically vintage endurance racing. This series will be run on Xbox and we will use Group C prototypes and Group 5 sports cars for the first season. In future seasons we can switch to a different era of racing if people want to. Races will be held on Saturdays at 7pm eastern US time. The session will open at 7. Qualifying will last 15 minutes and the race will start at 7:15. Normal races will be 2 hours long, special races such as Le Mans and Daytona will be longer. We want to get an equal number of people in prototypes and GT cars. To sign up simply respond to this thread with your gamer tag, the car and class you will be participating in, and the eastern US time that you would prefer normal races to start at. Also we will need one person to volunteer to be the safety car driver and another to be chief steward. Entries will close on October 14th. RULES -Light body contact only, heavy contact will result in penalties -We will have full course cautions and a safety car, during a full course caution cars will line up single file behind the safety car. The drivers involved in the accident must pause and retire from the race during this period. The safety car period will last until the field is gathered up by the safety, even if cars pit. Green flag racing will resume after this and the lead car can only start speeding up after the pace car enters pit lane and there will be no overtaking before start/finish. -If there are two versions of the car you choose, one high downforce and the other low downforce, you can switch cars depending on the track. It is your choice as to which version to use for which track, i.e. you won't be penalized for using a lower downforce car at a high downforce track and vice versa. -You can make as many pitstops as you want and there is no required tire compound you need to use. -Races such as Le Mans and Daytona will offer double points. -There will be no ridiculous blocking. You can use slower traffic to your advantage and other stuff of that nature, as that is one of the things that makes multiclass racing fun. But cutting off a car multiple times on straights will not be allowed. -Causing a crash will be dealt with depending on the incident. -If you are unable to participate in a race you must contact us through the email address I will give all the participants in order to keep everything smooth. Failure to do so the first time will result in a warning, twice will be a 1 race suspension, and three times will result in you being kicked out of the series. -Drivers who constantly get involved in incidents that effect others will be forced to leave the series. Obviously in racing there are incidents, but drivers who cause chaos all the time will not be tolerated. POINTS SYSTEM 1st - 25 points 2nd - 20 points 3rd - 15 points 4th - 12 points 5th - 10 points 6th - 8 points 7th - 7 points 8th - 6 points 9th - 5 points 10th - 4 points 11th - 3 points 12th - 2 points 13th - 1 point 14th - 0 points 15th - 0 points 16th - 0 points
  8. Hi Guys & Gals, A question, every time I turn on my Xbox (with F1 2016 disc in it) when I go to a track that I have driven before I get my lap times and data etc. displayed. I want to delete / erase this info and start again ........ how is this done please !!!! .... thanks in advance. Sparky.
  9. JCMgraphics

    Never ending build

    Been working on this " car " cockpit for my son for a while. I keep changing and adding to it. Started out as a box looking rig with a door to get in. We used to roll it in front of the TV to play but as I was adding more, I decided to mount a TV to it. Gear used: Thrustmaster TMX wheel, T3pa pedals, Th8a shifter, custom handbrake, 42" Samsung TV, Sony/Yamaha 5.1 surround, ACM boards ( aluminum composite material ) and lots of vinyl decals haha. The seat is adjustable and also the steering wheel ( forward and back for people with longer legs ).The going theme is Subaru because we love the cars but also the whole built was base around the STI seat. Next ( already ordered ) is a shift boot for the handbrake and a new shift knob. Tons of hours are spent on this thing. Not as fancy as those pre-fab one but a fun father/son project.
  10. For a bit of context: Early 2017 I bought my first wheel (g920) to play FH3 & FM6 on Xbox One, I enjoyed this wheel very much until I started to play nothing else but F1 2017. I sold the Logitech and bought a TM TX Leather edition with the F1 wheel (offcourse). Unfortunately, after 2 months it stopped working and had to send it back to the store (kept my F1 wheel). Since the TX base is known for its fluctuating reliability, and the fact that its design is about 2 years old, I got the TS-XW racer. I have been testing this thing for about 3 weeks, and also decided to return it. (Due to cheap pedals and expensive Sparco wheel which I almost never use) Now, I have a budget of aprox. €650,-. Which will get me a ts-xw, or a entry level Fanetec setup without F1 wheel. Or, again a TX unit and save a lot of money (possibly). Another option is for me to wait what TM is going to release this year. But that might not pay off. What is your advice? Are there any rumours of new TM set's coming? Is Fanetec really worth the investment? Thank you for reading, looking forward to your answers.
  11. For sale I have a complete Fanatec racing simulator with Obutto racing cockpit, compatible with pc, xbox one and ps4 race simulator gaming. All equipment is in "like new" condition, have been lightly used. Still have original boxes for everything except the cockpit and monitor.Obutto R3volution Gaming cockpit-Excellent condition, racing seat is mint. All bolts and accessories included. Was purchased new for $899.99 + shipping.Fanatec clubsport wheel base v2 - $499.95Fanatec CSL steering wheel p1 (for xbox one) - $89.95Fanatec clubsport steering wheel formula black - $199.95Fanatec clubsport pedals v3 - $329.95Fanatec clubsport shifter sq v1.5 - $199.95Dell U2713HMt 27" LED widescreen monitor (discontinued) - $250I want to sell the simulator and cockpit, everything together, not willing to part out. I spent over $2,500 for this set up brand new. Everything is working and in excellent condition. Obutto cockpit is currently on back order. I will let everything go for $1500 obo. This is a steal. Everything is like new.Local pick up in South Florida only. Will not ship. Cash only.Text or call 786 546 6503
  12. hey guys, happy holidays! i have a new set of thrust master T3PA PRO pedals that were never used. i bought it to use with my x box then i ended up buying a complete setup from some one so i have not yet used these. i also have a thrust master 599XX EVO alcantara wheel i bought used but haven't used myself. then i have a tx wheel base that is not working. i bought it from someone practically new in the box but it never turned on for me. i did splice off the breakaway usb trying to see if that was the problem(known issue) . if you are electronically inclined you may be able to fix it. Im asking 120 for the pedals, 130 for the wheel and 75 for the tx base as is. please msg me or text me on 3476107976 for questions. price is shipped in the us.