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Found 8 results

  1. Selling my Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer base, which I got last Thanksgiving time and ended up not really using it. Its basically new with very little use. Asking $450 via Paypal Ships from Las Vegas, NV Price includes shipping to US lower 48. (Fedex, UPS, USPS - service to be determined based on destination and charge) Comes with all original accessories, box, manual. This is my first time selling on the SimRacing forum, so if I'm missing anything or if you have questions let me know. Thanks, Jordan
  2. Hello! Im located in US West Coast. Prefer to keep it within the country. Anyways im selling my TS-PC racer and pedals. I have the yellow conical brake mod from BBJ sim racing ( on the T3PA-Pro pedals. Wheel and wheel base work like new, the sticker over the dial switch fell off a while back, other than that everything is there. Purchased the wheel base from Amazon with what I believe is a 4 year warranty on the wheel base. I dont think that I can transfer it directly, but if you have issues ill work with you to get it sent in and fixed. Its a really reliable wheel base, from my experience and from what ive read elsewhere so you in an likelihood wont have issues. Asking $450 for the set. Im working on getting pictures for it. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  3. deivi

    CalibMotor for TS-PC

    Hi all, I have a question: The CalibMotor that allows you to recalibrate the motor for the T300 wheels for example, works with TS-PC? Because I noticed that TS-PC has two clicks when is centered that makes hard to stay in exactly 50, it tends to move to 50.1 or 50.2. Thank you
  4. Hi Guys, I recently purcahsed a TS-PC Thrustmaster and I went to try it on rF2 and it doesn't work. It works perfectly fine with iRacing and R3E. Unfortunately rF2 isn't picking up any input (even when I load the preset TS-PC option). I am currently using a TS-PC wheel with CSR Elite Pedals. Both connected via usb. I did a clean re-install of rF2 and still had the same issue.
  5. Hey Guyzzz, I just took some pictures of my Stock Thrustmaster TS-PC Rim...This sale is for the RIM ONLY. Asking $150 shipped within the 48 Cont. US. I have owned this less than one week, and only trading up to a Rally-Style Rim. I am new here, but I have 100% feedback on Ebay as 'recorderboy' , and a member there since 2002.
  6. WHEEL RIMS ARE NOW SOLD! Had another member who was searching for these ready to purchase, had me pull them out of storage and then vanished. Now that I've got them out, I would like to sell them. TS-PC Racer rim has never been out of the box the whole deal came in. I think everyone knows what it looks like, but if someone really wants to see a photo I can snap one. Will also throw in the little carrying bag Thrustmaster provided for the rim. Pictures of the Ferrari rim are below. Original box, original packaging. Barely used. BEST OFFER on either one, or both rims together! [email protected]
  7. Hi everyone, I bought the Thrustmaster TS-PC during a black friday sale, and I'm now looking for guidance for what kind of pedals I should combine the wheel with. I've been watching a lot of ISRTVs videos on the different available pedal sets, but I'm struggling to find what would fit me best. This will be my first sim racing setup, and I'm kind of on the fence about whether I should just invest in a pedal set with loadcell braking like the Fanatec CSL Elite LC 3-pedal set,, or if I should rather go with something a bit cheaper like the Thrustmaster T3PAs? Hope you guys will be able to shed some light on the subject! Please feel free to share a bit about your own experiences with any of the above-mentioned or similar products. Have a nice day, -Marius
  8. Hi all, I have the following questions: 1. Is the base in the TS-PC and TS-XW identical minus xbox one compatibility? Or, are there other differences? 2. Is there anyway to make the TS-PC compatible with the Xbox one? I've currently ordered the following today: 1. 599XX EVO 30 wheel 2. T3PA-PRO peddals 3. TH8A shifter I do own an xbox one s however, I don't really see myself playing on there as my PC is high end with a 1080ti and both rift and vive so I figure all my driving will be on the PC and I have the latest racing games already purchase for PC. But, I'm worried about getting the TS-PC and paying all that money if it turns out the TS-XW base has been upgraded at all. I figure I can also sell the T3PA peddals that come with either set. And, if I end up getting the TS-XW I can return the 599XX wheel. Please provide your thoughts as I'm inexperienced in the sim-racing area and would benefit from your experience. Thanks!