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Found 15 results

  1. I purchased an Rseat in early 2017 and it arrived with dents and scrapes. It seemed cosmetic so instead of waiting weeks for a replacement (that could also get dented since the packaging was average at best) they agreed to send me the keyboard and mouse mount, which I ended up being unable to use because of the poor design and the amount of space required to use it. One of the welds on the mounting screws underneath came loose (makes it impossible to have carpet mounts/castors or perhaps a motion simulation mount) and since then they have done nothing but play evasive games. They offered to replace the chassis then went silent refusing to answer emails. Months passed and after saying I was going to report them to better business bureau (BBB) they once again said they would replace the chassis. I asked if I could pay the difference for the N1 since another issue I had was that using my Simucube DD motor, I have noticed significant flex of the chassis, something they promised would not happen - I have this in writing. I even offered to return the mouse and keyboard mount new in the box to assist with the exchange to the N1 - it seems my seat will fit the N1 so only the chassis is required. But once again they have gone silent. I understand Krassi (his account cannot accept messages) has some connection with Rseat, and since they don't have a phone number and they are obviously trying to ignore me until my warranty runs out, hoped he could get this moving? I am disabled and cannot work, so SIM racing is one of the few things I enjoy. I just want them to do the right thing and honor their promises. Hopefully it won't come to that. Feel free to message me Krassi! Thanks!
  2. RS1 PRO Pedals Upgrade Kit Black - Used for a week. When I received the package from rseat, two edges (see pictures) were poking through the box and the paint was stripped off. You won't see it once the pedal kit is installed on the rig. Another thing is one of 4 mounting holes on the bottom of the kit came stripped so I had to make a new mounting hole. It doesn't affect rigidity and not visible once installed. $140 shipped to lower 48 states. RS1 Shifter Upgrade Kit Support Fanatec Clubsport Shifter, Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog - Brand new in box. $90 shipped to lower 48 states.
  3. Perfect condition, lightly used, works pefectly! This RS1 rig is A LOT of fun but I just don't use it enough. I have almost all of the original boxes and paperwork. You won't find a nicer used Sim Rig. This RSeat RS1 rig is beefy and professional feeling. You won't be disappointed. All of the following items are included. The prices shown are what you would pay new. RS1 Assetto Corsa Special Edition- Red/Black $999.00 RS Stand S3 V2 Black TV Stand for up to 65 inch TV $369.00 Static Keyboard and Mouse Tray Black $159.00 Also includes this keyboard and mouse mount (came with Assetto Corsa Edition) N1 Shifter/Handbrake Upgrade Kit Black $129.00 RS1 Speakers Mount Kit Black $99.00 RS1 Buttkicker Upgrade Kit Black $99.00 Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System $300.00 Thrustmaster VG Ferrari 599XX EVO 30 Alcantara Edition 30cm/11.8" Wheel $200.00 Thrustmaster VG T3PA-PRO 3 Pedal Add on Set $150.00 Thrustmaster T300RS Wheel- 1080 degree Force Feedback Servo Motor $400.00 Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ Sequential V1.5 US + USB adapter $220.00 Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake US + USB Adapter $140.00 I've got over $3800 into these parts including shipping and tax. Make me a serious cash offer. I'm not giving this stuff away. I really don't want to ship this out. Come pick it up in Livermore, CA 94551. All serious offers considered. **PC components and TV are NOT included** Thanks for looking. Message me with questions/offers. Nick "imagamejunky"
  4. As in the title, before I buy one for the full price just wondering if any one had one they wanted to sell first in the UK Thanks
  5. I'm looking into setting up Simvibe on my RS1 and can't find any threads where someone else has done it? I'm looking at 4 aura pro bass shakers with 250W amp but mounting (discreetly is a big thing for me as I'm huge on aesthetics), but have no clue how/where to mount. I'm figuring I want to setup in chassis mode so likely 2 under the seat and two under the pedals, but not sure if this is the optimum config. I'm open to buttkicker products, but general consensus is they are overpriced for what you get. If installation is discreet, hidden and professional looking then I'll pay extra. Appreciate any and all replies!
  6. Tyler Butler


  7. Dylan Houser

    RS1 Cockpit help

    Has anyone tryed making the dash? and how did this guy make the shifter holder on the right side?
  8. Dylan Houser

    RS1 Cockpit help

    Haw anyone tryed making the dash? and how did this guy make the shifter holder on the right side?
  9. I need to raise the rim about 14cm more, due to a NLRv3 motion-platform. Seems like Rseat might be able to create a longer arm to hold the Wheel, but it's not certain yet.. Since it's not certain, I'm looking for some DIY options.. Is there a sturdy way to increase the height? The default max-height is already too low, even without the motion platform installed.. I'm just out of ideas on how to do this.. Is it possible to stack 80/20's, and then mount the steering-servo directly on to the 80/20s? I'm attaching a Picture of what I mean. Maybe you guys can have some good advice for me.
  10. So... I have got into sim racing over the past year and have slowly been acquiring gear. I was given a pre-cut RS1 for christmas and finally got around to assembling it yesterday. My question is where should I look to purchase a seat? I stumbled upon this guy here - Is that all I need to add it to my rig, or is their other mounting equipment i will need?
  11. Hello fellow sim racers, I lurked on this forum and read all the posts I could find before finally settling on the RS1, but I knew I'd have to address the shifter movement problems, and having done so I'd like to share my solution. First off Rseat kindly sent me all three possible shifter mount configurations: shifter no hand brake, shifter w/ hand brake for RS1, and shifter w/ handbrake for N1. The N1 mount adds a second bolt to further secure the shifter mount, but it still moved on me no matter how tight I got those bolts. The exact brackets I used for my solution only work with the two mounts with the hand brake plate, since I used one of the holes it attaches to, to bolt on my brace, but if one were to use a different bracket on the shifter side of the base, like a large "L" bracket, a very similar brace could be made. The brackets that attach to the steering wheel mount arm, and the rectangular tubing I used would work for such a brace, as well as one just like what I made. The rectangular tubing can be ordered in just about any length from the supplier I got it from, you must simply measure the distance on your own RS1 based on your seat position. First bolt on the brackets to the steering wheel mount arm and shifter mount arm, next make a cardboard template to record where the holes must be drilled in the rectangular tubing. Next drill the tubing, and paint as desired. Finally bolt everything up. Materials: 2 universal bracket L+R sides for mounting led lightbar steel bracket 1/2' carbon steel 3" X 2" X .120" wall box tube - rectangle tube 3"x2"x6" long (Order appropriate length for your setup) 1.9" 48-50mm mount bracket roll bullbar tube clamp hid led work light bar Thank you for your time, and I hope this information is useful to someone. Cheers JE
  12. Hey guys, This is a far shot but I'm wondering if anyone has made or knows of an existing product which allows bass tranducers such as the AuraSound AST-2B-4 to be mounted to the RSeat RS1 pedals and ideally the seat. I purchased my RS1 rig not long ago and feel like racing experience is quite anemic without any sort of vibration apart from the wheel. To start, I plan on purchasing 2 AuraSound AST-2B-4 Pros and mounting one under the seat and one to the pedals (driven by an SMSL SA-98E 2x160W amp). The RS1 Buttkicker attachment doesn't seem to support mounting such a tranducer + other forum members have said that the overall experience is far greater if you mount the tranducer directly to the underside of the seat (via industrial velcro on stock seat or mounting plate on aftermarket seats, e.g., Corbeau FX1). As for the pedals, is there a mounting plate which someone has made or can make? Below are some pics of my setup and where I would like to place the tranducers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. ***Update*** I recently purchased an Rseat RS1 Assetto Corsa Edition (w/ Buttkicker Mount and 5.1 Speaker mount accessories) and the RS Stand T3XL Triple Monitor/TV Stand. Unfortunately, i need to put my Sim Racing endeavor on hold right now and will be looking to sell this awesome Rig. Due to its size, i think shipping would be an expensive option - so local pickup would preferred, The rig has had light use and i've actually upgraded the padding in the RS1 Seat to ensure comfort. The Assetto Corsa edition comes with Shifter Mount and swiveling Keyboard/Mouse Tray as part of the bundle. Total purchase price was - $1904 RS1 Assetto Corsa Edition + Buttkicker Mount + 5.1 Speaker Mount Accessories - $1256.00 RS Stand T3XL Triple Monitor Stand - $648 (pics show that i'm using 65" curved TV right now in single configuration but have all components to ensure Triple Screens up to 47" All is in excellent/like new condition - received Early August of 2015 I'm open to reasonable offers for either the combo (RS1/T3XL) or separate. Thanks! Thanks, Colin
  14. ISRTV forum members, I know there are a lot of posts from newbies asking advice and for the most part the support you guys all offer is outstanding...I've been trying to make all my own decisions based on a pro and cons list and doing some "testing" but figure it would be best to run some of those ideas on the forum. Looking to build my v2 Rig and I have the OK from the wife - so looking to make one purchase vs potentially doing it half way and then more upgrades and so forth next year - the wife said - if you are going to do it - "do it right and be done with it" - of course while still beaing reasonable. My current Rig is as follows: RaceRoom RR1000 w/ ALOT of accessories - has been a great, easy to move, rig Clubsport v2 Pedals Clubsport SQ 1.5 Shifter Thrustmaster TX / GTE wheel (Clubsport v2 Base and GT Rim on order - arrive beginning of August) 2x Buttkicker mini-LFEs / Amp PC: Intel 3.4 2600K 16GB RAM (need to double check speed) 2x GTX 980ti (just got 2nd card) Corsair AX860 PSU My rig is in the family room where i have a 108" projector set up for our Home Theater - its a common room (not a dedicated media room) so i have to move the Rig from the corner each time i want to use (PC or Xbox One) - take about 20mins to set up and then another 20min to tear down. Sometimes more as moving things around and being multi-use can cause some config tinkering from time to time - so the plan is to update the rig and then get a dedicated triple screen setup. I started with my first rig for Forza 5 on Xbox One. Then after getting more into it, uncovered ISRTV and the huge following of Sim-Racing - which lead to introducing my PC rig into my Home Theater setup. Then came the buttkickers - awesome - have them installed to the seat (under butt and behind lower back w/ sim vibe). Now i want to take things to the next level (no pun intended) and looking at building my next sim setup so that its a more dedicated solution - but still also able to move in front of the big screen from time to time. I have two main decisions that for the life of me has been a challenge to pick one and run with it: 1.) Rseat Rs1 vs Next Level Gaming GTUltimate *i've eliminated the Obuttos due to the fact that moving the rig back in front of the projector for once in awhile use would be a big challenge 2.) 3x1440p/1080p 27" monitors or 3x 42"-47" 1080p/4k TVs *big concern is if i go with the monitors, i'm limited to only PC gaming, no more xbox one Decision 1 - The Rig I've narrowed it down to the Rseat RS1 and Next Level GT Ultimate based on these rigs hitting the most of my "wants" and being the most visibly appealing (the wife quotient). Here are some of the "wants" i had when doing my search: 1.) Decent looking Rig (sorry the sim-seat SR-X just didn't cut it even though its a great rig) 2.) Solid design/construction (nod to Rseat in terms of concerns of chassis flex from GTUltimate - per Darin's video and other posts) 3.) Some what moveable so that from time to time i can reposition to in front of 108" projector screen for big screen gaming (prob need to install casters on the rseat RS1) 4.) Integration of buttkickers, keyboard, tray, (and maybe motion one day - dream) 5.) Readily Available - sorry GT Omega Based on that i put a pros/cons list for the Rseat and Next Level GT Ultimate - some of this blurs the 2nd Decision of the Monitor/TV debate Rseat RS1 - Pros: 1.) Looks great - Assetto Corsa edition or black/black 2.) Can integrate butt-kickers (possibly install min-lfes into pedal deck?) 3.) Speaker mounts for Z906 (plan to also purchase) - very clean looking 4.) Keyboard tray (but also a negative) 5.) Monitor/TV Stand is free standing - but also a con - see next section 6.) Lots of positive reviews from owners - and have had positive experience emailing them in regards to a few questions Cons: 1.) Seating position/wheel deck lack of adjustment - i'm 5'11 and have long torso and for my height shorter legs - concerns that it doesn't fit "just right" after spending $$$ for the premium rig - if it doesnt fit can I return? 2.) Price - more expensive option 3,) Keyboard tray - can't move keyboard try to across your lap - would be great to utilize as workstation or FPS gaming rig too 4.) TV/Monitor Stand - have to decide if i want Triple Monitors or Triple TVs as each is handled with a different stand Next Level GT Ultimate - Pros: 1.) Lower Price 2.) Seat Reclines 3.) Possible better seating position/adjustability 4.) Keyboard tray can go across lap - can it be used comfortably for extended amount of time? 5.) motion dream isn't as far fetched as a dbox system 6.) Could use integrated tv/monitor stand and accomodate 3x 27" monitors for PC and swap out to 46" TV for Console sim-racing 7.) buttkicker integration (wash with Rseat) Cons: 1.) concerns of chassis flex that Darin reported - but other owners haven't really chimed in - is there a fix? 2.) no speaker mounts (could use tabletop and mount other speakers in the holes of the seat - but not as integrated system 3.) Is not as attractive of a system as the Rseat1 4.) Integrated triples - will they move a little bit more than a single TV Based on this list i think the two most glaring issues of contention are: 1.) Seating Position of Rseat vs Chassis Flex of GTUltimate 2.) Keyboard (looking for a 3rd party option to allow for being able to use as workstation or for other gaming) Decision 2 - 3x 27" Monitors vs 3x 42in TVs Ok so here's another issue that i just can't decide - seem to from guard rail to guard rail. I've been doing some testing (Acer 1440p Gsync and Vizio M Series 40k/60hz TV). Although most of the forum members stand by Triple 27" monitors - if I go that route - i won't be able to use the Rig w/ my Xbox One (Forza series) since it would just be one display. If i went 42" TVs - i could use one of them for Xbox One games, and then all 3 when using PC. Would it make sense to get a 4k for center screen and 1080p for Left/Right screens? Read that might be an issue and 4k tvs down-scaling to 1080p doesnt look as good as a 1080p tv. 3x 27" Monitors - Pros: 1.) latency/refresh rate/1440p resolution for pcars, iracing, asetto 2.) smaller footprint of space Cons: 1.) Smaller real estate 2.) Limited to only PC use - will have to move the rig to in front of projector again if i want to use Xbox One (Forza Series) 3.) 3x 1440p G-Sync is expensive (looking at 3x refurb'ed Acer or Asus ROG Swift) - $2100 3x 42-47" monitors Pros: 1.) Great real estate 2.) can use middle screen for Xbox One forza and still good size 3.) Potentially cheaper (42in 1080p tvs $300-$400 each, and 4k 43in vizio m series - $600) Cons: 1.) 60hz refresh rate max 2.) Tearing - no g sync 3.) bigger foot print I know this is a lengthy post but just trying to make the most informed and best decision since this is a descent amount of coin i'm throwing at the setup. Wanted to be as detailed as possible so you all know my decision criteria, I'm sure many of you have gone through this same decision process so want to hear from your decisions and how you feel afterwards (buyers remorse)? I might split up Section 2 and move to the PC Video section instead as there was quite a bit covered in this post. Thanks in advance for any feedback!!! Hopefully Darin will chime in too
  15. The rig is a modified Ricmotech RS1 DIY rig that took about a month to build, test and finish. Although its currently being used for Forza4 and GT6, the rig is ready to make the jump to iRacing in a few months