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Found 20 results

  1. I just completed my Thrustmaster F1 wheel mod using a SIMR-F1 display. This display is really close to the MacLaren PCU-6D display used in real F1 cars, except for the orange colored lateral displays. The SIMR-F1 is HUGE and barely fits the Thrustmaster F1 wheel, but in the end I'm really satisfied with the result: The wheel now has: * 1 SIMR-F1 display - 15 LED rpm display (5 green, 5 red, 5 blue) - 6 additional LEDs (pitlane, optimal shift point, overheat ...) - left display panel (rpm, water temp, oil temp, current lap, remaining laps, laps before pit ...) - center display dedicated to current gear - right display panel (best laptime, optimal laptime, delta to best, delta to opti ...) * 8 buttons - stock buttons connected to the display (k, n, pit, pump, pl, drs, +10, -1) * 5 up-down encoders - 2 stock encoder connected to the display (dif in, chrg) - 3 additional encoder (mix, grp, trq) * 3 12 position switches - left display panel variable selection (boost) - right display panel variable selection (rev) - Ferrari knob (MF) * 3 3 way switches - 3 stock 2 way switches are replaced (bo, start, wet) * 2 d-pads - both d-pads are connected together * 2 paddle shifters - stock paddle switches connected to the display On the SIMR-F1 the following inputs and outputs are used: - 30 digital inputs (buttons, encoders) out of 32 - 3 12 position switches out of 9 - 0 analog inputs out of 2 - 0 external LEDs out of 7 All the hardware, software, tools and steps involved to complete this mod are commented in the following post: Here are some short videos with the wheel in action on iRacing: In race conditions:
  2. Derek Speare adapter to fit aftermarket real car steering wheels to your T500RS. retails for $50 selling for $39 email me at [email protected]
  3. Rambomonkey

    T3PA Pro Pedals Connector Issue

    Hi Guys, I have just noticed that my T3PA pedals have become detached from my T500RS wheel base, the problem is the cable has become detached from the rj11/rj12 connector. The problem I am having is I do not know what type of connect I need it looks like either an RJ11 or RJ12 with an offset lug, I live in the UK and I cannot find any that are compatible from looking at ebay/amazon etc.. I did order some that looked identical on the Internet the details can be found below (however these do not fit in the port on the wheel base) Manufacturer Code: 940-SP-3066-OST Manufacturer: Stewart Connector Plug, MMJ, 6WAY Website: Could anyone please help with this and the PIN out configuration!! Any help would be very much appreciated Kind Regards Rambomonkey
  4. SOLD! check out my other gear for sale - Frex sequential shifter, sparco wheel with DSD adapter for t500rs, th8a with a sparco knob, rev counter Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On for T500RS current value - $150 Selling for - $115 email me at [email protected] sorry, it wouldn't let me rotate the picture
  5. Fits Thurstmaster T500RS Actual current value - $262 Selling for $199 email me at [email protected]
  6. 1.) Thrustmaster T500RS with Richmotech Real Feel load cell brake pedal. Thrustmaster pedal mods: Richmotech Real Feel load cell brake mod, Basher brake mod installed in clutch pedal (comes with extra bushing), gas spring replaced with spring from brake pedal. 2.) Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 add on wheel 3.) DSD wheel adapter for Thrustmater wheels 4.) Basher brake mod (Kit that includes 4 bushings.Two 70 durometer bushings and two 60 durometer bushings should allow you to mix and match the bushings to create a pedal stiffness that is to your liking.) All items are in good working condition. Price for all is $575.00 shipped obo. Located in California Please email me or pm me if you are interested or have any questions ([email protected])
  7. vds2001

    T500RS shuts down - need help

    Guys, Since one week my T500RS shuts down when I turn very quickly the wheel. I noticed it playing DIRT Rally with low FFB allowing very fast movements with low FFB sometimes, In fact, that's the power supply that cuts and come back to life few minutes later, so I think it's over current or over voltage, and now I want to know if it's due to the power supply / due to the wheel or perfectly normal. I made some tests I noticed some events and I need help from other T500RS users to know if it's normal or specific to my wheel. First, power supply plugged to the wheel but not to the wall when I turn the wheel the power supply LED turns ON, is it the same for you guys? (if yes no issue on my wheel, if no maybe something wrong and motor send back current to the power supply and that's what causes shuts down) Second, and more important, I can reproduce the issue I have in game in the controller configuration panel (where you set rotation angle), on this panel (wheel pluged in and powered, the wheel is loose and allows very fast rotation) when I turn very fast a few times both ways, it cuts. If someone can do the test, I would appreciate and don't panic if it cuts just unplug everything and wait a few minutes for the power supply to recover. Hoping someone can help me in my debugging, Last thing, I replaced the fan in my t500rs when I noticed the first shuts down, the fan was dead and maybe overheating caused damaged to my power supply or wheel, (I hardly recommend to change it for the Noctua NF-A6X25 FLX even if it still works) I sent an email to thrustmaster support. Cheers, Vincent
  8. • Sold • Excellent condition apart from minor scruffs on the steering wheel. You'll get the original box for the T500RS and the Playseat comes with optional seat sliders and shifter mount ($105 combined value). This wheel is fully compatible with PC and PS3 racing games, as well as virtually every good game for the PS4 (Assetto Corsa, DiRT games, DRIVECLUB, F1 games, Gran Turismo Sport, Project CARS 1 & 2, WRC games). I live in Olympia, WA which is south of Seattle. Shipping might be an option, but I would much prefer a local sale.
  9. Hi Guys, wondering if anyone else has had problems after updating the T500RS firmware to V46? Mine doesn't recognise the GTE rim correctly - sees it as a "TM wheel & hub" and the paddles don't operate! I downgraded to firmware to V43 and it works fine. I've contacted TM, but they are a bit slow to respond. Thanks
  10. Please go to the last page for the latest updates! My rig as of 06/11/16: Video Tour from 9/19/2015: Original post from 1/1/2013 is as follows: Hey guys, long time reader, infrequent poster. Just took the plunge with an ikea table and a 32 inch TV with my Fanatec wheelstand, and a car seat on a homemade base to make a "dedicated" driving setup and am loving it. I have always wanted to do triples tho, and was thinking that another ikea table and 2 more 32 inches might do the trick... plus my PC instead of my PS3 of course. SO I was wondering what the pros/cons would be of instead of getting monitors I just grabbed a couple more of these TV's and used them to do triple screens? The TV's are APEX 60Hz 720p and my current video card is a GeForce 660TI, so I'm pretty sure it will do the trick, please experts, I need your knowledge! Thanks.
  11. I just sold my Thrustmaster Ferrari integral + th8a shifter and i purchased a Fanatec wheel. These rims are what is left of my TM set. 1) Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On in super perfect condition. There is no difference from buying a brand new one. Packaging - box in super perfect condition with papers etc. 120 euros 2) Ferrari 458 Italia Edition wheel custom painted (Lauda-speciale aperta style). Perfect condition. My customizing topic 80 euros 3) Stock T500rs wheel, bought directly from Thrustmaster . Brand new in super perfect condition. 80 euros 4) Stock T300rs wheel, bought directly from Thrustmaster. In super perfect condition. It will be shipped in a Ferrari alcantara box 70 euros I will sell the whole set for 300 euros. I suppose selling to EU is more possible because outside EU the shipping will cost too much. If more than one rims wanted , i can make a better deal.
  12. Thrustmaster T500RS For Sale. Wheel and Pedals in original box. Compatible with PC and Play Station. Less than 20 hours of use on set. $325.00 plus shipping
  13. After modding my TH F1 Wheel came time for a new project. I decided to buy a Fanatec Formula Elite and converts it to use in my T500RS. Furthermore, I will add a SimScreen display, a controller card LeoBodnar, rotary encoders, a central button and a carbon fiber panel. Below is a picture of the project. Stay tuned, any tip is welcome.
  14. Hello Guys. I have recently purchased an aluminium profile rig all setup, but looking for a pedal plate to fit my pedals to it. Theres not many metal sheet places around where i am and just wondering if there are any pre-holed around that anyone knows of? Regards, Mathew
  15. SOLD THRUSTMASTER T500Rs wheel + T3PA-PRO with Ricmotech LC500 load cell kit already installed. $400
  16. I'm new to this site, I made a rig for myself and used it for a while but lost interest. The rigid made out of fully welded steel and very sturdy. I would be willing to meet within a reasonable distance. If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] I am asking 600 OBO and if interested I can include a ps4 with project cars for the right price.
  17. Has anyone used the t500rs static paddles on a t300rs? As i know they are pretty much bolt on - plug and play. After an extended search on internet i haven't seen any photos with this kind of mod. I was wondering if there are any clearance issues when using them with the other TM steering wheels.
  18. I asked this straight from thrustmaster and they don´t have it anymore. Can somebody point me in right direction on my stiffer brakes journey? So to be clear, i need that original metal plate where i can put this. Trying to googling this many days with no luck. Thank you!
  19. john murphy


    First of all i would like to introduce myself, i'm new to this forum but have been watching the show and sim racing for quite a few years now. recently i purchased a t500rs, and i absolutely love it. My friend who happens to be a graphic designer/ print technician and also has a thrustmaster tx wheel noted how nice the standard gt rim for the t500rs is. I also like the feeling of the standard gt rim but it does look a little bland. a few days later my friend came up with the idea of creating a vinyl sticker set for the wheel and personally i love the result. we are thinking of creating a couple of variations for the stock t500 rim and doing a couple of other thrustmaster wheels, like redoing the Ferrari f1 wheel. I've also just received my steel series srw-s1 wheel which i am modding to be used with the t500rs, so a sticker set for this could also be a possibility. so the purpose of this thread is to Gage interest, see if this would be a product people are willing to buy. how many of you use the stock rim? my friend actually purchased a second hand one to put on his tx. the set would include all the button stickers, two center horn stickers (one the exact size of the horn section as you see it, and one that's bigger so the Alan key bolts can be removed and the sticker wrapped round the horn press for a better finish) and the yellow tape style sticker for the center mark. Here are just 2 examples, we are planning more and different wheels. I have no idea what the price and availability would be yet, as i just want to Gage interest. here are a few pictures, sorry for the poor quality.
  20. Hi Guys, I have a couple of Brake Pedal Mod, the one seen on This Week Inside Sim Racing, September 2nd edition (24min). All Sim Racers who bought this little brake upgrade are very statisfied and the most important comments is about accuracy and brake feeling. Check my facebook page or visit my website at for more information or read comments. I receive excellent review for it everyday, please read the comments on my website. It is easy to install it, you only have to screw the mod in the T500RS the realistic brake mod threaded socket and it's done. It will help you feel your T500 brake pedal progression and resistance like a real car as it become harder under your foot pressure. It helps to be more accurate on track, improve your lap time, avoid wheels lock and feel the pressure given to your brakes. The price for this little upgrade is only CAD $17 + shipping. I'm shipping worldwide the same day as I receive your order. Combine quantities is available on special request, just send your inquiries via email at [email protected] Enjoy the new progressive feeling on your T500 pedal set.