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Found 8 results

  1. Obutto R3volution with all the options for sale in Northern California It has: Acrylic tables triple monitor mount (pre 2016) Asking $550. Can deliver within about 150 miles or so from Stockton, CA for a reasonable fee or you can come pick it up. No shipping
  2. Located in Sweden. Used for about 1 month. Selling cause I wont have enough space in my new appartment. Good condition. A couple of the metal bars are scratched up because of how the GT Omega assembly/screws work. I can let it go for -35% of the original cost.
  3. Best offer accepted. I can deliver to within 10-15 miles of Burgess Hill. Offer consists of these two items. In very good condition. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys I have been researching for monitors there so manny choices I was hoping to get some advice, I was looking at getting 3 BenQ GW2760HS have anybody's used these before ? If so what are they like, Or any personal experience with any monitors. im welcome to suggestions I'm willing to run any size from 23 inch - 27 inch looking to spend 500-600 on all 3 might stretch slightly more if it's worth it hope you guys can help thanks.
  5. Biggerunn

    Triple monitors Q?

    Hopefully I can get some guidance regarding my triple monitor set up. I currently have triple 27 inch monitors running at 60 Hz and 1080p through an EVGA GTX 1080 GPU. I would like to upgrade the monitors to a higher refresh rate based on the comments and reviews I have seen in this forum. My questions and concerns all revolve around the capability of the GTX 1080. I am presuming the single 1080 GPU does not have the horsepower to drive a triple monitor set up at 144 Hz and 1440p. Nevertheless, to have some provision for the future, I am leaning towards purchasing a set of 1440p g-sync monitors. I then would like to run them at 1080p around 90 to 120 Hz, which I believe the single GTX 1080 could handle. However, I can't seem to find a 1440 monitor that will allow a 1080 resolution at anything higher than 60 Hz. Someday in the future I could add another GTX 1080, which I presume would drive the three monitors at 144 Hz and 1440p. Could I ask that the community weigh in with thoughts and suggestions on my situation? Thank you.
  6. yellowdwarf

    Triple screen or VR or both?

    Ok, my rig is nearly finished and now I have to decide which way to go: triple screen or Oculus Rift or maybe both. I intent to buy OR anyway for Elite Dangerous so I'll probably buy OR first. But should I get triple monitors too? What is your experience with longer competitive races (IRacing)?
  7. yellowdwarf

    IRacing 3 x 1440p FPS?

    I've found this video where guy runs IRacing with triple 1440p screens and 980Ti @ 120-160 fps: Is this for real? Anyone have similar configuration? I'm buying new computer next month probably I7 with 1080Ti + 3 x 1440p, 144hz GSync monitors. My main concern is would this system be able to run IRacing smoothly @ 7680x1400 with resonable detail? I'm in the process of building sim rig, already have wheel, cockpit, shifter and handbrake...
  8. kangawallafox00

    Upgrading Triple Monitors

    Hey there guys. Long time reader/follower, 1st time questioner lol Am just looking for peoples input on a monitor upgrade I can't decide on. Any input would be appreciated. I have searched the forums, but can't find one relating to my question.. At the moment I am running triple 27 inch benq 60hz monitors Nothing special by any means, but does the job well enough. And it's time for an upgrade!! I've convinced myself I need to go 144hz. HDMI input is a must, as my current GPU (GTX 970) has these. Plus I do a little console gaming here and there. I am thinking I should stick to 1920 x 1080 monitors to keep everything running well. I hear display port input is the best way to go, so I'm wanting that as well for future upgrading. I'm shying away from ultrawides, as I think one is not enough, and three I couldn't run.. I will need to mount them, so a vesa mount is a must too. I was planning on sticking with 27" monitors, but have found it hard to find one that is ticking all my boxes. I like this The bezels appear tiny, 5ms delay, but cannot seem to see hz? I found this, basically by accident while looking. Is upping to 31.5' worth it? Or am I just pushing them further away from me to end up with the same result? Does a curve help or hinder? Also I am assuming Freesync will do nothing with a nvidia card. I'm sorry if this is all over the place, I normally find all my questions answered without the need to post. So I'll summarize lol 1. Stick with 27' or go (lets say) 32' 2. Curved or flat? 3. Stick with 1920x1080? 4. Is these any good? 5. Any other monitor suggestions? 6. Am I just a fussy little shit? I should get over myself, and accept the fact I can't get what I want lol I should add, that I'm in Australia. So I think overseas purchases will kill me in postage, let alone returns!! Thanks guys and girls, I'll see you on the track. I'll be at the back lol