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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm after a racing cockpit, I don't have huge amounts to spend so something cheaper is preferable. It doesn't matter if it doesn't have an attached seat, as long as it has the base for a seat! I'm in the UK so UK based people only please! Cheers, Liam
  2. So i'm pretty new to Sim Racing, and I'm looking to get the Fanatec CSL Elite, mainly because you can get a handbrake for it, but I struggle to find a wheel stand to use. I need a wheel stand that i can easily move away when i want to play other games on my pc / xbox. I saw Wheelstandpro and it looked good, but they did not seem to be capable of Fanatec, could I just put the CSL Elite on a stand for the Thrustmaster TX, and buy the RGS-F Module for CSP SQ shifter? Im currently planning on using it for Xbox, but I have a pretty good PC, so I can use it for that too. Let me know if you know any way to get a handbrake for Thrustmaster TX thats not DIY.
  3. $200 (firm) + negotiated shipping. Wheel and Wheelstand setup needs a good home. This would be a great way to get someone into sim racing. PC/XBoxONE compatible. US seller (55417), shipping negotiable. PICs to come, at work currently. For Sale a used Thrustmaster TMX (Gas/brake only), Wheel Stand Pro V2 and Ricmotech Hardmount adapter. The wheel was purchased November 2016 and has seen moderate use. Pedals were used moderately for a month or so. The pedal set is OK for a first set and needs some kludginess to get it to stay put on the wheel stand, but the hardware is compatible with TP3A should you upgrade. I know you know someone who needs this
  4. Hey everyone, I am waiting for my Fanatec CSL Elite for PS4 (2017 one) to ship and while waiting, I wanted to get my wheel stand ready. The products I am going to use are: Fanatec CSL Elite for PS4 Fanatec CSL pedals with LC Fanatec Css Sq v1.5 Shifter What I am looking for here are the solutions, diagrams to build a collapsible wheelstand strong enough to withstand the weight of all these components. I'll use my office chair as a seat. Maybe later on I'll go for a full rig with a cockpit but for now, I'll have to do with this. Do any one of you have such diagrams or help me in any way? Thanks a bunch!
  5. Price drop, need the money. My Thrustmaster TX wheel broke on me after 2 years. Thrustmaster doesn't want to fix it and I am moving away to College soon and wont have the space or money to continue simracing for a while :(. I am selling the rest of my gear to try and make up for the loss. I'm Located in the GTA and I will ship at the buyers expense. Send me an offer and we'll negotiate! -Thrustmaster T3PA pedals - 75$CAD (available) -Thrustmasterr T8Ha shifter - 150$CAD (available) -Next Level wheel Stand - 150$CAD (available) -DSD 50mm wheel adaptor - 50$CAD (available) -Broken Thrustmaster TX if you wan a go at fixing it - just pay shipping (available)
  6. Hello everyone. I have been a sim racing enthusiast for the past 20+ yrs and being budget minded [as a racer, any extra money should be put towards gas and tires, amirite?!], I've always looked for cost effective solutions and I've never really had the room for a full sim rig. Now that I'm working at a steel fabricator in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, I have have access and the means to put some of what I've always wanted to build into fruition. Using a modular connector system that is rated and tested as OSHA approved safety railing, I've based our system on sturdiness and rigidity. Furthermore, my friends and I invested in wheelstands from popular manufacturers and one thing that has always annoyed us is the middle post several wheelstands featured. Depending on your driving style, this could hinder right foot braking or you just got used to it. Our wheelstand address this with no centre post with ergonomically tested dimensions to suit most sizes. In addition, we have added a variation with adjustability while we continue to develop our V2 sim rig and V3 cockpit. We have developed the V1 wheelstand as a easily assembled kit with an included allen wrench; and all you'll need is a couple of 1/2" wrench to attach the included wheel and pedal plate. All pieces are heavy duty steel to provide the sturdiness required for a stable base that gives you confidence to drive it like you mean it...or stole it! Please check out the pics and let me know what you think! *I wanted to post pics here but I guess I can't yet. So please check out this link for pictures: **UPDATE: I can post pics now! =)
  7. Ok so i just purchased a thrustmaster tx base, one of the rims, t3pa pro pedals, and the th8a shifter. i sold my pc to buy most of this but will be getting a new one within a few months. I will be racing on Forza horizion three, Forza 6, asseto, project cars, and iracing when i get my pc back( i have a macbook pro but idk if its compatable.) I still have all 3 of my monitors as i use them to game on console and my macbook until i can get a new pc. I plan on using my 40in tv as the main screen for sim racing. im looking for a cockpit under 500(this is my max id prefer to stay lower if possible). it needs to have a seat wheel stand shifter stand and hopefully a tv mount with the option to upgrade to triple monitor mount when i get my new pc in the upcoming months. Thankyou for your support.