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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, I have been looking to buy a Basherboards CPX Adapter to connect my Clubsport V1 pedals to my T300 base. Please let me know if you have one that you wouldn't mind selling Thank you!
  2. Looking to upgrade my old logitech driving force gt. I need to buy some fanatec pedals on the cheap. I found a csr wheel locally that i would like to buy but it doesn't come with pedals. I'm on a pretty tight budget. Thanks.
  3. Looking to upgrade my old logitech driving force gt. I need to buy some fanatec pedals on the cheap. I found a csr wheel locally that i would like to buy but it doesn't come with pedals. I'm on a pretty tight budget. Thanks.
  4. Hi Guys and gals, I'm picking up some HE's and selling my Fanatec Clubsport V2 pedals. Perfect working condition. All original box and accessories included. Hardly used in last year. They have a brake spring mod to provide more resistance and consistency in braking. Mugen MBX7 Eco - shock and spring upgrade I'll post pics later tonight. I'm in the Toronto area. Can ship but buyer pays for shipping. Usually around 25-30$ CDN if in Canada. PM me an offer. Cheers
  5. Hey guys thinking of buying the next level V2 what do u guys think of that rig? Especially with Xbox 1 Thrustmaster tx 458 wheel? thanks
  6. Looking to sell my Fanatec ClubSport Wheelbase v2. In great condition, boxed, with all the bits. Great bit of kit. Selling because I'm now running a v2.5. £350 ONO + P&P. If you're not too far away (I'm in Brighton) and there's an interesting road between you and I, I might just run it over to you.
  7. I have for sale Fanatec CSP v2 (SOLD) in good condition used about 50-60 hours. $200 shipped. rubber foot pad needs reglue Thrustmaster T300 tx wheelbase (xbox/pc) . Used only 20-25 hours. excellent condition. being sold with TM Leather 28 GT Wheel . $250 shipped. (SOLD) I'm shipping at my own expense. everything comes in original box. shipping to US 48 states from 93726. new pictures will be uploaded soon (tomorow morning)
  8. Now that we have the Fanatec CSW V2.5, time to make some room in the studio. The V2 is in great shape, just used it last week as part of our V2.5 review. A few tiny, tiny, scratches on one side of the wheel - not even sure you can see it in the pic but I tried - but other than that, perfect condition, doesn't even have that much mileage on it. $375 / Free Shipping / Continental US Only
  9. I upgraded to proto simtech pedals and now have a set of fanatec v2 pedals i want to get rid of. i also have a fanatec handbrake buyer to pay shipping pedals $200 + shipping sold handbrake $100 SOLD
  10. Hello. Just bought a Fanatec Base v2. But do not have the money for ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 right now. So I want to use my CSR Shifter now. Is there anyone who has a diagram of this connector. Bedst regards Claus "Gysse" Harbo
  11. Hello. Just bought a Fanatec Base v2. But do not have the money for ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5 right now. So I want to use my CSR Shifter now. Is there anyone who has a diagram of this connector. Bedst regards Claus "Gysse" Harbo
  12. Hi I have a Immaculate club sport V2 wheel base for sale, just over 1 year old , the base works perfectly & has been well looked after. Selling due to delivery of new ps4 base £350 inc shipping to any uk location If you are intrested or have any questions please get in touch cheers Ste
  13. CSW V2 wheel base for sale, UK. It has just been fully refurbished by Fanatec due to a failed motor, so is as good as new now. Only selling due to purchase of V2.5 while waiting for the repair. £305 delivered Includes USB lead, power supply, mounting bracket and original box.
  14. DanVolkens

    Anyone have the RSEAT W-Stand?

    Hey there everyone. I'm weighing my options for a wheel stand and I'm waffling between RSEAT's W-Stand or the Wheel Stand Pro V2. I'm really curious about RSEAT's offering. Looks slick, well made and solid, but I can't for the life of me find any real world reviews or owners. Plenty to find on the Wheel Stand Pro, so I know I can't go wrong buying it. Anyone out there have the W-Stand? RSEAT W-Stand: Major differences between the W-Stand and Wheel Stand Pro: No center post on W-Stand - Big plus for me Price: $229 + s/h for W-Stand (tack on another $129 for shifter mount) vs $164 + s/h for Wheel Stand Pro (Logitech G27 version) - Big price difference for similar functionality Potentially more adjustability in the Wheel Stand Pro Wheel Stand Pro easier to stow away Stability under load - we know how well the Wheel Stand Pro performs. Anyone have experience with the W-Stand? I assume it's just as, if not more stable given it's design. I currently run the Logitech Driving Force Pro but plan to upgrade to the G27 sometime this year, or just keep saving for the ol' Thrustmaster T500RS or go the Fanatec Clubsport route! Of course, if I end up with that equipment, I may just keep saving up even further and throw down for the RSEAT RS1. I'm sold on that full cockpit. Just trying to plan out my progression from very basic gear to higher-end over time. Thanks for your help!
  15. Stealthyfish

    ISO: CSP V1 / V2 pedals

    Looking for CSP V1 or V2 pedals.
  16. Got a few things laying around that I finally got to photographing and packing. 3. Have a Fanatec GT3RS V2 wheel. It's used a good bit, typical buttons are worn. Works, but sometimes wheel center slips - I'd be playing a game and have to hold the wheel off center for the car to steer straight. Restarting the wheel and letting it re-calibrate upon start up fixes the issue for another hour or two until it gradually slips off center, again. I haven't had the time to figure out what's going on. Other than that, everything works great. Let me know if interested. 4. CSR pedals only. Had them mounted in custom rig, and no longer have the original base (just plywood, for now), so essentially selling pedals alone. Pedals work great. Let me know if interested. 5. Also have Logitech to Fanatec pedal adapter thingy, if interested. SOLD: 1. SOLD - Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V2 Perfectly working, well kept. I upgraded to V3 some time ago, and these have just been sitting around. Comes with 1000 cSt oil, almost full bottle (shock is also filled with same oil), USB Cable, PS2 cable, PS2 to RJ11 adapter (for CSW) SOLD Asking $185+S&H. Package is 15Lb, shipping from NY - feel free to calculate your own shipping, or PM with your Zip code for quote. 2. SOLD - Basherboards FL2 adapter. Specs from manufacturer: This is to connect Logitech G25/27 shifter to Fanatec wheels, or to PC directly via USB. Logitech shifter is much better than non-CS fanatec toy shifters, and are well priced. You need this adapter to make them work, or connect to PC to make it work with any wheel and supporting game. SOLD $35 shipped
  17. SteRacer

    Fanatec v2 base

    Hi does anyone know how to put the v2 base into PS3 mode using the latest firmware ? The base is not connected to a PS3 , just need to get base into PS3 mode , many thanks
  18. I have for sale my Clubsport V2 pedals. They come with the custom black anodized pedal faces (I missed placed the original chrome ones when I moved). I also have extra springs to use for the brake pedal dampener (RC springs) and extra oil for the reservoir (it is thicker than the stock oil that came with it originally, I was going for a stiffer pedal). Pedals are in good working condition and just a couple of cosmetic imperfections, some light scratching around 2 of the bolt holes from being bolted to the rig and a small nick in the spine next to the clutch pedal from catching it with the hex wrench. Once in a while the throttle would stick about 5%-10% open but, it would usually just need the dust blown out of them and then it is fine. I have the original box and protective foam they came with for shipping. I also have a 6ft USB cable to include (not the original). Priced at $205 (shipping and PayPal fees included in price) Shipping to lower 48 states only by USPS from Milwaukee, WI Any questions please feel free to PM. SOLD