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Found 15 results

  1. So I got this free seat out of a Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V, and the GT Omega Racing Rear Seat Frame. My plan was to bolt them to plywood and then to the rear seat frame, however I ran into an issue with the sliders where the tab mounts were riveted on there and there was no way to get them off besides completely sawing them... So finally got rid of those but lost the rail, so what is the best way to attach these now? Here are some pictures I took....
  2. I am looking to upgrade the Obutto seat to a braum x elite - but the braum people say the seat needs a car specific plate for the seat which is another 170$ per seat. The obutto people wont give me any answer on making other seats work. The braum people won't tell me if the adapter is really neccessary. Any answers here appreciated?
  3. Diego Ortiz Diaz

    Sim Rigs

    Hey! Want to buy a new cockpit, now I use a Playseat Evolution with a CSL Wheel Base and Pedals, also with the Fanatec Clubsport Shifter But don’t want to buy the aluminum cockpits, as I don’t have to much space at home. Is there any cockpit that can support all my gear? Seen the Next Level GT Ultimate, and want to know if there’s any other rig like that
  4. Hi all. I am hoping someone could offer some advice with an ongoing issue I am currently having. I currently use the Trak Racer RS8 rig for all my sim racing (photo attached). I love the rig but I am getting bad pains in the top left of my back during some of the longer sessions on iracing. I never had this issue with previous rigs i have owned. I can only think the issue is with the chair. By back just doesn't like it apparently! Does anyone know if I can buy a better Sparco/Recaro seat and fit it on the RS8 without too many issues? Or will I have all kinds of compatibility issues? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
  5. I'm considering either JCL v2 or the Sim-Lab P1, and I'm seing ~200mm difference in width and length between them. I'm roughly 1,75m tall, so added length isn't that important. But I am worried about width as I'm used to wide comfy seats. However, I'm also new to sim racing, so I have no idea how bucket seats function as I haven't sat in one. Anyone with suggestions or experiences? Is 580mm width of the P1 vs 780mm width of the JCL v2 an issue? I would think more width would allow wider/larger seats, but I could be wrong?
  6. For sale I have a great condition suede style racing seat that can easily be mounted to an 80/20 chassis with the included slider. Buyer pays shipping which will be expensive due to size. PM me your pricing offers.
  7. (Best Offer) This is a sweet setup Fully compatible with almost all racing games for Playstation 4 and PC. It comes with complete cockpit that is fully adjustable in every way with seat, a like ne T300RS force feedback wheel, upgraded stiffened g27 pedals, upgraded TH8A shifter with custom cnc made plates. Shifter can be used as bump shifter (up down) or gated 6 speed with reverse. Its usually mounted at your side but I have it moved up and turned sideways as an e-brake at the moment for the Grc series. You will also get the 4 bass shakers and amp attached to the frame so you can feel contact, engine noises and rumble strips. I will also include manuals boxes and an extra shifter as well as a back up set of pedals. Any questions feel free to ask. I will also help setup if needed. Take your Racing simulation to the next level. This setup is amazing. Perfect for intro or intermediate levels. You can take it home, plug it in and drive. Best Offers will be considered.
  8. Hi, I'm new to the hobby and the forum as well. After lots of research I've been looking at picking up a JCL rig: There is an option to add a seat to it at an additional cost of ~ $250 (shipped): I'm in Los Angeles and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on new seat options that are either less money (for similar quality) or the same or slightly more money for a better seat. I'm not needing a reclining seat and comfort and longevity would be the main considerations. If the included seat is of good quality, then I suppose I could just get the complete package. Thanks for any advice in advance. Brian
  9. Selling a Brand New (box has never been opened) Playseat Evolution Alcantara racing seat. All the details can be found on their website, Asking $375 CDN (if local pickup). Shipping is available at buyers expense. Neil
  10. VOIZZ


    Looking for a Next Level Racing seat to add to my next level wheel stand. unfortunately next level doesn't sell the metal attachment by itself so you can use any seat. Located in Riverside, Ca.
  11. I am selling my wheel base and pedals the wheel base is the Thrusmaster T300wheel base with the original box. The pedals are Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals. You will be very happy with what you get, everything is in excellent condition. I am selling them for $325 Shipped. F1 Wheel SOLD. U.S. 48 states only.
  12. My new HE sim rig GT is nearly complete, so now I need a good racing seat <400 euro or <500$. Needs to have side bolts for mounting to HE rig and needs to be comfortable and wide enough (I'm not fat (yet) but injured my hip recently). I was looking for something like this: or Any advices? Thx
  13. So... I have got into sim racing over the past year and have slowly been acquiring gear. I was given a pre-cut RS1 for christmas and finally got around to assembling it yesterday. My question is where should I look to purchase a seat? I stumbled upon this guy here - Is that all I need to add it to my rig, or is their other mounting equipment i will need?
  14. Up for sale is a SimXperience GS-4 seat in excellent operating condition. All wiring checked and servos aligned with help from Pat at SimXperience to insure optimum tuned operation. Will include spare servo and controller board that I purchased for backup as well as transfer of valid SimXperience GS-4 and SimVibe licenses. Sale due to rig upgrade of formula seating position and to help fund recent lust for multiple custom wheels! $1800 + Shipping from 92618 (CA) Feel free to PM for any questions. Thanks!
  15. Hey not sure if this is the right place to post this. I don't have room for a sim cockpit so I'm looking for a comfortable racing chair Does anyone have experience with the next level racing chairs and the dx racing chairs(F series)? If so which is the better chair? or any other recommendations.