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Found 35 results

  1. Samsung Odyssey Plus Dual 3.5” AMOLED with anti SDE Technology; 1440*[email protected]/60Hz 110˚ FOV Inside out tracking (no base stations needed) 2 x Controller Built-in Spatial Audio (AKG) Brand new in sealed box. Surplus to requirement. Asking £460 ono Pickup preferred.
  2. Superb condition, few months old Samsung Odyssey with Velour foam replacement covers (x2) Everything fully functional. All original packaging, manual, boxes, controllers, accessories. Looking for $OLD shipped within CONUS or best offer. Please PM if interested.
  3. it is not that hard to embed or link the different VR with racing simulator setup with oculusVR, can anyone help me in this? I bought racing simulator setup from a website (mentioned below). and the VR i got from that machine is not actually very perfect, I need more good quality VR which should have Nvedia graphics card with CPU of i5 or i7 if possible also should have around 8GB of RAM but I doubt all these are available on any of the VR, also I doubt can I link this VR with me machine?
  4. I had a great race against the AI in RaceRoom with the fun Porsche GT4 car around Zandvoort using my Oculus Rift. Jason.
  5. Hello guys, I wanted to share with you my race rig project. When I started designing it I wanted to make one that you can easily adjust to sit in almost any race and road car position. So I stated by gathering information about the dimensions and the angle of different positions. I took 10 cars as models for my project. (4 F1 Cars: F1 2015, F1 198o's, F1 1970's, F1 1960's; 1 WRC car; 1 La Ferrari, 1 GT2; 2 Normal road cars: BMW M4, FIAT 500; and an ALFA 155 TI V6). I think that these examples are more than enough to accommodate almost any position. The rig is designed to fit only direct drive technology, because the motor needs to sit back and transmit through a cardan shaft the rotation to the steering. The pedals are lifted to the right height by a scissor jack. Both the upper part (that holds the motor, wheel, shifter, and monitor), and the pedal jack are movable through linear bearings. The seat is composed of 4 parts that move to accommodate almost any race and road car seat. The problem with having a one or two parts seat, when tilting it to obtain the correct position is that the back of the seat needs to bend to hold your back in the correct shape. So as a consequence the 4 parts are designed to fit correctly your body. All the adjustments of the rig are made with linear bearings, clamps, and screw type jack (pedals, and seat bottom height), so it is thought out to never get out of the rig to adjust it to the new position. I want to thank the Grabcad community for some of the 3D objects I use in my model. (the steering wheels, and human model) as well as Assetto Corsa for creating such realistic and beautiful detailed car interiors. I hope you like it. PS: I only managed to render the model for 2 positions: (F1 2015, and WRC Car)
  6. Hello everyone. My father in-law is a racing enthusiast who goes to a Porsche driving school in Alabama once a year. He has shown interest in setting up a simulator at his home, which means I will have to set up a simulator at his home. He is not very good with electronics in general and while all signs point to iRacing for the most realistic simulator / best online community, I worry he won't be able to handle the complex nature of the game. So my question is... Should I just say "screw it" and start ordering him everything he needs for iRacing, or would getting a PS4 with Assetto Corsa be the right choice for someone like him? It would give us the option of using PS4 VR which seems like a bonus. Anyway, I have searched the forums and just can't make up my mind. I was hoping a few kind souls could help "steer" me in the right direction. Thanks, in advance, for your responses. edit: He would prefer to have a game that contains the Barber Motorsports Park track which he drives every year. -P
  7. dupontin

    A Touring Car Sim build v1

    Hi all from another Aussie on the forums in Perth. I've been browsing a little while now, since I got a set of the Samsung Odyssey VR goggles. After a bit of research, I then ordered the Thrustmaster T300 GT RS set , which led me to wanting g to build a cockpit (I've already built a number of flight Sim cockpits). I looked at the designs and although they were good, but I wanted something different, I thought it had to at least look similar to a car cockpit. So I used our Touring cars (Bathurst 1000 racing) as my "style" I also just happen to have a CNC with Aspire software in my garage so i started to design.... I styled the front to look like a touring car, (falcon or commodore) with a southern cross logo on the front with the seat going to have the HDT lion and helmet. (I haven't built the seat yet), I decided on the logo because its a good design and one I can do on my CNC. I made a few mistakes so far which I fixed some last night, moving the wheel back 200mm. This is a prototype I may sell it and make another. Thoughts and suggestions are welcome. The third image is my being impatient and testing before I put a seat in, glad I did as the wheel was too far back (more laid back like an F1.) I wanted more upright. I sat a few friends down with the CAR goggles on and I think the screams said it all.(from the ladies), the guy who tried (Mitch 20) said "Wooooow, this is the shit, love it" So this weekend I move it to the downstairs lounge before the wife realises, and work out a good way of covering it when not in use. I think getting everyone to try it also it to the wife.... For once I have a degree of WAF.
  8. I was lucky enough to get to test a pre release version of Shaun Clarkes latest mod for Assetto Corsa and so put my thoughts about it on video while racing it around the Nurburgring Sprint track. I cant wait for the mod to go live and for others to have as much fun with it as i did in this video. Jason.
  9. wannab1

    SOLD: HTC Vive

    I just purchased a rig that came with a HTC Vive and I've ordered some monitors so I don't need it. $450 shipped to Lower 48 I'm open to all type of trades.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm a beginner at sim racing, i've always like car games and recently decided to take the plunge as it will always be cheaper than buying a Porsche or racing at your "local" track. Long story short, i've read various forums, reviews, youtube videos and virtual reality seemed like the holy grail. To me it ticked all the boxes : "cheap" (vs triple screen), immersive, not much space required. So i went for it and purchased an Oculus after the price drop a few weeks ago. Well, i spend 3 days trying various settings and i ended up sending back to Amazon the Oculus. Too much strain on my eyes, i have no idea why as it doesn't seem to affect anyone else? Secondly, it is horribly pixeled. Again i'm a bit surprised, i don't own a 4k screen and i've been gaming for 20 years so it's not like i'm used to 4k shiny max pixel all over the place. And yet i couldn't bear the pixalisation. I am truly curious because i feel i might have been missing something here, is there any magical button i've missed? Could it be my Oculus was "damaged" or... I don't know, i can't find many people who disliked this device for sim racing so i am really confused. (Yes i did try the SS and pixel density within the debugger). I so wish someone would tell me i've been doing it all wrong and it is still the best device to get for sim racing...
  11. Jimbraj

    my oculus rift Fan mod

    keep your face cool inside the mask with my cheap mod. check the video
  12. kenventions

    VR Cockpit Desk

    I built this VR Cockpit Desk primarily for flight sim games but I also plan to use my Thrustmaster Racing Wheel/Pedals to try out some VR racing games this Xmas. Ken
  13. Hi All, Hope you don't mind that I share my interview with the founder and chief engineer of VR Motion Labs, LLC, a Boston based company, maker of pro level motion simulators ($25K+) specialized in VR Racing simulations. They claim that their latest product is able to simulate acceleration, de-acceleration, cornering g-force, road surface and suspension characteristics, and even vehicle traction loss. Here's the interview: I'm not their PR guy and not advertising them, I was just curious about their technology and found it interesting to talk to the founder Mr. Bob Moore, and published it on my site. Maybe you'll find it interesting, too. (I also recommend reading my other interviews with VR racing pilots.) Thanks for your time!

    Project CARS 2 videos

    Here's a little something that might interest the sim community. The flood gates have been opened to show this Work In Progress. With the 22 September deadline fast approaching, the Slighlymad team are hard at work iron out this sleek simulator. Enjoy
  15. bobarhett13

    Native Supersampling in PCars?

    I have seen where you can get into data files and change it, but is there a way to supersample in game? Would be easier especially while wearing the Rift. Thanks.
  16. Thanks for all of the inspirational videos and rigs, ISR! This is what I made. It does the job, and I am proud of it Guts include: Corsair 380t, Asus z170i Pro Gaming, i5 6600k, EVGA GTX 1080 Ti Founder's Edition, G. Skillz DDR4 16 GB I use: Logitech G29 with shifter, Oculus Rift CV1 I play: Project Cars
  17. Here's something interesting... Richard Burns Rally VR. Game is considered abandonware. This YouTube fella has published a video demonstration running the game and it runs great. Includes a full setup guide with download links etc. on how get things up and running. Enjoy!
  18. Hi guys I'm planning to buy the V3 motion platform, and I am using VR. I see that it has VR compensation, and that's generally a good thing.. But will this stop me from having positional tracking? Can I no longer lean inwards, outwards and to the sides when in a car?
  19. Hi All, I hope I don't break the rules with posting this here. I just made an interview with YouTube vlogger / Mixed Reality expert / racing driver Marcel Pfister, who uploads really cool videos. I think it's a relevant and very unique article. Enjoy: Thanks!
  20. yellowdwarf

    Triple screen or VR or both?

    Ok, my rig is nearly finished and now I have to decide which way to go: triple screen or Oculus Rift or maybe both. I intent to buy OR anyway for Elite Dangerous so I'll probably buy OR first. But should I get triple monitors too? What is your experience with longer competitive races (IRacing)?
  21. CaTaPulT

    Pimax VR

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I posted in these forums. Last week I came across a video on YouTube of a VR headset I've never heard of, they claim it to be a 4K headset but that wasn't my point of interest, it's price was, it is 1/2 the price of the Rift and 1/3 of the Vive. So I started looking into it and some written and video reviews and saw this might just be good enough for me to try VR without breaking the bank. It's biggest drawback (from the reviews) is it has no positional tracking, instead it uses gyroscopes for head movement, so if your just sitting down racing (my intention for this thing) then it should work flawlessly. The advantages from what I read is with it's higher resolution, it gets rid of the screen door effect and other benefits also in that respect. My only concern and this is with ANY vr headset is I wear progressive lens glasses (reading at bottom, mid range in middle and distance towards the top) and I'm wondering how well I'll be able to see the screens with or without my glasses. I may have to go try and find just reader glasses to use a vr headset since the screens are so close to the physical eyes. If anyone wants to check them out for information, check out this link (where I bought mine from)..... I am anxious to get these things, coming from China, it'll take a while but once I get them, I will follow up in this message thread as to my first impressions and also once I get more experience with the headset. Take care Regards: >>>> Jack <<<< PS: at this moment, what are the VR ready sims out there... I know about Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, American and European Truck sim, rFactor 2 coming soon to VR and I no longer do iRacing.
  22. Greetings, I am getting back into sim racing after a few years hideous. My previous rig was a g27 mounted to a desktop with triple 30" HP Z30i monitors, freetrack ir, and powered by watercooled i7 920 and a amd radeon 5870. To be honest, I used my PC more for FSX than racing as it was a hassle mounting and unmounting the g27 every time I wanted to race; F1 2010, Dirt 2, test drive, burnout paradise, etc. Previous to that i use to love the nascar racing sims, but they have seem to disappear. About a year ago I received an simraceway SRW-S1 handheld F1 style controller, and I tested out AC and pCars on my new i7-6700k / gtx1080 FTW rig to see what PC could do, and after a few minute my forearms were burning! The controller worked fine once I tuned it a little, and got use to hold a steering wheel! Instantly I wanted my g27 back, with real racing sim cockpit! I have an HTC Vive, so naturally I had to try AC and pCars in VR. To me it give an more immersion experience via the head tracking than freetrack without the need of the triples, but resolution suffer of course. I have been scouring the net to find the ultimate cockpit that supports my needs for VR with options for triples or large HDTV, stability, flexibility for adjusting to various driver (tall / short), motion v3 compatible, and somewhat portable i.e., drag it around a bit in the office if need. I am leaning toward the realseat n1 with the nlr motion v3 and mounting brackets. I am less confident on controls. I also have an XBOX One that I may use on the rig as well, but I am bias to PC gaming. I have this in my THRUSMASTER amazon wish list: Thrustmaster TS-PC Racing Wheel Thrustmaster TH8A 7-Speed Shifter THRUSTMASTER T3PA-PRO ADD-ON THREE PEDAL SET ~$840 USD For Fanatec there is a promo for the Forza Motorsport Wheel Bundle for Xbox One & PC containing : ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5, ClubSport Steering Wheel Universal Hub for Xbox One, ClubSport Wheel Rim GT Forza Motorsport, ClubSport Pedals V3, ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 for ~$1600 USD. This bundle may work fine, I just don't know if I need the universal hub if I don't play the xbox racing games as much. I could just choose the CSW 2.5, GT2 wheel (to start :-), v3 pedals, and shifter for about the same price. thoughts? I see in this forum some people are using a TX base and wheel with the fanatec shifter. For simplicity my newbie brain is saying to stick with one brand for all controls aka g27, but I am open to ideas. I realize that all of this expensive hardware will probably not make me a faster driver, but the immersive experience is worth it for me. Please give me your opinions on the combination of controls that you thinking would work well. Thanks, Curtis