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Found 26 results

  1. V.SOUMI 77


    I was looking to buy the fanatec gt2 porsche steering for xbox 360 ps3 pc. With shifters amd pedals or not. Must be send it at my location.
  2. SOLD. The steering wheel with the custom carbon fiber plate assembly pictured below. The wheel itself is a 3-bolt Joe’s Racing Products 13 inch black anodized aluminum steering wheel with a very slight dish. The custom USB button assembly was ordered and purchased new by me from Sam Maxwell Customs. The carbon fiber face plate features eight push buttons switches, two 2-way switches and 2 rotary switches. All switches and buttons are fully functional. I drilled the faceplate for paddle shifters (3 holes per side with 10 mm spacing between the mounting holes). With the three holes, paddle shifters can mounted at two different angles. This steering system mounts to a standard 70 mm hub commonly found on OSW direct drive systems. Mounting hardware is included and pictured on the back of the wheel. $275 plus actual FedEx Ground shipping/insurance cost to your location anywhere in the USA. Payment will be by PayPal with shipment to a verified PayPal street address. The wheel will be shipped within two business days fully insured once I receive your full payment. A FedEx tracking numbers will be provided upon shipment. Sorry but I’m not interested in shipping to Canada or internationally so please don’t ask me to do so. Cash at time of local pickup from my location in Avon, Indiana a western suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana is also welcome. Please send me a message and provided your city, state and zip code and I will reply with a firm total for the shipping/insurance amount. Thank you for your interest.
  3. Derek Speare adapter to fit aftermarket real car steering wheels to your T500RS. retails for $50 selling for $39 email me at [email protected]
  4. ****** SOLD ****** Fanatec Alcantara CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 (Rim) for PC and Xbox One (not to be confused with the cheaper CSL Steering Wheel P1) This rim costs €179.95 + €27.07 standard delivery (or €46.23 express delivery, if you're crazy) from Fanatec = €207.02 (or 226.18 for crazy people), which equates to around £183 (£200 crazy). I'll sell this for £130 delivered to UK mainland, saving you £53 (or saving £70 if you are crazy). I'm relatively new to this forum but have an established presence on Race Department, ResetEra, GT Planet and some other sim racing forums. It'll be bubble-wrapped to within an inch of its life, boxed in a boxy box and dispatched quickly. Payment would be by fee-free PayPal Friends and Family please. Comes with original Fanatec bag, replaceable button caps, set screw, Allen key and quick guide. Condition of the rim is excellent, with just the normal slight flattening of the alcantara around the thumb grips (see photos). This might brush up. This wheel has always been used with gloves. All stitching is intact. Fanatec product page: Features: A connected wheel base will become Xbox One compatible due to integration of the Xbox One specific electronics into this steering wheel Plug & Play: Ready to use right away without any assembly required Realistic size (Ø30cm/11.81 inches) Very low steering wheel weight of only 970g / 2.138lbs for fast acceleration and fidelity RevStripe™ in wheel rim, which is a combined centerstripe and a revmeter, using a multicolor LED Three digits LED display smoothly integrated to wheel rim below the RevStripe™, featuring telemetry data like speed or gears to be displayed by compatible games or third-party software Wheel rim covered with genuine Alcantara® and an eye-catching red cross-stitched seam Completely redesigned, durable shifter paddles with intensive Snapdome click feeling Brushed aluminum spokes with fiber enforced back cover Features buttons with Xbox One symbols, interchangeable with the included racing style buttons 4-way direction pad with push button Tuning functions with LED display to adjust settings independent from the game and during gameplay (see description of compatible wheel base/racing wheel for details. Compatibility: Wheel Bases: ClubSport Wheel Base V2 ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 CSL Elite Wheel Base CSL Elite Racing Wheel - officially licensed for PS4™ Platforms: Xbox One®: If connected with this steering wheel, the above mentioned wheel bases will be compatible to Xbox One. PC and other Platforms: The specifications of the compatible wheel bases will remain unchanged.
  5. Hi Is there a cheaper way to get this kind of display enclosure?
  6. Hey all! I signed up here in the hopes that someone here might be able to help me out (and that I’m in the right section to get it). I just bought a used wheel from a charity site, a Thrustmaster Force Feedback USB NASCAR wheel and pedal set. Unfortunately when I got the item it was missing the cable that connects the pedal portion to the steering wheel portion. I don’t know the specific name for the cable but input looks almost like a telephone or ethernet jack. I have contacted Thrustmaster and several specialty sites that sell steering wheel setups and they all told me they don’t have the cable nor did they give me the specific name for the cable so I could track one down. I was wondering if anyone here might either have one of these cables they could sell me or perhaps know where I can get one online. I don’t know if by chance these wires are used on other products and therefore manufactured for individual sale but all my attempts searching only led me to a USB adapter that is no use to me. I know that I did’nt spend alot on this thing and that its a really old model but I can’t really afford the new models and would really like to be able to use this thing instead of it becoming a paper weight. Thanks in advance for any help that’s provided and hopefully someone here can help me out (fingers crossed).
  7. Fanatec CS Steering Wheel Formula Carbon - EXCELLENT cond. - original factory packaging - purchased new to compare to my Porsche wheel - $195 FIRM - lower 48 - buyer pays shipping - NO returns - PayPal - NO negotiating
  8. I have for sale this eBay Nardi style wheel 350mm. Bought it new for my Thrustmaster TX but ended up scooping a Suede NRG so I have this leftover. Have it for sale at 60$ plus shipping It does have some scuffs around the bolt holes due to slightly large hardware but that is about it. Has about 5 hours use on it. Comes with original box and the Nardi horn button. Pics below
  9. For sale I have a complete Fanatec racing simulator with Obutto racing cockpit, compatible with pc, xbox one and ps4 race simulator gaming. All equipment is in "like new" condition, have been lightly used. Still have original boxes for everything except the cockpit and monitor.Obutto R3volution Gaming cockpit-Excellent condition, racing seat is mint. All bolts and accessories included. Was purchased new for $899.99 + shipping.Fanatec clubsport wheel base v2 - $499.95Fanatec CSL steering wheel p1 (for xbox one) - $89.95Fanatec clubsport steering wheel formula black - $199.95Fanatec clubsport pedals v3 - $329.95Fanatec clubsport shifter sq v1.5 - $199.95Dell U2713HMt 27" LED widescreen monitor (discontinued) - $250I want to sell the simulator and cockpit, everything together, not willing to part out. I spent over $2,500 for this set up brand new. Everything is working and in excellent condition. Obutto cockpit is currently on back order. I will let everything go for $1500 obo. This is a steal. Everything is like new.Local pick up in South Florida only. Will not ship. Cash only.Text or call 786 546 6503
  10. Hello everyone Sooo, i have a Thrustmaster T300RS and i'm on my way into building a GT3/GTE car style steering wheel, and in this wheel i will have these things implemented: 1. Push buttons 2. ON/OFF toggle switches 3. Rotary encoders with push function all of this connected to a LEO BODNAR BBI-32 board But my plan is, when i'm racing online and i would like to switch the wheel depending on the car, so i will either use the GT steering wheel or the Thrustmaster steering wheel, the problem with this is, when i will use the Thrustmaster wheel i won't have acces to all the buttons i've put in the GT steering wheel. (yes i knwo the thrustmaster has buttons too, but thats not what i'm looking for here, plus if i would like to use the button on the thrustmaster steering wheel i would have to assign every button everytime i switch the wheel) I hope i havent lost you unntil here. So my plan is i would build a button box with the same configuration of buttons just like the GT steering wheel, so when i will use the Thrustmaster wheel i will have the button box to adjust all the things i will assign the buttons, and when i switch to the GT wheel i won't use the button box because i will have all of my buttons in the steering wheel. And my question is this: HOW DO I MAKE THE GT STEERING WHEEL AND THE BUTTON BOX TO '' ACT LIKE THEY ARE 1 '' ?? Because for example a button function like '' pit limiter '' a can not assign two different buttons too make it work!!!! I do all of this because i like to have a rouund wheel and a GT style steering wheel Thnx for any one who will help And if you have any other question, don't hesite to ask
  11. hello, I've decided to build my own wheel. So up for sale goes the Porche and F1 fanatec wheels. I've also decided to sell my Ricmotech moded short-throw Thrustmaster TH-7 shifter. It's a great shifter, It just came down to how my Hurst "pistol grip" shift knob felt on the fanatec as opposed to the Thrustmaster. I also have an Asus Essence STX II 7.1 sound card I can let go for a steal. I've used it as a full 7.1 surround using active powered speakers all around and man is it sweet. The best part of it was that (using quality RCA cables) it completely eliminated any HUMMMMM or buzz that I'd previously gotten from PC sound. I'm only selling this one because I got another one and modded it with HQ caps and OpAmps. so..... Porche 918 $300 shipped (or trade for fanatec hub+$50) SOLD F1 wheel $115 shipped SOLD Ricmotech TM TH-8 $90 shipped Asus STX II $160 shipped (sound card + the daughter card) I'm not a good keeper of boxes, but I think I have the fanatec bags for the wheels. Shipping and therefore the sale is for the Lower 48 only. I'm willing to sell to anyone outside the US, but you'll need to pick up the shipping tab. Thanks for taking a look, mBTX
  12. **** SOLD ******************** Perfect condition. Like new. See pictures. New on ECCI website = $1839 For Sale = $799 + Shipping I'm in Southern California (LA and Palm Springs) if you want to pick it up or meet and save on shipping.
  13. Hi All, Was looking some help and I hope this can be fixed. I have a Thrustmaster T150 wheel as most prob know its a clamp on. The problem is I over tighted and pulled the thread out where the clamp bolt goes in. I have tried gluing it but it pulls out again any suggestions? I have a play seat evolution was holes for hard mounted other wheels is there a diy info for me to do this? All help will be much appreciated thanks
  14. This is a complete Simseat racing setup. Comes with triple screens, computer to run on, Seat, cockpit, shifter, inverted pedals, wheel, buttkicker, and all wiring needed to plug and play. $3000.00. Come and get it!!!! I am in Easley, SC.
  15. I am selling my ECCI 6000 pedal and steering setup. I have had them for 2 years and purchased them used from the previous owner. They worked great but I upgraded to a FF system. I am selling the complete set for $300 and will charge actual shipping. I assume it will be around $100 but can give an exact number when I know the ship to location. Let me know if you have any questions. The MoMo wheel comes with ECCI 6000 Quick Release as well as paddle shifters. It has two buttons on the front, all working. The connectors are built into the steering unit for quick connect. The F1 Wheel is an aftermarket wheel. The knobs are for show and don't do anything (See Pic). The buttons, switches, display and paddle shifters all work. It comes with a ECCI 6000 Quick Release adapter but is a stand alone unit. It comes with a USB cable and connects directly to the computer. It can be managed with the Fanatec peripheral software controller. You would most likely route the USB cable into the steering unit to work with the quick release if you were using it with the ECCI 6000 steering unit. The steering unit is the Trackstar ECCI 6000 steering unit. The tension can be adjusted but it doesn't have forced feedback. The buttons on the white front cover are not connected to unit (See Pic) The pedals are the Trackstar ECCI 6000 pedals and are top hanging. Unit is boxed and ready to ship. PM me with any questions or if you would like to purchase. I will take payment through paypal. Thanks - Chris
  16. Astrit Arsllani

    steering wheel 3D models!

    Hello everyone. I am planing to build a steering wheel for my thrustmaster t300rs , my goal is to build a wheel rim like the thrustmaster TS PC Racer , i really like that rim, but i dont seem to find it to buy just the wheel rim , so i would like to find a wheel rim that looks somehow like that one, and maeby build a wheel that would resemble a GT3 car somehow What im searching for is a 3D model of the wheel rim so i can 3d print it. like i sad i really like the TS PC Racer, the only thing thats bugging me in that rim are the buttons, i really dont like the button placement, so i would like to drill the button holes mysels! Hope some of you moders can help me! Have a nice day everyone
  17. MOMO MOD 27 Steering wheel wrapped in suede brand new with box $180. Local pick up in S CALI zip code 92869.
  18. RaceNut

    SOLD: Momo Mod30

    Sold (Cont. USA): One used genuine Momo Mod30 320mm Rim, black Suede, 70mm x 3-bolt mounting, with original box, mounting hardware, and instructions. This wheel comes with the original buttons (x2, removed), button holes are currently obscured by the button-box function decal but, the decal can be easily removed. The suede shows moderate wear but, still has decent short nap and is otherwise, free of cuts or tears. The nap may be improved with the right brush - especially in grip areas. The Momo Mod30 is an excellent rim, strong and very light. The grip circumference is a bit small for my big hands so I've replaced it with another rim. Asking $165 shipped via USPS (Cont. USA only), verified PayPal only, PM for more info.
  19. New BLACK or ORANGE Thrustmaster T300/TX/T500/TS-PC steering wheel adapter. HERE ORANGE HERE BLACK High quality PLA adapter, smooth, well strong, 100%infill. It fits to standard 70mm wheels(Sparco, Momo......) Many colors available. If you want other color etc. white... write me.. Package included : 1x Steering wheel adapter 6x mounted M5 nuts 6X mounted M5 screws ! Please note ! Shipping WORLDWIDE from Czech Republic, priority with tracking number : --Europe priority shipping 6USD --America priority shipping 6USD If you have any questions write me.. :--) Thanks KSS
  20. I have for sale a MOMO MOD27 270mm steering wheel in Suede, never used never drilled. I'm located in Southern California Zip code 92869. Local pick up or I can ship inside the US price is $200 Price is Negotiable. I have more pictures. If you're interested send me a PM and I can email them to you
  21. Want to Buy: One of the following wheels: Clubsport Porsche 918 RSR Clubsport BMW GT2 Clubsport Formula Black Clubsport Formula Carbon Those are the only 4 I am interested in, if you have something else available please don't respond. I will pay a fair price for something, but I am not willing to pay new or near-new prices for used equipment.
  22. TechyStu

    New Wheel

    Hi, I have been Sim racing for a while with an old Logitech DFP. I have been looking to upgrade to a G27 or T300. But I havent got much Money. I have just seen Today that PC World in the UK have got the G29 with the Shifter for £149.00 Do you think its worth getting at this price, as used G27`s on Ebay often go for than this price.
  23. Custom 310mm steering wheel up for sale, this wheel is built like a tank and is perfect for IndyCar and a DD wheel. I Bought this from a Mark Crooks and its a great wheel however I run oval mostly and have bought a max papis wheel modded by sam maxwell so its time for this one to guy.PM or you can text me at 5138864421$365 price includes: 310mm wheel MOMO style button plate DSD micro 32 USB controller, 2 on/off/on toggle switches, 10 push buttons Stephen Spenceley aluminum paddle shifter kit 1" steel spacer AF quick release. Free shipping anywhere in the US $300(without AF quick release)
  24. Hi, my name is Josip, and am the software developer for RexIng steering wheels. As some of you know, recently we've released our new steering wheel.We announced that we were also developing PRO version of software, and I'm here to announce that the PRO version is in its final stage of development. Because of the complexity of the product and the fact that it's relatively unique type of software in sim racing, wehave decided to consult the community before reeasing the final version. Basic intro Software is intended to offer you maximum freedom in customizing your wheel. It's based on „What you see is what you get“ visual designer concept, so you customize your wheel by drag n dropping controls/variables on display. On the left you can find the toolbox, in the middle is your display and on the right is Property editor where you edit properties (font,colors, border, etc.) of currently selected control. Also you have option to define your own custom varables and triggers so your imagination is the only limit. Example displays: Toolbox Toolbox is divided in three categories: Game variables - here you have all data which the game outputs Display controls - currently there are 12 implemented controls. In future we will be adding more Custom variables - your custom defined variables will be here. Display controls BarGraph - shows numeric data which have unit set to Percentage ColorGraph – control which is ideal for showing temperature(tire,brakes). You define your color stops and Telemetry value and as telemetry value changes it changes its color. If you want it to look like tire just set the RadiusX and RadiusY Ellipse, Rectangle - basic drawing shapes EnumLabel - shows enumeration values (SessionType, PitState, etc...) FlagsLabel - if there is any active flag it will be displayed. You can define which flags you want to be shown ImageLabel - show image NumericLabel - shows numeric data. It has automatic unit conversion so you can choose in which unit numeric data should be presented. StatusLabel - control for showing boolean variables. You can configure its look based on the state of telemetry variable(ON/OFF) TableView - for displaying tabular data. It's ideal for Driver statistics. You can define which columns to show, etc. TextLabel- for displaying text data(DriverName, TrackName, etc.). Also you can use it without Telmetry variable if you want to showyour own custom text TimeSpanLabel - for displaying timing data (Best lap time, lastlap,etc.). Also you can check option "show pefix" which can be usefulfor split time RPM Leds You can configure RPM leds to use it in old boring way or you can, like in F1, use them for multiple variables. For example, you can set the first 4 leds to show you KERS data and other for RPMS, everything is completely confiurable. For example, here rpm leds are configured in a way that first 4 leds shows KERS level: Extra Leds As with RPM leds, here we've also gone one step further. For each extra led you can set multiple variables, for each variable you can choose whether you want it to blink or not, blink rate, and invert value. Custom variables Here comes the true power of PRO version. With custom variables only your imagination is the limit. Real power of custom variables comes when you combine them. There are five types of custom variables: Functions Writing custom functions is similar to Excel formula bar. For example to calculate average fuel consumption per lap you would write: if( [Laps completed]>0 , ([Fuel capacity] - [Fuel level]) / [Lapscompleted], 0) Or to calculate brake balance you would enter this formula: (100 * [Front Brake Pressure]) / ([Front Brake Pressure] + [Rear Brake Pressure]) You can combine many of implemented functions, for example Math functions include Pow, Sqrt, Trigonometric etc. There are also string functions, for example Strlen, ToUpper, Substring... Also you can combine functions with operators like OR, AND, NOT, *, /, +, -, %, <<,>> <>, == etc. Before using operators it would be best to consult the help on the right side. After you write your expression you can test it and change input variables’ values in DataGrid. If calculated value isn't unitless you can set its unit so that you can show it in NumericLabel. Triggers Triggers are fired when selected variable changes its value. They can be used for automatic switching of shown display and for setting timers, counters and global variables. They can also be delayed, so for example you can set trigger to fire only if new value remains longer than some period. For example you can configure multiple displays some of which are intended for Race session, some for Practice, Qualify etc. and triggers automatically switch between displays based on current session. Here are also some examples of using triggers: Counters Counters are custom variables which are incremented when some trigger fires. You can also set reset trigger which resets counter value. Also you can specify minimum and maximum values which can be constant or telemetry values. For example, you can set counter to count number of pitstops made, number of time that you overtake somebody, or anything that comes to your mind. Timers Timers are similar to counters, they act as stopwatch. When they are triggered they start counting time until stop trigger fires or they reach maximum. Global variables Global variables, as their name suggest, are variables which are set/reset by some trigger. When trigger fires global variable is set to telemetry variable. For example if you want to calculate last lap consumption or anything else you can use global variables in combination with custom functions and triggers. That should be it, I hope that I didn’t miss something. We are open to suggestions. Best regards Josip
  25. The following is a custom Ferrari F1 wheel I built. The objective for this project was authenticity but this has been quite an undertaking so a bit of the wheel (particularly the back) is still in a prototype stage (although I do consider this entire project a prototype for the next wheel I build). Having said that, it does work. Here are a few of the features: 1) A custom F1-style aluminum 3-bolt electronic quick release. Allowing wheel to be attached to any wheel base (providing custom quick release modification and installation done on base). 2) Authentic mil-spec push buttons. These are not the commonly used NKK/Nnitters that are popular. I didn't like the tactile response of those or lack of authenticity, so went for the same ones used by Ferrari on their wheel. However, I did use a different brand switch for the KERS/DRS buttons as I wanted a specific 'spongey' response on those. 3) Authentic toggle switches. The exact same same used on the 2011 Ferrari F1 Wheel 4) Custom clutch assembly (currently not installed as disassembled and still in early prototyping phase). 5) Sli-F1 display with customized housing. 6) Custom rotary knobs. All rotary switches (including center knob) work but are not currently wired to the harness. 7) Custom single-piece shifter assembly (prototype). 8) Led indicators on either side of and under 'PCU-6D' display. 9) Custom carbon fiber body providing extra rigidity. Notes: To begin the project, a Thrustmaster F1 wheel was used as the base, but most of the components and pieces were of little use and discarded and the base itself was largely reshaped. Little expense was spared for the sake of authenticity (the toggle switches and push buttons alone where $113 each and $35 each respectively). The rigidity, construction, and overall feel of the wheel are solid and feel like that of an actual F1 steering wheel. That's it for now. Will post more pics down the road when I continue the project.