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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I'm new to sim racing and want to get more serious. For the last year I've been using a Logitech on f1 2017/18. I've just upgraded my PC to handle sim racing but don't know which software to use. I want to compete in a online championship and have the software to become "pro". So from your guy's experience should i invest in iracing, rfactor 2 etc. PS I'm only 16 with a Saturday job so iracing's extra cost would hurt but if it's necessary that's fine. Thanks Jamie
  2. I need help on how to apply my software file that I downloaded from Fanatec to my base ? Please step by step if possible . i do not have it in my CSW-V305 base and can’t play any game do far it’s brand new sitting in my room for decoration hahaha
  3. Hello everyone, I just recently purchased a Thrustmaster tx 458 wheel for the Xbox one. I was wondering is it necessary for me to do some sort of update right away? Maybe it has old software on it? thanks, Sam
  4. SOLD! For sale is this Z1 LCD screen. The LCD screen is one year old, is in excellent condition, and in perfect working order. The screen is the touch screen model and is in black gloss. It is powered via USB. *** PLUS *** Z1 Dashboard software license I am adding the superb software license for the Z1 LCD screen at a reduced cost to you. I will transfer the license to you, all I would need is your name to notify Russell at Z1 for the transfer. **** (I am on the recommended sellers list, Thanks Nujj!) **** ***** Reasonable offers considered! ***** Z1 LCD Screen Need a screen to run the software on? The Z1 LCD Screen box is the perfect solution. The software is designed with this box in mind, matching its 480 x 272 pixel resolution and touch panel for maximum results. Highlights: • Small and compact display • Can easily be permanently integrated into your sim racing cockpit • Resistive touch panel works when wearing racing gloves (unlike phones or tablets) • Single USB connection makes connecting to your PC easy. • Wired connection prevents lag, dropped connections and interference from outside applications as occurs on phones and tablets. • Reduced CPU load due to onboard circuitry. LCD Box specs: • Screen Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels (16 bit color) • Box Construction: powder coated aluminum. • Carbon Fiber: Optional carbon fiber front panel. • Height: 86mm (3-3/8 inches) • Width: 130mm (5-1/8 inches) • Depth:20mm (13/16 of an inch) • Weight: 175 grams. The LCD screen is $175. I will transfer the license to you so you can re-register the license in your name. Only $15 for the license. You will only need to purchase the software updates if you want them. (I recently acquired a SMZ1 wheel and do not need two licenses) Shipping and paypal is free! The dashboard adds a valuable and professional addition to your sim racing immersion. There are times when you can't see the in-car dashboard when you are driving and you need that important information to compete for that podium position! Buy it now before someone else grabs it! I have had several successful transactions here with satisfied buyers. If you have any questions or comments please PM me. Thank you!
  5. I have just bought the Clubsport V2 base, V3 pedals, V1.5 shifter, and handbrake this week. I have had quite a bit of problems. First, my things came missing some mounting hardware but that is not my main problem right now. My wheel is acting weird and when I am trying to configure it it doesn't work. When I turn the wheel a little the bar will speedily go to either 100% or 50% depending on which way I turn it. Say I turn it left and it goes to 50% very fast. After I get to 50% it jumps back to 100% then continues traveling back to 50% until it repeats. Even when trying to configure the wheel, the wheel feel like it is trying to stay centered. I recorded it happening here and I will send it in a chosen file. When I tried to launch Asseto Corsa, the wheel image thing was doing the same thing as when I was trying to configure it and jumping around. My pedals do not seem to have any input at all. When I plug the wheel in to Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox one, I can move the wheel, use the buttons, and change gears with my shifter, but the pedals do nothing. My Fanatec properties do not work properly either. When I was on Windows 8, the wheel was recognized but I could not select it and hit OK. When I did the window just dissapeared and did nothing. I tried upgrading to Windows 10, and now the wheel isn't recognized at all in the menu. I feel like something I pay this much for something like this it will work out of the box. I have sent in a support message around 15 hours ago but haven't gotten a response. I tried calling their cellphone number but every time I try the prerec. verizon message says the number is not real. ACpro.mp4