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Found 49 results

  1. Selling as a full bundle (700 USD), or selling off bits individually w/ exceptions and prices listed below. (Vape/PC Not included :^) ) T3PA Pro 3-Pedal Set (130) G25 Shifter + Adapter (Heavily used shifter - 50 including adapter, not selling separate) T300 RS Wheelbase (215) + Custom rim (85) Custom Ebay-Ebrake (85) Samsung Odyssey VR Headset (w/ included controllers) (210) Disclaimer: I purchased the VR Headset and used it for ~100 hours The racing wheel setup on the whole has ~250-300 hours but overall has been babied and used few and far between. Certain items have original boxes/packaging, however due to limited storage I'm not sure which I have so I'll have to look through them but ample packaging will be supplied regardless. Nothing's warranty'able outside headset so original packaging really shouldn't make a difference. More pictures upon request.
  2. Hello fellow sim racers! Today I have decided to start a thread about a project I recently completed as I believe some Thrustmaster wheel owners may be interested. This is a button plate for the T500 wheel base that uses an Arduino board and sketch to emulate the original T500 GT rim. This means the button plate is recognized by the T500 base as the original rim, so console compatibility is maintained. There is also no need for an external USB as the Arduino is powered by the wheelbase. I was turned on to this project when I came across a blog/tutorial written by Taras from Taras built a similar console compatible button plate using an Arduino board for the TX wheelbase. He has now also added a blog post for the T500 rim emulation since we where able to confirm that we in fact have a working sketch. Taras should be given full credit for all of the software, sketch writing and wiring diagrams for both the TX and T500 emulations. This was my first time using Arduino so his knowledge was definitely needed for my project to be a success. In his blogs (linked below) you will find all of the necessary information to perform this project yourself, including the Arduino Sketches and wiring diagrams. I have included some pics of my button plate project as well as the YouTube video I upload showing my button plate working on both PS3 and in the control panel. Hopefully Taras will be joining isrtv and posting here about his TX project as well. The button plate I have made now is a very simple and plain design using an Arduino Uno R3, once I replace the 350mm rim with a suede 320mm rim I will make a much nicer button plate using an Arduino Nano. I hope you guys enjoy and please feel free to ask any questions or post any comments you may have, I always like to get feedback Edit: The TX emulation sketch is now confirmed to function with the T300 base. This sketch can be found and downloaded from Taras' blog part 3 in the link below. Link to Taras' Thrustmaster TX (and T300) Arduino Powered Button Plate Blog Post/Tutorial (Sketches, wiring diagrams and videos for TX within) Pt. 1: Pt. 2: Pt. 3: Link to Taras' T500 GT rim emulation wiring diagram and Arduino Sketch: My YouTube Video: Photos of my project: Thanks for looking and as always, "Keep Driving!"
  3. $340 + shipping (US / San Francisco - California) Thrustmaster T300RS GT with T3PA pedals. I have this for almost a year now. All perfect conditions. Comes in the original box with all original cables + table clamp.
  4. so i bought my thrustmaster t300 rs gt and it doesnt work. i plug it in and nothing happens no lights light up or anything nothing any suggestions?
  5. hi there selling my 3-weeks old Rseat Limited Edtion, also included is the t300 and T3PA-PRO 3 with the buttkicker everything in like new condition, played it about 5 times and got sick, local pickup or you arrange and pay for shipping, I can also send more pics so please let me know on price, make me an offer would like 1300.00 for everything Allen S. [email protected]
  6. T300 Alcantara for PC/PS with no pedals. It has scratches outside from the previous original owner, but it's fully functional and ready to race. I got rid of the (broken) plastic clamp and have 2x M6 50mm to fix it on the desk/rig. Asking $200 + shipping to US Cont only. Check my feedback at eBay: rikirk66. I'm in Chicago for local pickup. Thanks for watching. P.S. 1. The label on the bottom of the TX came off when attached to the desk with the clamp due to the sliding.
  7. Domen Gantar

    Wanted: T300 pcb board

    Hello If anyone has a broken Thrustmaster T300 or any spare parts for it, I am looking for a working pcb board.
  8. I am looking to get started in sim racing, primarily iRacing. I am not worried about wanting to sell my wheel because I know I will use it as I play many other racing games. I am just wondering Which wheel I should purchase. Should I buy a cheaper beginner wheel such as the T150 or should I save up and purchase something like a T300 or even a fanatec? Thanks.
  9. foxymop

    T300 GTE pedals issue

    Hi! First post here!So, after 3 replacements of t300 gte (all faulty), the third one arrived today and... the brake pedal is dead.The funny thing is that in calibration, the gas pedal activates ed brakes.... and in game, if i hit the gas 100% the brakes goes by it self 100% also...In PC1, the brake is dead, but the gas pedal does not brake also like in PC2.So I think this might have a solution?....Already disconnected and reconnected every thing by the book.Any help? Or this goes back also?Just tested it with drive club. Same thing as in PC2.
  10. The T300RS GT is brand new and has never been opened. The TH8A has been used for 2 weeks. I live in Georgia. $350 (not including shipping) - T300RS GT $150 (not including shipping) - TH8A Please PM me your offer if you are interested.
  11. Joseph783339

    T300 random button activation

    So I am now on my second T300 wheel in 2 months. My original wheel worked fine for a while but then began pressing the playstation home, option, and share buttons all on its own mid gameplay. I contacted thrustmaster who were helpful and sent me another t300 wheel rim to try. With the new rim on the same base the problem persisted. So I finally sent back to thrustmasters repair center my base and t300 rims. I promptly ordered another wheel under the assumption it must just be a fault base and perhaps it was just a fluke thing. Well now 3 weeks into owning a completely brand new t300 my wheel begand randomly pausing my game mid race again. I am sure that someone else has had this issue as Ive seen plenty of videos of it online. My real question is has anyone solved this, or found a reason or reasons this may be happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. Perfect condition, lightly used, works pefectly! This RS1 rig is A LOT of fun but I just don't use it enough. I have almost all of the original boxes and paperwork. You won't find a nicer used Sim Rig. This RSeat RS1 rig is beefy and professional feeling. You won't be disappointed. All of the following items are included. The prices shown are what you would pay new. RS1 Assetto Corsa Special Edition- Red/Black $999.00 RS Stand S3 V2 Black TV Stand for up to 65 inch TV $369.00 Static Keyboard and Mouse Tray Black $159.00 Also includes this keyboard and mouse mount (came with Assetto Corsa Edition) N1 Shifter/Handbrake Upgrade Kit Black $129.00 RS1 Speakers Mount Kit Black $99.00 RS1 Buttkicker Upgrade Kit Black $99.00 Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System $300.00 Thrustmaster VG Ferrari 599XX EVO 30 Alcantara Edition 30cm/11.8" Wheel $200.00 Thrustmaster VG T3PA-PRO 3 Pedal Add on Set $150.00 Thrustmaster T300RS Wheel- 1080 degree Force Feedback Servo Motor $400.00 Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ Sequential V1.5 US + USB adapter $220.00 Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake US + USB Adapter $140.00 I've got over $3800 into these parts including shipping and tax. Make me a serious cash offer. I'm not giving this stuff away. I really don't want to ship this out. Come pick it up in Livermore, CA 94551. All serious offers considered. **PC components and TV are NOT included** Thanks for looking. Message me with questions/offers. Nick "imagamejunky"
  13. Hello - I am currently looking for a T300 rim only (no base) OR just the T300 rim circuit board by itself. If anyone has one they would be willing to sell or know of any leads i would really appreciate it! The rim can be in new or used condition. I would like to find one in great shape if possible, but it doesn't matter really. - It can be beat to hell or non functioning even, i'm interested. I see there is one on ebay at the moment but i'd like to see if there is anyone in this community with a T300 Circuit Board or T300 Rim Only i could possibly get for less that the one listed through ebay. I am right outside of Atlanta Ga Thanks for all the help! - Shawn
  14. WHEEL RIMS ARE NOW SOLD! Had another member who was searching for these ready to purchase, had me pull them out of storage and then vanished. Now that I've got them out, I would like to sell them. TS-PC Racer rim has never been out of the box the whole deal came in. I think everyone knows what it looks like, but if someone really wants to see a photo I can snap one. Will also throw in the little carrying bag Thrustmaster provided for the rim. Pictures of the Ferrari rim are below. Original box, original packaging. Barely used. BEST OFFER on either one, or both rims together! mikepet[email protected]
  15. ManateeMatt

    T300 research help

    Hello all! I'm new here, and fairly new to sim racing. I've been doing a lot of research for which wheel to get, and I have decided to get the Thrustmaster T300RS GT. I have made my decision due to many positive reviews and suggestions. Now, the reason I am posting is because I have started looking at the negative reviews. The main issue I have seen with the T300 is that the force feedback will weaken or stop functioning. Most of the reviews have been from 2016 or earlier, and I'm not really sure if they are out of date issues. I saw that many people suggested firmware updates, console reset, adjusting calibration settings, ect. What I find odd is that there are so many positive suggestions, but for the negative reviews they seem to have the same issue. I have listed some of the issues I found at the bottom of this post. I have decided on the T300, but same FFB issues has made me delay my purchase. Here are my questions, If these issues are firmware related have they been patched? As I said before most issues are from 2016 or earlier. Have you had any issues with your T300? (Or any thurstmaster) if so, how helpful was thrustmaster support? Am I overthinking this, and should I just purchase? Thanks in advance, ManateeMatt Here are some of the issues I found: Reviews of lost force feedback on Amazon
  16. FISTtheVERB


    SOLD LOCALLY Thanks for all interested
  17. Galaxy_s14

    WTB T300 power cable

    Needing a power cable for my T300 base
  18. Hey guys, I had this rim posted a while ago and had several potential sales....but none materialized into anything but "potential" lol. I actually purchased this from another member on these boards about a year ago but I don't really seem to have much use for it since I purchased the Oculus Rift. I currently use a T500 and it simply installs the same way a thrustmaster wheel would. The adapter piece could very easily be changed out to a quick release for those higher end bases but this only come with the Thrustmaster DSD adapter. Everything works 100%!!!!! It's just sitting on my shelf waiting for a new home. I have it priced at $600 shipped within the US. I've done countless of sales on ebay under the username bmxthrasher19.
  19. Hey guys, I have the standard T300rs wheel/pedal set on a GT Omega ART rig. I play GT Sport, F1 2017, and Project Cars for PS4 only. I want to get the Ferrari F1 wheel and the T3PA pedals, but not sure which one to do first. I'm actually okay with the stock pedals since they're all I've ever used. The stock wheel is okay, but it needs more buttons and I am getting the occasional random button press. What do you think? Thanks.
  20. I'm selling a modified T300 wheel setup. Ideally selling as one lot as the display mount is too deep to work with a stock TM rim and the paddles will hit it, although if someone did want the display mount alone, then obviously that frees the modified rim for sale separately. Got about £180 in this from all the bits, plus a GTE rim is around £100 to buy new on top of that. Looking to sell the lot for £140. I can post in the UK for £10 extra. Paypal is fine for payment as long as buyer covers the fees or sends money as a gift. T300GTE wheel box, fitted with a 350mm deep dish Sparco copy rim using an SRH adaptor. Has paddle extensions I made myself from 3mm aluminium fitted with a pair of carbon fibre GT1 paddles from Ascher racing. Original Thrustmaster GTE 280mm rim and paddles plus mounting hardware are also included, in brand new condition. I'll also included a 3D printed adaptor which allows you to bolt a full size rim straight to it, and screw it directly onto the TM quick release collar. Custom 5" HDMI screen mount made by OpenSimRigs. (No screen included, re-used it for another project) Similar design to the one they sell to fit the stock TM rim, but with a slightly different mounting direction and size so it works with a full size rim (As noted above, stock TM paddles will hit it, hence my extensions). Also has a custom faceplate with 12 shift LEDs fitted which run off of a SymProjects Pro-Shift board and 2 smalller 5mm leds at each side. Pro-shift info here: The mount is setup to fit one of these screens: Demo vid running Z1 on the screen: How it looks with a screen installed.
  21. Hey everyone! Firstly, I'm new here gentle! I've recently put some money and time into this sim racing hobby of mine after many years away from this scene. I purchased a T300 RS GT Edition (with the T3PA pedals) a few weeks ago and I'm mostly very impressed.....but, I have an issue with the wheel. I find that when I move the wheel through the centre position (especially with some moderate force feedback active) that there's a distinct click/clunk that occurs. I'm fairly sure this comes from the wheel itself and not the base (though the base does creak a little through the centre point, too) It doesn't happen every time, but when it does it's quite off putting. On rarer occasions this click has activated the d-pad (up) without me pressing it. I guess my question is, can I do anything about this myself? Is something too loose or too tight? Or should I seek a replacement wheel? I only purchased this recently so I'm hopeful that I could simply get a replacement sent if need be. I'd rather not have to deal with Thrustmaster support at this point unless I have no other options as I hear mixed stories about how faults have been dealt with. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Thanks Tom
  22. manashttu

    T300 Base

    Have a T300 base in great condition, working perfectly. Includes table clamp and power cord. $225 shipped to US, OBO. Thanks.
  23. Purchased a t300 RS GT at the start of July and have had seamless hours of entertainment with it, all of a sudden it decides not to have any force feedback while playing project cars or dirt 4 On the ps4 menu it is great, but as soon as you load a game it goes slack and the ffb disappears all together. Strange thing is it works on the PS3 and works when plugged into my laptop Any help is appreciated at this present time
  24. Hello friends! I have a basically-new Thrustmaster T300 servo base for sale. It works perfectly. I've recently switched to Xbox and I'm moving, so this thing is priced to sell; I don't want it around! Asking $120 shipped. If, by chance, you're within ~50 miles of 07078, we can do $100 via pickup. Please note that this will ship in the Thrustmaster TX box. Don't panic. I discarded the original box and the TX box fits it perfectly. It's still a T300 servo! SOLD to Kookidawg.
  25. cf0728

    The pedals are not working

    I am using a T150 wheel, the pedals were not working so that I changed to a T300 2 step pedals, but after connected was not work, there are no any response. Can the T150 use the T300 pedals? If yes how can I sole this problem?