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Found 14 results

  1. Link to Video: A video on the car I feel to be one of the best sounding Lemans cars ever created, Enjoy!
  2. This dual fan wind simulator has been designed with the controller box intergrated no need to run wires to the fans great for desktop VR sim racing in mind. This fan wind simulator can also be mounted to a frame mount and has GoPro type adapter and also pull up side brackets for frame mounting. 2 powerful pwm fans and an Arduino Controller allow you to experience a better sense of speed and immersion while racing. This wind simulator can be setup in just a few minutes and taken away just as quickly, perfect for desktop racing in VR. When not racing it's a smart looking way to keep cool as desk fans. Each simgadgets wind simulator comes pre-installed for iRacing and can also be used for Assetto Corsa and other games that use the Arduino UNO R3 for programming. The wind simulator comes with 2 sturdy low profile desktop tripods and has 2 standard GoPro type bases for alternative mounting. Free software for iRacing and drivers can be found on the downloads page. Sim racing, flying or on a roller coaster in VR you'll get a better sense of immersion as well as keeping yourself cool. Available from Included in this kit The unit mesures 42x21cm with triopds 42x16cm without tripods. 2x High power pwm fan 120x120x38mm 213cfm. Fan have GoPro & standard 1/4" adapters 1x Arduino UNO controller with blue led on/off switch intergrated. Air straighteners and rear grills included. 2x Sturdy desktop tripods 120x40mm tall 1x100-240v AC/DC 12v 5A Power Supply no plug . 2Meter Micro USB cable.
  3. Hello, my name is Kevin Shepherd I am a stand up comedian and sim racer. I am also a massive Motorsport fan and have an ambition to become a racing driver and wonder if it is possible for a 44 year old comedian to do so. Old Dog New trick is a series where I am trying to do just that, my hope is that it is something that you'll enjoy watching. You can watch the first episode here;
  4. Jonw92

    Wtb fanatec

    Hi im looking for a fanatec full set up what's everyone got I'm looking to spend about £400
  5. 1.) Thrustmaster T500RS with Richmotech Real Feel load cell brake pedal. Thrustmaster pedal mods: Richmotech Real Feel load cell brake mod, Basher brake mod installed in clutch pedal (comes with extra bushing), gas spring replaced with spring from brake pedal. 2.) Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 add on wheel 3.) DSD wheel adapter for Thrustmater wheels 4.) Basher brake mod (Kit that includes 4 bushings.Two 70 durometer bushings and two 60 durometer bushings should allow you to mix and match the bushings to create a pedal stiffness that is to your liking.) All items are in good working condition. Price for all is $575.00 shipped obo. Located in California Please email me or pm me if you are interested or have any questions ([email protected])
  6. Hi all. I am hoping someone could offer some advice with an ongoing issue I am currently having. I currently use the Trak Racer RS8 rig for all my sim racing (photo attached). I love the rig but I am getting bad pains in the top left of my back during some of the longer sessions on iracing. I never had this issue with previous rigs i have owned. I can only think the issue is with the chair. By back just doesn't like it apparently! Does anyone know if I can buy a better Sparco/Recaro seat and fit it on the RS8 without too many issues? Or will I have all kinds of compatibility issues? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
  7. Hello SIM racers, I'de like to leave a Basic/mid-range racing rig setup under $1500. Cockpit: Playseat Revolution, Logitech G29, PS4 1TB, 42" TV 1080p, 5.1 Channel Speakers, PVC mat... yes, we can lower the price tag under the $1000 mark on refurbished/second-hand SIM racing equipment. (for those who interested in looking for). So, let me know your likes or dislikes. All the best! Greetings.
  8. Sim Racing Malta, a new dynamic and professional team of people is launching soon a series of online championships. Following months of hard work and dedication we have managed to put together an exciting list of online championships. With the support of various major brands, we will be able to bring to the sim racing world of fans various races and championships. Unlike some others, our championship races will bring with them cash prices for the winners. With our professional approach we will bring to you clean and professional races targeting professional drivers thus improving the level of racing. We are also embarking on setting up various one off online races which will also carry with them cash prices always keeping in mind giving access to good/professional drivers. We encourage all those who want to experience our championships to log in to where they can find comprehensive details about each and single championship. We will be offering 2 membership packages, a 6-month membership and a 12-month membership. For all those that enrol, these bring with them various perks like: Free Access to practice on our training servers, Free Access to training sessions, Setup and Racing guides, Free casual races, Discount on single races, Discount on championship fees, Access to early track practice & Various product discounts among other perks which will be announced soon. During the above-mentioned championships will be also in the process of looking at various drivers from whom we shall shortlist to join our eSports racing team ‘RPM eSports’ which in turn will be also competing in other international sim racing events and eventually in real life racing too. Visit us on Facebook. Sim Racing Malta & RPM eSports
  9. NEW OWNERS, WELCOME! If you purchased a kit from a fellow sim racer or had someone build you one, or are just curious about OSW, check out part 1 of the starter guide: UPDATE JUNE 2016: Professional Driver tries out OSW and gives Impressions. Direct Drive Life Channel is created. =D Who's rocking an open sim wheel and wants to flaunt their sweet setup in a new thread? UPDATED THIS INITIAL POST WITH VIDEOS SEEN IN THE THREAD FOR THOSE OF YOU JUST ARRIVING or INTERESTED. 10/6/2015 Yeah I know there's well over 100 posts in a few threads over on Iracing forums. Pictures and impressions are the focus here! Tell your story. JimmyHigh's Videos: corvette @ bathurst / iracing Honda HPD prototype @ Road America - iRacing RaceRoom Racing Experience FFB review / impressions @ Mid Ohio Aston Martin @ Canada Tire / iRacing 13 Minutes of struggling with Assetto Corsa. for the patient and devoted OSW enthusiast lol Aqib's video: Videos here, updated 7 Sept 2015.
  10. Hey guys thinking of buying the next level V2 what do u guys think of that rig? Especially with Xbox 1 Thrustmaster tx 458 wheel? thanks
  11. Black Hole Motorsport's is returning to the general sim racing community, we have restored our forums and will have a full blown website to host community files such as mods, paints ect in the coming months. We also plan to return the BHMS sim awards to a functional status very soon, it will be directed at bringing BHMS back to the community resource that it was for so many years. We have A car-Gen 6 sets/dirt sets and setup discussions already on our forums for your consideration. We also have an SLM bumpstop article that everyone is welcome to read, our very own David Mercer wrote this a while back for Hot Rod mag. Also, we will be writing very technical articles in the coming weeks discussing car setups and what you can do to pick up speed in multiple forms of oval competition. Moreover, we will be starting periodic streams on race craft and car setup in the near future, hoping to bridge the gap for the guys just trying to start out and learn. We have a pro series championship and several good NPAS runs in our history and we hope to use that to the communities benefit. We welcome everyone to check out the forums, we will be restoring full site functionality fairly quick. We hope to be at full song by the end of the year. Best wishes to everyone at ISR, they do a great service to the sim racing community! @BHMS Team Owner Twitter @BlackHoleMS
  12. Here is a sneak peak of our YawMan project. We just had a quick conversation and while we do not have an exact date of release for YawMan, we are quite close. As such, here is the Low Down! MSRP for the "YawMan" project will be $2,500 U.S. The First Ten will leave the SimCraft factory for $1,995.00!!!!!!! Who is ready to jump in line? Oversteer/Understeer translated through SimCraft motion technology is coming your way👍 There are thousands of Racers in the Sim community looking for proper, yet cost effective motion solutions. We heard them and can not wait to get this project to market! More Specs! Our base "YawMan" system will come with a 4" stroke actuator capable of 20 degrees total yaw. This equals 10 degrees left and 10 degrees Right. We will also offer an upgraded unit with a 6" stroke actuator for those who simply can not get enough Yaw in their lives! The 6" solution will be capable of 30 degrees total yaw or 15 degrees left and 15 degrees right and will add $200.00 to the price of the system. For reference, our 4" stroke actuator was utilized in the beta YawMan we were testing in the video. Are you ready to experience oversteer/understeer from your existing cockpit? YawMan is one of three new motion peripherals due out from SimCraft this year. This product is a yaw only motion device that will accept any static rig, thereby activating any simracing setup with the most important motion of all for motorsport: yaw. This project has been in development for some time, seen here is a peak at some behind the scenes testing of the 3rd gen (MKIII) prototype.
  13. Hey guys, i've ALWAYS wanted to do this kind of stuff but just never got around to it, finally i picked up a thrustmaster tx a couple of weeks ago and been enjoying it a ton on Project Cars on my Xbox. But what i really want to do is get into iRacing, and specifically i want to get Dirt and race some 410 Sprint Cars. Im picking up a capable PC from a friend today after work, so looking for you guys to point me in the right direction to get iRacing installed and running. I've seen members on here mention that you can find 3 month deals and such, where might i find a good deal on a membership? And do i need to get a steam account or should i just directly go through iRacing? Thanks for all the help, I'm a complete newbie to this kind of stuff, first time ever getting into gaming outside of XBOX