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Found 12 results

  1. Here i want to share with you my F1 T150 modded steering wheel. The idea is to use the base of T150 Steering wheel , cutted of external , and add f1 plate on it. So i realize with laser cut an f1 plate 2.5mm Next realize wood handle After paint, carboon vinil wrap Next with a USB numeric pad for pc, i made and added button panel To have a 3d effect i create with 3dprinter a mini hill to put on center of steering wheel. But this is not on now. I put them as soon I buy label for buttons and create label for button panel, but this is not on now. I put them tonight. Photo are at now.
  2. Connorcast4

    Thrustmaster T150 PRO

    Sorry for the third repost, buyer canceled order this time. Slightly used Thrustmaster T150 Pro with T3PA pedals, got it a few months back and looking to upgrade to better setup. Item is still in great condition, operates like brand new. Here is the EBAY link if anyone wants to check it out:
  3. Hi, We are selling adapters for custom aftermarket steering wheels for Thrustmaster TMX/T150(rs) TMX, Pre-sale discount, adapter for 43USD T150(rs), Pre-sale discount, kit for 50USD High quality PLA adapter, smooth, well strong - 100% infill (solid plastic, not hollow as others sell) It fits to standard 70mm wheels(Sparco, Momo......) Many colors available If you want other color e.g. white... just text me.. In package included : 1x Steering wheel adapter 6x mounted M5 nuts 6X mounted M5 imbus (Allen, HEX) bolts 1x Custom board for T150(rs) (without custom board, T150(rs) will not calibrate properly) For installation the adapter and custom aftermarket rim you do not need any special tools. Screws, which holds the adapter on it's place are reused from stock rim. Pictures with TMX will be taken soon. If you broken the adapter and send pictures, return would be accepted ! Links : Mounting the adapter - YouTube tutorial Thrustmaster T150(rs) listing Thrustmaster TMX listing ! Please note ! ADVANTAGES - Buy 3 adapters and get 1 as gift - Buy 5 adapters and get 2 as gift (In case you want to buy more (e.g. 2 and more) please text me via Ebay or email and then we could agree the final price with discounts) Shipping WORLDWIDE from Czech Republic, priority with tracking number : -- Europe priority shipping 8USD -- America priority shipping 8USD If you have any questions, PM me..
  4. Connorcast4

    Thrustmaster T150 PRO THANK YOU
  5. Connorcast4

    Thrustmaster T150 Pro

    Slightly used Thrustmaster T150 Pro with T3PA pedals, got it a few months back and looking to upgrade to better setup. Item is still in great condition, operates like brand new. Here is the EBAY link if anyone wants to check it out: THANK YOU
  6. I am looking to get started in sim racing, primarily iRacing. I am not worried about wanting to sell my wheel because I know I will use it as I play many other racing games. I am just wondering Which wheel I should purchase. Should I buy a cheaper beginner wheel such as the T150 or should I save up and purchase something like a T300 or even a fanatec? Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, I am new to the sim racing and I have a problem with Thrustmaster T150. Recently bought PS4pro with T150 wheel and Project Cars 2. First few days I played career mode with pro-karts. After few days I decided to try my luck online but PS asked me to update Project Cars to the latest version. After the update my steering wheel is undrivable. T150 is shaking like crazy when I am driving on straights or corners. I tried to delete Project Cars and start the game from begining, also updated the wheel and tried to calibrate manually but the wheel continuous to shake like crazy when driving...I couldn't find answer in the forum so would appreciate some advice! Video:
  8. SOLD Thrustmaster t150 wheel and pedals for ps3/ps4. Moved onto Xbox instead of PlayStation. Asking 150 but shoot me an offer.
  9. Hello, I bought the T150 PRO FFB, and had it working on my PC. The first time opening and setting everything up was fine, the drivers installed correctly with the wheel connecting and calibrating fine. After the restart to finish the driver install, everything was in order. The control panel showed the wheel separate from the other devices and specifically as a T150, and the device manager also showed the wheel as a T150. The firmware was fine, showing a different settings panel from the normal windows game controller settings. I opened up Automobilista and the wheel and FFB were all perfectly fine, with all the buttons working. However after trying rFactor for a while and then going back to Automobilista, the FFB wasn't there anymore. I opened up the firmare and tried the effects and they were all working fine, so i assumed that it was the game. Again though when I checked the firmware, i noticed that whilst the wheel and t3pa pedals were working, the buttons were off. All the buttons except for buttons 11 and 12 were illuminated, meaning they were on, whilst I was unable to get buttons 11 and 12 to illuminate in the firmware. I exited my race session in game and went to the control mapping, and it would not let me change anything, as it showed that button 13 was being continually pressed. My first course of action was to reinstall the drivers, which I did and restarted the PC without checking the wheel other than taking the USB out and back in as the installation instructed. It still calibrated properly so I didn't assume otherwise. After the restart, I went to the control panel to check for the wheel. However, it was displayed as 'Thrustmaster FFB wheel' with a generic gamepad icon rather than the T150. I could not find the T150 firmware when clicking on properties, rather it only showed the normal game controller settings. I then tried turning the wheel, where it became very resistant and automatically returned to centre after I let go. I'm quite frustrated by this, having already done multiple driver reinstalls. It seems as if the driver install detected just a g eneric Thrustmaster FFB wheel due to the issue, and therefore didn't install the specific firmware or drivers for my T150, so I tried the Bootloader method, which detected the T150 Bulk drivers fine, and it allowed me to choose to install them. However, during the installation, after auto-calibrating, the same generic Thrustmaster FFB game controller showed up on control panel and device manager. I've already contacted Thrustmaster Support via email, but it has been 4 days so I'm trying my luck with this forum. I'm aware of another post about a generic Thrustmaster FFB wheel issue on these forums, but the solution was just simply trying another USB port. Please help, I really do want my wheel working again! Could it also be a physical issue, perhaps with the wires or even a faulty wheel? It was working at one point, and things such as auto-calibration and connecting to PC are working, so I assume not but I'm really desperate to get to the bottom of this. Thanks!
  10. I bought this as a gift for my brother a week ago but he wanted a different wheel. I purchase it for 210$. Has the box and all the pieces. NO damage NO problems. Just bought the wrong wheel. for sale: $160 or best offer
  11. Ricmotech

    T150 and TMX hard mount

    Something for you T150 and TMX owners out there. Since the wheels only have a clamp mount we have received requests from heavy users to make a way to hard-mount these wheels. Well, I came up with a simple solution to a simple problem. This hard mount adapter plate mounts to the bottom of the T150 or TMX wheel base and provides hard mount points in the typical Thurstmaster locations so you can bolt it to any rig that has the pre-drilled holes. We put metal inserts into the plate so it can be tightened down securely. We have the first batch in stock now so if you have this problem then here is a great way to take care of it.
  12. tonunkebab

    T150 pedals not working!

    So, I was installing a brake pedal mod to my T150. It went well and the brake felt great. But when I connected it to my wheel and tried to play some F1, the pedals didn't work. Not even the gas pedal. I went to see the calibration and when i pressed gas/brake, nothing showed up. It was like i was not even pressing them. I opened the pedal case again and took a look around. I noticed two little "rolls" near the pedals. I wondered if they are some kind of calibration rolls. I think it's possible i have accidentally touched them and messed up the calibration. Could some1 help me to get them in the "normal" position?