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Found 23 results

  1. $340 + shipping (US / San Francisco - California) Thrustmaster T300RS GT with T3PA pedals. I have this for almost a year now. All perfect conditions. Comes in the original box with all original cables + table clamp.
  2. For Sale - Thrustmaster T300RS with Cooling Mods. Purchased this wheel in 2018 and based on other reviews, decided to install cooling mods. Fans blow from left to right in the direction of the main cooling fan inside the wheel that I also replaced while I had it apart. The wheel works great but I'm looking to upgrade my entire program. I have close to $100 in extra's. Asking $275 obo based on condition and extra's. I can ship Fed-Ex ground or UPS. Shipping cost calculated when we determine where its going. Insurance will be added to the shipment to protect both parties. I also have Thrustmaster T3PA Pro pedals and a 3 Screen HP Monitor Setup also for sale in different post if interested. Email - [email protected] Thanks, Chad Carter Speed.
  3. ChickenFriedChicken

    For Sale: Thrustmaster T300RS GT

    For Sale: Thrustmaster T300RS GT 285$+25$ shipping OBO.
  4. Hello everyone, I just wanted to present my T300RS wheel modification I just finished, if it can help someone or just give ideas for your own project. I used a GT2i 34cm wheel: ( ), some switches ( ), made some parts with Tinkercad then "3dprinted" them (switches supports, paddles fixations, wheel adapter) and also used some threaded rod with lock nuts. None of the original parts were altered or modified excepted solders I made on the board. No keys were lost: I kept SE an ST original keys, but linked all missing ones to my new switches. Yellow: 3 and 4, Red: 5 and 6. Blue: L2 R2. Center: up down left right and the most important !!!!! the Green for the horn !!!! (PS key ). Paddles are still on 1 and 2.
  5. Selling two wheels, ferarri rim and T300rs, amd pedals. This works for PlayStation and PC. Barely used and in mint condition. Everything together will be 400. Just the ferarri rim will be $150 and the T300rs with pedals is $300. For more information please email [email protected] **DOES NOT come with gaming chair**
  6. I wrap my oem t300rs wheel rim with cheap leather wrap.The feeling a lot better and its almost look like the 28gt wheel rim add on imo.I dont want to spend extra $180cdn just to have that feeling that the 28gt has lol..I bought the leather wrap from ebay for $7cdn. Edit: since you guys keep asking the link , here it is
  7. (Sold) I have for sale a lightly used Thrustmaster set up minus the TH8A shifter, which was just sold. I purchased this set minus the Ferrari wheel about 6 months ago and have used it on and off for that time. The 599xx evo wheel was a Christmas present and was used once for 30 minutes. I just recently, thanks to the holidays, upgraded to a Fanatec setup so have no need for both the Thrustmaster base and Fanatec gear. I am asking $350 plus shipping for everything. Everything is in great working order and like new condition. Thanks for looking!
  8. For sale I have a complete (turn key) so to speak setup that is fully compatible with almost all PlayStation 4 and PC Racing titles. All you need is a screen a pc and a game. This is ready to race.I will break up or sell as is. Playseat Evo Silver with Black seat Fully adjustable cockpit (hurst shifter stickers on cage and simpson stickers on seat covering playseat logo) Logitech G25 pedals (all 3 springs updated with Australian spring upgrades) and Thrustmaster T300RS with TH8A (gated,sequential,e-brake) Installed on rig with custom cnc made plates Also have a g25 gated/sequential shifter and the pedal set that come with the T300RS not installed on rig Serious Only, Any questions feel free to ask I'm located in North Carolina
  9. the connetor on the end of the cable on my t3pa pros got chewed off and lost so now i can't play with my pedals does any one know what kind of connetor it is and where i can find one i know it's a Cat4 MMJ Connector Modular Plug; UTP Shielding; Cable Mount i just don't want to buy 100 cause where i found it is i can only buy a minimum of 100 which cost $69.00 i don't realy want to spend that amount of money on a little connetor and also does any one know if thrustmaster would send one
  10. I just sold my Thrustmaster Ferrari integral + th8a shifter and i purchased a Fanatec wheel. These rims are what is left of my TM set. 1) Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On in super perfect condition. There is no difference from buying a brand new one. Packaging - box in super perfect condition with papers etc. 120 euros 2) Ferrari 458 Italia Edition wheel custom painted (Lauda-speciale aperta style). Perfect condition. My customizing topic 80 euros 3) Stock T500rs wheel, bought directly from Thrustmaster . Brand new in super perfect condition. 80 euros 4) Stock T300rs wheel, bought directly from Thrustmaster. In super perfect condition. It will be shipped in a Ferrari alcantara box 70 euros I will sell the whole set for 300 euros. I suppose selling to EU is more possible because outside EU the shipping will cost too much. If more than one rims wanted , i can make a better deal.
  11. I am going to be getting a t300rs and want to know what kind if any hydro ebrake will work with it also i am on ps4 and
  12. I contacted them about a paddle wheel shift issue. I'm 35 days past the warranty. Here is the response I received.We make the parts to build but, not to repair. This makes there products throwaways. I now need to buy a whole new wheel for a bad switch. I hope Fanatec runs a good black Friday deal. I'm done with Thrusmaster. My T300rs was replaced once by them and now this. I only race in the winter and have very little use. Dear Anthony Unfortunately the spare parts requested are not available. We rest at your disposal for any other inquiries. To ensure the most efficient follow-up of your query, please answer directly to this email (do not open a new ticket). Kind regards, Your Thrustmaster Customer Support Agent, Gabriel ______________________________________________________
  13. Hey guys, I have the standard T300rs wheel/pedal set on a GT Omega ART rig. I play GT Sport, F1 2017, and Project Cars for PS4 only. I want to get the Ferrari F1 wheel and the T3PA pedals, but not sure which one to do first. I'm actually okay with the stock pedals since they're all I've ever used. The stock wheel is okay, but it needs more buttons and I am getting the occasional random button press. What do you think? Thanks.
  14. There was an old steering wheel, eventually it began to spin on its own, when I was accelerating. I threw it away, because I thought it was a breakdown. I bought a new Thrustmaster T300RS, hooked it all up, included the game (Assetto Corsa) and all the same symptoms on it. He turned on The Crew and on it he saw everything except the steering axle or saw, but he turned left without returning, then just did not react. What to do? P.s I repeat, everything was the same on the old steering wheel P.s.s On ps4 the same thing Video: 70d559de5e.480.mp4
  15. manashttu

    T300 Base

    Have a T300 base in great condition, working perfectly. Includes table clamp and power cord. $225 shipped to US, OBO. Thanks.
  16. Hello friends! I have a basically-new Thrustmaster T300 servo base for sale. It works perfectly. I've recently switched to Xbox and I'm moving, so this thing is priced to sell; I don't want it around! Asking $120 shipped. If, by chance, you're within ~50 miles of 07078, we can do $100 via pickup. Please note that this will ship in the Thrustmaster TX box. Don't panic. I discarded the original box and the TX box fits it perfectly. It's still a T300 servo! SOLD to Kookidawg.
  17. Hi all. I currently ilve in South Aafrica, and bought a T300RS (same version as UK/EU which uses 220-240V). We are moving to Canada next year and they use 110V in the main outlets. Since we are taking a container, my gaming stuff will most definitely be boxed and shipped with us I read all over the net that the power cord determines the voltage? So do I just buy a 110V ower cord even if my base says 220-240V? Its either this, or getting a transformer to plug the 220V wheel into a 110V outlet when in Canada. As far as I tried researching, I cannot see whether the models with the built-in PSU (like mine) can work with an external power block. I really love this wheel and have made minor mods to it so I dont want to sell it and buy a new one when we move. Any help will really be appreciated...I was wondering whether I could just hack the cable apart and DIY it into a 110V one, but not sure whether it is possible? I am good with wiring and soldering so I can easily change the 220V to a 110V cord if need be...any help on this will really be helpful...As far as I know, even if the wheel says it is 220V the PSU is still 110V or 220V depending on the cord inserted? Sorry for the long message, I just need to know. I want to buy a used 110V cord but cant find them either...thanks for any help
  18. I have for sale my beloved T300RS I bought from new, one month before Project Cars came out. It has been living in this box for the last year and a bit, as I moved to a different wheelbase. I was keeping it as a back up, but its time to sell, as I still have my DFGT as another back up. £150 squids (for the base and two peddle set) you pay and arrange for pick up which is at... YOUR... expense. or collect from London
  19. Maxwell00

    T300rs and T3PA Pro

    $250 - T300rs with stock pedals, excellent condition. Has balance of MicroCenter replacement warranty through 9/15/18. $100 - T3PA pro pedals with conical mod installed. Also excellent condition purchased end of 2016.
  20. GT Omega Pro cockpit RS6 seat - SOLD TH8A - SOLD Thrustmaster: T300rs ($399 new & over a year left on MicroCenter replacement policy support/protection-plans/replacement_protection_plans.aspx) Asking $250. Includes original pedals (not pictured, brake and gas only) T3PA Pro pedals ($150 new) Asking $100 Located near Cleveland, OH All items are less than 1 year old, well cared for (no smoking, hard use etc), and have seen limited used. Please PM for any extra pics if needed. Thanks all.
  21. Hi everyone, after years with my Logitech Momo i finally decided to get new wheel and i bought today the T300RS with better pedals but i have little problem - the rim itself (the basic one with playstation logo) when you move it or shake it - it is making weird "clicking" noises as if something was loose inside the rim and moving inside there when you move or shake the rim. It looks like its something in or around the paddles because if i press them and hold them pressed and now move with the rim or shake it, it is completely silent. Does your rim / paddles do the same or do you think it could be broken somehow and i should rather return it? (my old MOMO rim didn't maky any noises) Thank you for answers. Maybe i am paranoid but i dont like how it sounds and i am afraid that it can get worse later etc.
  22. Welcome to my advert for my T300RS Bundle, Items are as follows below:T300RS which was purchased in May 2015 in line with the Project Cars release. - Updated regularly with firmware in perfect working condition no issues on performance or force feedback loss. T3PA Pro Pedals, Conical mod is also included and stock mod. Comes with original box and metal foot plate which has been removed in the photos attached. Equipment to remove the load cell is also in the box. A selection of rims, all 3 are for sale in a complete bundle. Stock Playstation Rim, Ferrari F1 Wheel, Ferrari 599XX Evo Alcantara. All with original boxes, wrapping and packaging.Selling as upgrading equipment as I'm going back towards PC racing in the future, so wanting this package to go to a good home.Shipping is domestic only, no international shipping. Sent via recordered delivery via courier TNT for next day dispatch where applicable. . Looking for around £300 inc postage and handling fees,Interested?Contact me further on [email protected] will be accepted via PayPal.Thanks,Jonathan Adams