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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I was for a while looking to buy a wind simulator...After 2 or 3 tentatives, I realized that nothing in the market had all features I wanted or it was too complex to build and program. So I partnered with an amazing engineer friend of mine and we build a fantastic SMART wind simulator for us. We loved so much that we decided to offer to our fellow sim racers. We are a home based small shop that is very proud to help the sim racing community. To see our wind simulator in more details, please visit the website we did to showcase it.
  2. Available from my website Designed for sim rigs in mind using very high power case fans "213CFM" instead of the inline blower type simulators. Ideal for VR sim racing can be used as a simulator in open wheel racing as the wind speed adjust automatically to the speed of the car, or as air con to keep you cool. This wind simulator is for mounting on your sim rig, you will be able to run 2 x 100mm ducting pipes up to you wheel. Each fan produces 213CFm and has a "duct attachment" on the front, and grills on the back. This kit has 2 x 50mm Air straighteners to attach to your 100mm ducts. The wind simulator comes with a pre programed Arduino Uno built in to eliminate wiring and is plug and play with iRacing and Assetto Corsa It has reinforced corner brackets to help with mounting just bolt it to your rig and run your ducting. Included in this Twin Duct Wind Simulator 1x Fan Hub with 2x 213 CFM Fans. 1x Integrated Arduino Controller. Blue led on/off switch and a micro reset button. 2x 50mm Air Straighteners. 2x rear grills. 1x 2m Micro usb cable. 1x 12v5A Power Supply "100-240v" Pre-Programmed for iRacing or Assetto Corsa
  3. If you are interested in building your own wind simulator using Barebone hardware and a proven software that support over 20 games and growing, you can now acquire from the leading Wind Simulator shop. See below for more details
  4. This dual fan wind simulator has been designed with the controller box intergrated no need to run wires to the fans great for desktop VR sim racing in mind. This fan wind simulator can also be mounted to a frame mount and has GoPro type adapter and also pull up side brackets for frame mounting. 2 powerful pwm fans and an Arduino Controller allow you to experience a better sense of speed and immersion while racing. This wind simulator can be setup in just a few minutes and taken away just as quickly, perfect for desktop racing in VR. When not racing it's a smart looking way to keep cool as desk fans. Each simgadgets wind simulator comes pre-installed for iRacing and can also be used for Assetto Corsa and other games that use the Arduino UNO R3 for programming. The wind simulator comes with 2 sturdy low profile desktop tripods and has 2 standard GoPro type bases for alternative mounting. Free software for iRacing and drivers can be found on the downloads page. Sim racing, flying or on a roller coaster in VR you'll get a better sense of immersion as well as keeping yourself cool. Available from Included in this kit The unit mesures 42x21cm with triopds 42x16cm without tripods. 2x High power pwm fan 120x120x38mm 213cfm. Fan have GoPro & standard 1/4" adapters 1x Arduino UNO controller with blue led on/off switch intergrated. Air straighteners and rear grills included. 2x Sturdy desktop tripods 120x40mm tall 1x100-240v AC/DC 12v 5A Power Supply no plug . 2Meter Micro USB cable.
  5. Hello all So I finally have some wind simulators finished and available from my website. I also posted the some plans and have 3d printed parts parts if you where interested in some DiY. There's also plans and parts available for DiY edtrackers and IR led head tracking clips. Please leave me a message if you would like to know more.
  6. axelair

    DiY Sim Projects

    Hi all. For the past few years I have been making DiY Edtrackers originally for Elite Dangerous and iRacing. Since then I got hooked on 3D printing and started to make DiY head tracking IR clips and kits. Over the past few months I've been building a plug and play DiY wind simulator using 3d printed parts. This wind simulator can be setup in just a few minutes and taken away just as quickly, perfect for desktop racing in VR. If your into DiY and wish to build your own wind simulator or head tracker then have a look at my website. I have put together some instructions on how I have made mine. At the moment I've put together some 3d printed parts & kits to help with your builds. I dont keep a large stock of parts and just make new ones as needed. Have a great day.