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Found 21 results

  1. Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition Force Feedback Racing Wheel and T3PA Pedal set. I used it on an X Box One S. I got it new, for Christmas December 2017 so, it is a little over one year old. I connected it to my desk and never moved it. Full working condition. Lots of fun especially if you are coming from a pad. Please contact for delivery options. Collection in person is reccomended. Even Royal Mail 2nd Class is £20+ because of the weight but, if that's cool with you it's cool with me International shipping rates are looking at around a minimum of $66 (USA) for a 1 week shipping time. I'll ship at your own risk. The wheel is working perfectly right now... Good Luck! Footage Examples
  2. Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone has ever upgraded their internals inside their Thrustmaster TX? My motor just burnt out a couple days ago and I'm thinking of upgrading the motor, replacing the belts, maybe doubling the fans or upgrading the fan and I would also maybe like to upgrade the power supply if its possible. What I'm really looking for is the parts needed so my wheel doesn't burn out again... I'm asking because Thrustmaster won't sell me the parts or give me a parts list. They wan't me to pay 60$ to sent it + shipping + the cost of the parts needed... Hopefully someone can help me out! Forza Motorsports 7 burnt out my wheel lol...
  3. Where can i buy THRUSTMASTER TX Wheel power supply AC cord and mounting bracket and mounting bolt
  4. Where can i buy THRUSTMASTER Ferrari 458 Italia TX Wheel power supply AC cord and mounting bracket TX Wheel power supply AC cord Medal mount brace screw plastic mounting bracket ALL THESE ITEMS I NEED PLEASE HElP!
  5. Hey guys so the motor just went on my wheel last week. I was wondering if someone had a broken TX with a perfectly working motor? Thrustmaster won't get back to me for a motor or to get it fixed... Idk what to do.... SUCH A BAD COMPANY ON THE CUSTOMER SERVICE SIDE OF THINGS...
  6. Hello everyone. I am hoping you could help with the problem I've been having with the Thrustmaster TX (Ferrari 548 edition) wheel. Any help would be appreciated before I go searching for the replacement. I had the wheel for a few years and it is now out of warranty. I use the wheel with Xbox One and have been playing Forza 6/7 and PC 1/2 over the last couple of years. Problems started occurring with Forza 7 and are now happening in all the games. Initially Forza 7 was set to FFB @ 100% so maybe that is where things went wrong. I turned it down to 50% now but that did not help. Initial symptoms were loss of force feedback and inability to calibrate. Recently the wheel connects to Xbox but does not even atttempt to calibrate and none of the buttons (except for the Xbox button) are working. I run Motocalibration to reset the wheel. What I've tried so far: 1.) Breakaway USB cable - replaced with new. No impact. 2.) Configured fan to run at all times. 3.) Opened the wheel and checked the fan operation and general heat. Heatsink around the motor is barely warm. Don't think this is overheating issue. 4.) Motocalibration - this actually brings the wheel back for probably 20 minutes after which force feedback slowly goes away and wheel is back to unresponsive. 5.) Turned the FFB in Forza 7 to 50% from 100% originally. Symptoms definitely point to what others and Thrustmaster described as overheating but I see no correlation with the actual temperature of the motor heatsink. Unless the sensor that tracks that went bad... Any suggestions on what else I can try would be appreciated before I scrap this thing and look for another wheel.
  7. Hey guys, So I drift competitively on forza and my ebrake finally stopped working after a couple months of wiring it. Now fast forward to this past couple days, my ebrake would work when it wanted so I took my wheel apart, made all the new wiring and everything for it and this time the buttons on the wheel itself don't work but the force feedback works... So my thoughts are... Did I fry the circuit board or whatever its called that powers the buttons or is it just a bad connector? Has anyone ever had anything similar happen? If the circuit board or whatever its called is fried, what can I do to replace this without buying a whole new add on wheel? Thank you for your time and hope one of you's can help me out!
  8. Backstory: I recently purchased a set of SimAbility's GT Paddles for Thrustmaster for use on my TX base. Call it bad luck, but about a week later my wheelbase kicked the bucket after a few years service. Turns out the main PCB board is what failed. I'm looking for any Thrustmaster TX base, parts or complete wheelbase, to pull the mainboard from to try to get back up and running. I don't have a need for the rim, pedals, cables, or any of that jazz. If you have a TX or similar base accumulating dust, I would be interested. Thanks!
  9. just got my Thrustmaster TX wheel 458 edition and hooked up my t3pa pedals and the brake is not responding not even in the calibration software on pc. If i switch to the pedals that came with the wheel the brake pedal works fine but not with t3pa set. anyone knows the solution to my problem?
  10. 5/18/2014 updated thread docs: By generous permission of the author Andrew Daniels, I have attached an abridged copy of his thread from the page referenced below, which describes his ongoing analysis of the Thrustmaster TX wheel base. His goal is to be able to provide the enthusiast community with a guide for repairing / modding TX wheels, once they are out of warranty. The attached copy contains all of Andy's posts and images, while leaving only the thread comments that are relevant to Andy's narrative. There are 2 files: one in Office XML format with active links, and one much smaller PDF for reading only. I will try to keep these files periodically updated as Andy progresses, if there is sufficient interest in the ISR forum. I certainly plan to take advantage of Andy's guidance in the future. While the content is very technical in many places, there are conclusions that Andy draws that will be useful to a wider audience of DIY'ers. Finally - Andy has been VERY generous in sharing this information. Let's respect his work, and recognize that it is his to decide where it gets copied and posted. In other words, don't reproduce it for non-personal use without Andy's consent please. Thanks, Andy! Matty K. Updated: Andrew Daniels TX Thread 2014-5-18.pdf Updated: Downloadable thread file with working links: -------------------------------------------------- Original Post ----------------------------------------------- This is a link to an amazing thread on the iRacing forums, where a mechanical engineer is breaking down an Thrustmaster TX that has experienced the infamous "BSD" (Burning Smell of Death). He has already made several great findings that might result in future internal upgrades, and he expects to compile a summary guide from this to provide a fix / upgrade path for those that have wheels that are out-of-warranty. Warning, extremely technical discussion for those not so inclined: Andrew Daniels TX Thread.pdf
  11. Hey guys. I am looking to get into sim racing for Xbox One and possibly PC. I would like to buy a Thrustmaster TX or maybe a TMX if anyone is looking to sell. Thank you!
  12. I am looking for parts for my TX, specifically the male 6-pin DIN connecter on the back of the steering wheel. I will buy a wheel to get the part if necessary, but if so I'd rather buy the original 458 wheel because I don't mind ripping it apart. Also I am looking for a spare USB cable for the wheel base, I am willing to buy another base to get it as long as it is not too expensive because it will be useless after I get what I need.
  13. Jay Meazy

    TX right endstop seems squishy

    Hello, I'm new here but this seems like a great place to get help. I recently bought a TX and I was aware that it had a calibration problem with slamming into the right endstop, but thanks to this forum I was able to fix that problem, and because I saw the solution I was confident in buying it in the as is condition. I'm only having one other problem right now, as you can see in the video, the right endstop seems squishy, likes perhaps the person that did own this wheel let it hit off the side a few too many times, and perhaps there was a key there that creates the endstop, but the key has been broken? I'm going to have it apart in the upcoming week so I can make a handbrake mod, so then would be a good time to fix it. Thanks in advance! EDIT: If you're here because you're having problems with the auto-calibration(initial startup) and it's slamming into the right endstop repeatedly, or many other auto-calibrating issues, try this tool And here's the video of what my wheel is doing:
  14. Im selling my Thrustmaster TX racing wheel.. Excellent force feedback. Works on pc and xbox one. $265.00 FREE SHIPPING Good condition. I just used few times. I'm a casual player. Just ask me for more information.
  15. KindAnemone799

    Seven Motorsport Youtube Channel

    Do you have simracing videos to share? Visit r/RacingVideos, especially created to share your simracing videos. In this thread I'll post my you-tube video's. My channel is the only Dutch Forza related one out there. I mainly upload league races, but occasionally I'll upload non league races as well. I recently started commentating my videos, so be sure to check them out. I race using a Thrustmaster TX wheel. Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you like my videos. Youtube: Twitter: Latest videos:
  16. Thrustermaster tx racing wheel setup comes with the th8a shifter the t3pa pedals the Ferrari gte wheel add on for xbox one or pc in good condition 530$ OBO plus shipping and pick-up available . Oxford, AL USA.
  17. Colin Vickers

    Thrustmaster TX handbrake

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and been watching a lot of videos surrounding the Thrustmaster TX wheel but can't find anything relating to a handbrake that's compatable with the TX wheel on Xbox one. Can anyone suggest anything? Is there anything on the market already? Thanks in advance Col
  18. ***NO LONGER AVAILABLE*** After going VR full-time I have no need for my Renovatio SLI-Style Data Display with Ricmotech's custom mount for Thrustmaster wheels (I have the TX wheel). Mounts with velcro or screws (not included). $80 shipped in the US.
  19. I bought this switch panel from ebay for around $20cdn and use it to swtich on/off my accessories. Red: PSU Push button: Power on/off main PC SW 1 Blue: on/off for simvibe AMP SW 2 Blue: on/off for fan for my legs lol SW 3 Blue: on/off for fan on my face if i am using oculus CV1 SW 4 Blue: on/off for my Thrustmaster TX wheel ( lame thrustmaster should have atleast included a switch to kill the wheel) Edit: pics and youtube link for the video
  20. Sorry to repost this, I posted it first in the Mods section but haven't seemed to get any love in there so i figured I would post it in the general Thrustmaster section. Has anyone been able to make a quick connect for a TX that allows you to use Thrustmaster wheels and still retain the button function? I'm trying to figure out how to adapt a true quick release to the 599 evo and F1 wheels so that i can swap them out on the fly. I know the standard release isn't that big a deal but having to screw in or out that little locking screw every time and then screwing the wheel off the base and screwing the other wheel on is a pain in the ass. That or you can leave the screw loose and just tighten the wheel on but then it can come loose while playing. Maybe one day something will become available. Anyone have any input on this or been able to modify something? Thanks!