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Found 21 results

  1. tbazsi95

    tbazsi95's videos

    I started a new topic because the previous topic name was bad and I wanted change topic name but I couldn't :S My YouTube Channel: Sometimes I make a onboard videos, live or recorded. I love simracing! If you like my videos, subscribe to my channel Best Onboard videos: GoPro Hero3 Silver Edition - G1 Kart Center - Highlights - Helmet Cam - 2013.10.25 BMW M3 E92 - Drifting - Eurospeedway
  2. This is a Drs 13 simulator by DEM racing simulators. I have orderd it in January and I Sent my steering system to them which is a osw system with small mige motor. It will be shipped to me on Monday or Tuesday and should arrive later in the week. They have kept me updated and sent pictures and even video of the pedal plate which moves forward and back with a press of a button to adjust for the different height people because seat is fixed to the aluminium frame. Im very excited to be able to drive it and take it for a spin. Anyone interested if I make a video with the cockpit and show it in detail. If you have any questions you can post them below.
  3. Anyone know what's up with the Youtube channel? No videos by John since Jan 15th. Did he leave like Billy? John hasn't posted to the website since Jan 15th either. Whoever this new owner is, he seems to be letting the channel die. People are going to move on to other Youtubers and give up on ISRTV if they haven't already. Speaking of moving on, I saw Darin in the chat on Shaun Cole's daily stream of his news show, The Pit Stop. He was chatting up people and said he's been watching Shaun's show for a while now and would participate in chat more. I don't think it was an imposter and Shaun never banned him although he didn't seem to interact with him either.
  4. Hi guys! I'd like to share a video with you of online racing in Gran Turismo SPORT in Mixed Reality POV- check it out!
  5. Hi. Im Dezsni and I am making my own very simple dashboard for Project Cars 2 using an Arduino Uno and a small Nextion display. I have very little experience with Arduino or Nextion and I'm asking if any of you can help me get started with creating a dashboard. I have tried making it by myself, but I do not know how to start and how to receive information from PC2 and convert it to commands that the nextion display would understand. I cannot use simdash or any programs like that, I have to make everything from scratch and that's where the problems start, because of no experience and little arduino programming knowledge. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!
  6. The Virtual Racing Leagues: XBOX ONE NASCAR International Forza Performance Series RuleBook XBOX ONE CONSOLE ONLY! *League Rules -Driver Capacity is unlimited, However only 24 cars can start a race. -Teams: Only 4 drivers to a team to start a race. Alternates are accepted to keep points coming in for your team. Possible Team points depending on number of racers and teams. All team drivers must run the same manufacturer. Preferably a custom scheme. All Drivers will get many chances before a ban, a mistake is a mistake and rubbin is racing! we are all one no one is better than the other so if there is an issue we will all vote for the outcome. -Car Restriction R 880 Stock Powertrain – NO ENGINE UPGRADES or WHEEL UPGRADES! -Brakes, Weight, Tire Width, DriveTrain upgrades are allowed -Open Setups for Ovals, and Road Courses (open for discussion) -ASSISTS * SUGGESTED LINE - PERSONAL PREFERENCE * BRAKING - ABS OFF * STEERING - SIMULATION * TRACTION CONTROL - OFF * STABILITY CONTROL - OFF * TRANSMISSION - MANUAL * DAMAGE, FUEL, & TIRE WEAR - SIMULATION * REWIND - OFF * FRICTION ASSISTS - OFF Dirty Drivers will be voted out, Drive Smart,Patient, and use your head! * 0 TOLERANCE FOR DIRTY DRIVERS!!! *Race Rules -Races are all 20-50 laps depending on track. -Full Damage (Simulation) -All starts and restarts will start with the leaders at the start finish line. If someone jumps then we will restart again. -Restarts will be double file, with the leaders choice on inside or outside. -If at a road course we will stop before the last turn to let anyone who has pitted catch up to the group and get our lineup correct for the restart. Leader goes at the line. -Cautions ON -For caution flags, if you get spun or deliberately crashed then call out caution or yellow flag. If you spin on your own and do not effect anyone there is no yellow. We will continue with full pace. -Practice 2 sessions 1 hour a piece unlimited practice on your own -Qualifying 4-5 laps will keep your fastest lap -Race 20-100 laps depending on track *Driver Rules -Register Team Name, Manufacturer, Drivers with numbers, Alternates To keep the closest racing and points system possible for the most competitive racing here is the points system we will use Pole Position Qualifying Bonus +5pts 1. 25 pts 2. 24 pts 3. 23 pts 4. 22 pts 5. 21 pts 6. 20 pts 7. 19 pts 8. 18 pts 9. 17 pts 10. 16 pts 11. 15 pts 12. 14 pts 13. 13 pts 14. 12 pts 15. 11 pts 16. 10 pts 17. 9 pts 18. 8 pts 19. 7 pts 20. 6 pts 21. 5 pts 22. 4 pts 23. 3 pts 24. 2 pts SCHEDULE -
  7. SimNews.TV


    SimNews.TV is a youtube channel and facebook page dedicated to simracing across all platforms and leagues. shows are on a regular two week schedule. Our newest video is below: [youtube][/youtube]
  8. Hello everyone.I have got a questionnaire for you guys to fill out. It's for my University work and I need a clear answer for this question.So, is it okay for you guys to answer the 6 questions in this Google Docs survey?Many Thanks,ScadanLink,
  9. This is your chance give some feedback, good or bad, and/or make suggestions about the TPS leagues in general and discuss TPS if it does not fit in any of the league specific forums.
  10. Jarman3163

    Usb hub

    Hi guys, What usb hub does everybody use i was using a non powered one but all pedals dont read properly on the wheel settings.
  11. Price drop, need the money. My Thrustmaster TX wheel broke on me after 2 years. Thrustmaster doesn't want to fix it and I am moving away to College soon and wont have the space or money to continue simracing for a while :(. I am selling the rest of my gear to try and make up for the loss. I'm Located in the GTA and I will ship at the buyers expense. Send me an offer and we'll negotiate! -Thrustmaster T3PA pedals - 75$CAD (available) -Thrustmasterr T8Ha shifter - 150$CAD (available) -Next Level wheel Stand - 150$CAD (available) -DSD 50mm wheel adaptor - 50$CAD (available) -Broken Thrustmaster TX if you wan a go at fixing it - just pay shipping (available)
  12. Thanks for all of the inspirational videos and rigs, ISR! This is what I made. It does the job, and I am proud of it Guts include: Corsair 380t, Asus z170i Pro Gaming, i5 6600k, EVGA GTX 1080 Ti Founder's Edition, G. Skillz DDR4 16 GB I use: Logitech G29 with shifter, Oculus Rift CV1 I play: Project Cars
  13. Jarman3163

    4play racing cockpit

    Hi guys, im really trying to figure out a way of getting a decent rig with the space i have. Im currently runjing the playseat challenge and it just isnt cutting it anymore. I need to be able to add hardware to it. I have been looking on ebay alot and have come across a rig made from 80/20 and looks like it should fit my criteria. The question is has anybody had any experience with 4play racing from the USA? If so could you let me know your thoughts on service and the product overall. Thanks guys in advance.
  14. I am selling my wheel base and pedals the wheel base is the Thrusmaster T300wheel base with the original box. The pedals are Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals. You will be very happy with what you get, everything is in excellent condition. I am selling them for $325 Shipped. F1 Wheel SOLD. U.S. 48 states only.
  15. Jarman3163

    UK sim guys

    Any guys from uk in the sim racing world??
  16. Saabjock

    RSS 2017 Hybrid

    Those guys have done an incredible job of building and presenting this car. I love how the suspension is working over unrealistic 'snapping'. It's a blast to drive....and I love that sound. It's mega...
  17. Hey Guys, wanted to show off my Youtube Channel. I always wanted to share my races on Youtube and Twitch and now im finally able to do it cause of a great connection. Please keep in mind that im fairly new to the Youtube / Twitch Scene. Any Feedback is highly appreciated!! Just let me know what you like / dont like. What I want to add in the Future: - Intro / Outro - Video Editing (software is already here) - Live Commentary - Webcam - Best of Videos - stable and somewhat professional Twitch Channel Please subscribe, like and comment to my videos Thank you so much!
  18. Hi Guys, I wanted to share the pedals I recently modified from the T300. I was looking for a better option than the T300 pedals for 2 reasons, the first one is that the T300 are not the best and the second one because I have an F1 cockpit as a rig and the position I had them in was not the best. There are not many options in the market that could fit into my needs (price, customization, size) but the best one I found was the Real Gear GT pro pedals from Ricmotech but I have a PS4 at the moment and those work on PC only so that was out of the picture. I started looking for parts online and found similar ones to the Real Gear so I decided to modify my T300 pedals. Here are some of the pictures: The T300 pedals were very high so my feet could barely fit inside the cockpit and my legs would get tired very fast. The main parts for the assmebly Slave cylinder connected, completing the brake pedal assembly Took apart the T300 to use the electronics (Potentiometers). Used a small aluminum piece to hold each potentiometer The final assembly Brake Mechanism Here is a video on the pedals and the process:
  19. Saabjock

    Authentic exhaust note
  20. The Online Sim Racing Association is currently looking to expand their roster of drivers for the upcoming Xfinity Series. The series will begin in January and run for 12 weeks during the regular season and a 5 week chase. We are currently holding recruitment sessions on Tuesday and Thursday nights beginning at 8pm EST to allow drivers to showcase their talent at the tracks listed on the schedule. If you are interested, please check us out at or for more information!