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Found 7 results

  1. I am looking to upgrade the Obutto seat to a braum x elite - but the braum people say the seat needs a car specific plate for the seat which is another 170$ per seat. The obutto people wont give me any answer on making other seats work. The braum people won't tell me if the adapter is really neccessary. Any answers here appreciated?
  2. Hi, after 3 years away from simracing I’m coming back and need to upgrade my pc. My current setup is: Case- Nox ZenPower supply- Gettin Extreme 520 (NSX530Hard drive - Samsung Spinpoint F3 (500 GB)RAM- GSkill pc3-12800 4GB RIPJAWSX X2 (total 8 GB)graphic card- POWERCOLER ATI Radeon HD 6770 1 GB DDR3Motherboard- MSI P67A-GD65 REV. B3CPU- Intel i3 2100T 2,5 I’m a little low on cash right now so I’m expecting to do a minor upgrade based on the best bang for buck options. I will only play iRacing on a single monitor. thank you for your help!
  3. Hey guys, I have the standard T300rs wheel/pedal set on a GT Omega ART rig. I play GT Sport, F1 2017, and Project Cars for PS4 only. I want to get the Ferrari F1 wheel and the T3PA pedals, but not sure which one to do first. I'm actually okay with the stock pedals since they're all I've ever used. The stock wheel is okay, but it needs more buttons and I am getting the occasional random button press. What do you think? Thanks.
  4. Looking to sell my G27. Wheelbase has the upgraded brass optical encoder wheel, works fine. Shifter works fine as well. Pedals work intermittently. Wires are going either inside the pedal base or at the strain relief point/cable. I have cleaned the potentiometers and still get mixed results. I just don't have the time to try and fix them anymore and would like to upgrade my setup. Heading back to college soon and would like this gone. Asking 170+shipping/Paypal fees. Willing to part out and open to offers, just want this to move.
  5. Eating

    Upgrading from Fanatec CSR

    Hello! I am rather new to these forums, but I need your guys' opinion on something. So, to start off with. I bought a Fanatec CSR quite a few years ago, paired with the shifter set that was available at the time, and the CSR Elite Pedals. Now, back then I didn't know much, and just chose a wheel that looked fancy. Now, the wheel has served me very well, but recently it just hasn't felt quite right. It has started making tremendous amounts of noise, the centering isn't perfect, and the list goes on. Anyway, to my point. I am in a financial position in which I can dish out a hefty amount of cash on a racing sim base / wheel. So... I need your help. So I've been primarily looking at the Fanatec wheels. Specifically the Clubsport V2.5 Base with the 918 Steering Wheel, paired up with the Clubsport Inverted Pedals, with the Clubsport shifter. Along with this I would also get the Fanatec Handbrake, and maybe some mounting options. All coming in at a total of roughly $1850. Now, given that I live in Canada, and Fanatec charges an arm and a leg for shipping to Canada, add roughly $400 to that. Now that's a lot of money. $2250 and that's in USD. With the terrible exchange rate right now, I'm looking at basically $3000! Now, that is without the buttkicker in which I plan to obtain eventually...which is another added $200. Anyway, with all of that said, is it worth dishing out that kind of money? How close is it to realism? And are there any better alternatives for similar pricing? Any thoughts on the buttkicker gamer 2? Oh yeah, and is there any sort of WheelStand for the Fanatec Clubsport Wheel / Pedals / Shifter? I really like the idea of being able to tuck it away, as I do not have the most space. In other words, don't suggest me a full cockpit / playseat table mounting wouldn't be ideal, but it's possible. Thanks so much!
  6. DoubleAyyys

    Worth Upgrading to T300 from T150?

    Hi all. I'm relatively new to the sim racing experience. I currently am running the Thrustmaster T150, T3PA-Pro pedals, and the TH8A shifter mounted to a GT Omega wheel stand (PS4 console racer for now). I feel that there is a good amount of feedback from the T150 (have spent time reading and configuring for Project Cars and Assetto Corsa) but understand that the T300 has better internals with the potential to produce more precise and smoother ffb. Any insight that can be provided as to why I should upgrade to the T300 or would I be better suited waiting for the eventual production of the Thrustmaster direct drive wheel that's been hinted towards? Or... is my T150 in the general ballpark.... haven't experienced any other wheels at this point. Thanks in advance
  7. I have a slightly used encoder for a Mige motor; I'm told this will fit either a small or large motor for Mige / OSW-steering systems. This would be useful for upgrading from the 2.5k encoder to increase the resolution. I upgraded to the 10k encoder. Price: $45 shipped within continental USA. Please PM if interested.